Mehrauli Archaeological Park
Mehrauli Archaeological Park
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  • Qutub Minar • 步行 10 分钟

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Madhulika L
印度诺伊达4,469 条分享
This vast green space in Mehrauli, very close to the Qutb Minar (which you can see from the park) is home to some very interesting and important historical monuments. These include the medieval step-well known as Rajon ki Baoli; several unidentified tombs; an interesting horse stable; the tomb of the Sultanate era ruler, Balban; the mosque and tomb of Jamaali-Kamaali, which dates back to Humayun’s era; and the tomb of Mohammad Quli Khan, refurbished and added to by Thomas Metcalfe to create a holiday home. There are other historical structures, from lone walls to domed pavilions (Metcalfe’s ‘follies’) and a boathouse that was originally a dovecote.

Recent changes mean that there are now several manicured lawns, hedges, benches and even a couple of outdoor gyms added alongside some of the paths around Jamaali-Kamaali and Quli Khan’s Tomb. The area leading from there to Rajon ki Baoli, however, is more wild, with relatively untouched trees and dirt paths.

No entry fee is charged. The park is open between sunrise and sunset.
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Wanderlust Family
澳大利亚Tolmie952 条分享
2022年9月 • 好友
Rich in history, the architecture is so detailed & beautiful the craftsmanship is unbelievable: One of my absolute favourite places to visit. Went fair beyond any of my expectations. A must visit.
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印度新德里3 条分享
This park is super rich with history, best if you go with a knowledgeable guide who can add context. I would advise to go in a group of 3-4 people if you're not a Delhi local. Women should not go here alone, especially near sunset or sunrise, as some unsavoury people may roam around nearby. Do dress conservative.

Entry is free. One of the park exits leads to a road that reads to the Bhool Bhulaiya (not really a maze, just a big multi arched rounded tomb type structure worth visiting). You can find it on Google Maps, it's a few minutes away on foot.

The ASI or some trust badly needs to conduct maintenance here.
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印度班加罗尔68 条分享
I had read about the step wells and tombs in Mehrauli archaeological Park and wanted to see it after visiting the Qutub Minar.
It was difficult to locate the place using Google maps as there are no proper sign boards to guide you to this site. Our driver who had lived in Delhi for 15 years and taken tourists around had never even heard of the place. After circling around the area twice we found it.
It's a strangely deserted, overgrown, run down sprawling place with old ruins and tombs scattered all over it. We had to park the car near a garden/park and go further and deeper into the archaeological park on foot. Luckily our driver was equally curious about this place and escorted us. Thank God he came along as it certainly didn't seem a safe place for two women to be alone especially as it was late evening and the sun was setting. Plus there were some unruly youngsters hanging around the tombs and Agrasen ki Baoli who seemed to be using the place to have a drink or two surrepticiously which made us feeel uncomfortable and unsafe.
The Rajon ki Baolli, a step well was worth seeing as was Jamali Kamali an old mosque in red sandstone where the sufi saint cum poet Jamali is buried. There is a large courtyard and although the prayer hall of the mosque was closed the arches leading to it were beautifully inscribed with Urdu calligraphy.
I wouldn't recommend this as a must see place. It is in a semi jungle like area with pathways leading to the different structures. The sign boards are not very easy to follow and basically the place has not been maintained. Not many tourists come here. So I would advise ladies not to venture here alone. Better to go in a large group.
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Vikas Singh
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Every few years the archaeological park gets a face lift but poor maintenance and general apathy makes the place dirty and buildings crumble. The most important monument in this park is the tomb of Balban and his son. Balban's tomb is the first Islamic arch in India. To the east of Balban's tomb, lies a ruined rectangular structure said to be the grave of Khan Shahid, Balban's son, whose original name was Muhammad, who died fighting against the Mongols near Multan in 1285.
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意大利佛罗伦萨11,871 条分享
After visiting the Qutb Minar area, we hired a motorickshaw to reach the nearby Mehrauli Archaeological Park.
We immediately understood that this is the only way to get an idea of ​​the park, as it is very large, their monuments or ruins are scattered over a large surface, and also it's rather lonely; therefore it doesn't appear particularly safe.
But even by motorickshaw, our visit was not very fruitful.
First of all, the driver led us to only two (probably the most important) monuments of the area, claiming that the others could not be visited. But even these two monuments didn't give us much satisfaction.
The Jamali Kamali Mosque was in fact closed, therefore we had to limit our visit to a look at the exterior, including the arcade with beautiful decorations.
Rajon Ki Baoli (ie the stepwell) was also closed; but in this case, being the closure constituted by a fence, you can admire its splendid features.
But even in this case, the monument had a neglected aspect: in particular the body of water at the bottom was littered with floating plastic bottles. This despite the fact that at the (closed) gate there were two keepers (in addition to two policemen), who evidently did'nt believe it was their duty to collect the strewn bottles.
But there has been even worse. Having manifested to our driver the amazement for this so deplorable state of the monument, he replied (textually): "if you pay me, I will clean it immediately".
It is clear why I cannot give this attraction a high rate.
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英国圣奥尔本斯184 条分享
2020年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Dirty, covered in litter. Lacking proper signage and information. Buildings rather neglected. Not easy to find.
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Payal G
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2019年12月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a gem of a historical site hidden in plain sight in Delhi in close vicinity of the Qutab Minar. A short walk from the Qutab Minar metro station (walk rather than pay ₹50 that the auto drivers charge new visitors). Main entry is bang opposite Adam Khan's tomb.

This site has been used by the different Empires of Delhi and has tombs, step-wells, mosques, pleasure palaces, stables, rose gardens and offers a superb view of the Qutab Minar. Restoration work is on in several buildings and structures. While it is not yet chargeable, sufficient information has been provided for the explorers. Best a daytime activity of 2-3 hours. Carry water as nothing is available inside. Surprisingly clean toilets were there.

One can look up following places on Google before visiting:
1. Balban's tomb
2. Jamali-Kamali tomb and mosque
3. Quli Khan's tomb
4. Rajon ki Baoli
5. Metcalfe's folly
6. Metcalfe bridge
7. Horse stables
8. Various Mughal era tombs and boat house.
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印度古尔冈218 条分享
I came to know about this place through lonely planet India magazine. To reach there i followed google map and reached somewhere close to it but unable to locate it. Finally i found it with the help of a helpful local person. The final few hundred meters indicated by Google Map is to be covered on foot not even by two wheeler. So the best way is to go up to Ahinsa Stal and the entry to the site is just opposite to it, just by the side of Gurgaon- Mehrauli highway. This entry leads to a parking place and accessible by 4 wheelers.
Once inside there is so much to see. Mosque, Lawns, Tombs and a step well also. They are all connected by unpaved trail. So wear good footwear. The whole area is tree covered and well shaded from sun. Carry your water bottle.
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英国格拉斯哥170,149 条分享
The Mehrauli Archaeological Park is an area of archaeological research has is just being renovated by the Archaeological Survey of India. What the organisation have done so far is pretty good and it’s still free to enter. The site has been used by various empires that have ruled from Delhi from prehistory, through the Rajputs and Delhi Sultanates, right up to the British Empire.

Even though the site has not been laid out perfectly for tourism, much of the major attractions can already be reached by well paved walkways. Some of the best things to see include the Tomb of Mohammed Quli Khan, the Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb, the Tomb of Khan Shahid, Masjid Sohailwali or just wandering around the well kept gardens and grounds of the park
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