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2023年5月 • 独自旅游
To all fellow solo travelers,
Make sure you share your ride with other foreign tourists who are more likely to share your needs, aspirations, and concerns than local Vietnamese..
Of course, this runs the risk of stereotyping, but I am specifically talking about those Vietnamese who were extremely self-absorbed in their photo shoots and so selfish and possessive that they almost privatized the front seats and made you wait for departing for the next destination because they were busy posing for a model shot on and on and on (while occupying the best spots notwithstanding how many other travellers wait for their turn).
It seems that in general Vietnamese particularly love taking pictures and videos of themselves almost everywhere they go - while this is generally true for everyone and every individual, I am talking about difference of degree. So that's the start. But a little bit of caution, you can see those who cross the line and end up disturbing others for the sake of their pictures. So please take some precautions against these individuals.
Having dealt with an extremely pushy and intimidating hotel receptionist/owner/tour operator/driver in Ninh Binh in the morning, I got really frustrated with these local tourists consiting of a mom and daughter who made my once-in-a-life-time trip to Trang An a minoritized observer catering the needs of these individuals.
So without steretyping the Vietnamese as a whole, there is a need for being more selective about your group, though it would be hard. I actually chose route no. 2, but couldn't find boatmates for about 10 mins., and then the guide at the pier rather strongly argue I go for route no. 3 and join the two.
With hind sight, I should have just gone for Tam Coc and purchased two entire seats, which would have amounted to more of less the same as the ticket fee for the very uncomfortable journey in Trang An.
So what about the trip itself? The view is definitely gorgeous as reviewed by so many travel bloggers and other tour operators, but I feel there are elements of exaggeration. After all, touristic spots are touristic - I am not talking about the presence of the other travelers. It is a general atmosphere of programming things in a way that renders human/nature encounters in a restricted and fabricated way.
Anyways I wanted to share my feelings - for the sake of my mental well-being - and help other solo travellers avoid these traps.
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2023年1月 • 好友
Wow 😲 amazing experience,in ninhbinh must tourist places, if you have 3 hours, visit this place,I definitely recommend.
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bondi beach30 条分享
2023年3月 • 夫妻情侣
This was a relaxing and serene boat trip with the most amazingly beautiful views and rich in history with perfectly preserved architecture.
We took route number two with a charming couple we met whilst choosing one of the three routes.
This route was a ideal mix of caves and temples. There were no hawkers and we were not held to ransom for a tip by our female captain. She had a great sense of humour and was content to let us spend plenty of time ashore exploring the various shrines and temples.
Get there early to beat the crowds and bring some fruit and water to eat and drink.
We paddled the entire way which was fun and greatly appreciated by the captain.
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Angela G
澳大利亚Warnbro196 条分享
2023年3月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a must-see, absolutely stunning tour around the caves, lakes, and temples in the area. Last approx 4 hours, you chose a route out of 3 and are put in groups of four and rowed around, including a few stops at various sites. You can help row or not, no pressure. It is so beautiful and serene. We did route 3. A Vietnam highlight for me.
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德国Haren1 条分享
2023年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Super schöne Tour. Wie in einigen älteren Kommentaren über abzocke berichtet wird, können wir absolut nicht bestätigen. Super organisiert und atemberaubende Landschaft. Aus unserer Sicht einer der schönsten Orte der Welt.
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Alex H
英国Port St. Mary1,153 条分享
2023年2月 • 夫妻情侣
We arrived here after hearing lots of advice from other travelers, and we took their advice and chose Route 2. I believe the routes are all the same price and similar in length, and we paid 250,000 VND each for the boat tour.
It appeared Route 2 was definitely the quieter of the routes, and at no point did we feel like we were missing out by not choosing the busier Route 1 or 3.
The scenery is beautiful and you pass the set of by King Kong Skull Island at the end. This trip includes going through caves and stopping off at several temples.
Boat size was 4 people for us, so we shared with another couple.
Would absolutely recommend.
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Tino F
324 条分享
Espectacular. Es la llamada Halong terrestre. Nos encantó, aunque quizá una hora en la barca rodeando islotes fue demasiado tiempo. Visita indispensable en cualquier caso,.
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2023年2月 • 家庭
Very crowded after Lunar New Year. If that is not crowded and it will be very nice for that trip. Thank you Vietnam Escape Tour Travel for a nice trip
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加拿大桑列根湖11 条分享
We came early and beat the tour buses which was a Big plus. It was quite and peaceful and the scenery was amazing. Also no one was trying to sell us anything while we rowed along, you could buy water and snacks if you wished at the temple stops. Our boat rower was great, although she didnt speak much english and we speak no vietnamese we got by fine. I would give this 5 stars but the sheer volume of boats moving through can take away from it. My recommendation would be to go early or later. By the time we came back the lineup to buy tickets was huge. But there is a reason this is so popular.
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德国汉堡23 条分享
2023年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Wunderschöne und lange Bootstour in atemberaubender Landschaft durch mehrere Höhlen (Tour 3) - die längste war knapp 1.000 Meter lang und man musste häufig den Kopf einziehen. Mehrere Haltepunkte auf kleinen Inseln mit Pagoden etc. Wirklich lohnenswert und vor Ort hervorragend organisiert.

Am Ausgang gibt es dann sogar wirklich guten Kaffee (Cappuccino) bei Laika Café. Das war dann der krönende Abschluss einer tollen Tour.
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