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Diamond Muay Thai

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Alim Jinnah
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I've been to the top Muay Thai camps in Thailand and this place is exceptional. Superb teaching quality, but also flexible to accommodate beginners. A first class gym all round. When there are stadium fights you can join the teachers and other students and experience seeing pros really go at it. Easy choice.
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泰国曼谷4 条分享
I came to Koh Phangan for 10 days and ended up smashing in a training session every day (Sundays off)!
What I really liked about the training was that the trainers always kept an eye on your technique and - in a friendly way - corrected where necessary from the first minute I joined the training - and they didn't let up!
I also liked the balanced mix between the training phases: warm up, shadow boxing, pad work, bag, sparring, cool down, all of it in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
This is the place to be to learn how to do Muay Thai - hard work and fun at the same time! I will definitely return to DMT if I get the chance!
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泰国曼谷136 条分享
2020年7月 • 好友
I loved my two hour training session at diamond Muay Thai! The trainers were brilliant; they took time to explain the techniques and gave plenty opportunities to practice one on one! Lots of fun and something I’d definitely do again! Yoga with Christina was really good; lots of stretching and breathing which was explained really well and easy to follow. Fabulous experience for anyone in Koh Phangan.
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Mäli H
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2020年2月 • 独自旅游
As a solo traveler going to Thailand for the first time I looked at a lot of different gyms and their various train and stay packages. My primary goal coming to Thailand was to train as often as possible, everything else (sightseeing, beaches etc.) was kinda secondary until my mind. (Although Koh Phangan is absolutely full of natural beauty and plenty to do!) The other thing I also was a concerned about when picking a gym was safety being a female and traveling/training alone, I wanted to make sure I would feel welcomed and safe in the gym environment, and feel safe getting around by myself.

I decided on Diamond Muay Thai after reading some reviews and even talking directly to Holly about the environment at the camp, and hearing how many female fighters train regularly out of Diamond, and the close family like community I got a really good feeling about staying here, and boy was it the perfect choice!

Immediately from day one the students, trainers, and the Diamond crew welcome you and make you feel welcome! Jesse, Simon and Jinks are always available to help with anything you might need, including advice about how to navigate the island. There’s such an amazing community here you are welcomed like family. The training is excellent, and great for any level of Muay Thai experience!

My experience at Diamond is one I absolutely will not forget, I had a blast training, I got to fight in Thailand and still have time to experience everything the island has to offer. I spent a month here as a train and stay student and I absolutely will be back! If you are looking for a place to train, vacation, and experience the beauty of Thailand DMT is absolutely a perfect choice!
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Arnaud F
比利时布鲁塞尔1 条分享
I had the time of my life at DMT!
I stayed last summer for 4 weeks and can only but recommend this Muay Thai gym to ANYONE. Whether you are an experienced fighter or a beginner looking to quickly progress, this is the right place!
The gym, the trainers, the people, this island, etc... Everything is worth it. I would recommend, if you can afford it, to stay at least a good week to take full advantage of your experience at DMT.
I will be back!
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Kostas S
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2020年1月 • 好友
We've been me and my brother for some lessons! the teachers are very good the make you like training and help you all the time it was 1st time muay thai and I inspired so to be continue
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Lars K
挪威奥斯陆2 条分享
A great camp ran by great people. Owners are really welcoming, lovely people. Hard working coaces who will push you hard, but also joke around and create a positive training enviroment. Lots of pad work, bag work and sparring, and a fair amount of clinch work. I stayed at the deluxe apartments (for six weeks), and was really pleased with the accomodation. Spacious, clean, air conditioned apartment, really close to the gym. Post workout-food is excellent, providing important nutrients, for the most part chicken, rice, veggies and eggs. Highly recommend visiting.
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Sean McKenna
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Bit late writing this review but I can safely say coming here was one of the best decisions i've ever made. Met some unbelievable people that i'll stay in touch with for life! Spent 2 months living and training beside the gym. Truly authentic Muay Thai gym with some great trainers for all levels. Already working towards getting back to the island on a permanent basis, loved absolutely every minute! Simon, Jesse, Jinks, you boys are living the dream, legends! Cannot wait to get back!

Sean McKenna, Ireland.
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意大利Pinerolo2 条分享
2019年11月 • 独自旅游
I have spent three weeks in the camp, training both sessions everyday.
I can say, that the stay has been one of the best experience in my life.
Great place, great accommodation, great food, great trainers.
A special thank to Tuk for training me , to Mr. Santos to share his knowledge with me.And to Sean Fagan, who has inspired me to apply. THANK YOU!!
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Daniel v
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2019年9月 • 独自旅游
If you're not (only) in for Muay Thai, Diamond offers great fitness opportunities as well. The fitness trainer Jinks and I trained daily for three weeks in a row. It was a great experience! I lost weight and got way stronger and flexibel. Jinks makes you push your borders but never in a forceful way, so you make a lot of progress but you still enjoy training. Not less important, the lessons were always fun and varied: we also went for a 'Beach session' and mountainbiking on the island. Last but not least, the Thai food that is served twice a day is varied and delicious. I get to know the others 'students' during breaky/dinner and made some good friends throughout the world. I would recommend Diamond to anyone!
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