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上午4:30 - 下午10:00
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  • Delhi Aerocity • 步行 2 分钟

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Roberta C
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I had an half an hour foot massage at O2 Spa at T3 Terminal Departure at New Delhi waiting for my flight at 3 a.m. The massage was relaxing and when I thought was over the lady started with a fantastic calves massage. I would recommend if you have time although cannot be defined cheap...but we are in an airport.
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Saibal S
加利福尼亚旧金山2,243 条分享
We arrived at the airport from Bangalore and we had a 6 hour layover before catching our international flight. It was just after the new year's eve and walked into this place which is next to Loung A in Terminal 3. Both, my wife and I, chose the 90 minute medium pressure full body massage. My masseuse was Savitha and my wife's masseuse was Jyothi. We felt that it was the most intense massages we ever had and enjoyed the experience. The showers are very basic, which they should improve. The AC was noisy in the serene massage room. They should rectify that.
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印度孟买36 条分享
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
I and my wife visited the O2 spa on the second floor of the departure terminal of T3 IGI , on 26 October 2019 we opted for an hour of foot massage .
The spa should be ashamed of calling itself a spa . One goes to the spa to relax ,this spa has a Starbucks spa next to it and because of the proximity , the noise levels are very high . Trying to relax in the spa is next to impossible , as we can listen to orders being placed , conversations taking place , loud laughter and music being played , cell phone conversations of the patrons from the Starbucks tables ,in addition to the noise from Starbucks , even the masseurs converse and go about talking ,walking loudly spoiling the so called spa experience .
The air conditioning is non existent and massage chairs placed so close to each other that it is claustrophobic .
The masseurs technique is poor and ineffective. I changed my masseur once but the second one was equally ineffective.They seem to have no sort of professional training and just go about pressing here ,there and everywhere without any idea what to do . The only prior experience I feel is that they have had before is maybe pressing the feet of mom / dad or mother in law at home .
Guys , seriously avoid this spa like plague
It’s nothing but a scam .
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Happy Couple
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It was a perfect moment for a massage for my wife and I!
The massages from Else and Ashwinni were excellent.
We could shower before and after the massage.
They also gave us complimentary bottled water.
We left feeling just so very grateful. Just what we needed.
Much better than we expected it to be - a real surprise.
Many thanks and compliments to the staff and management.
We will be back!
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Deepak A
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2019年8月 • 商务型
Avoid O2 Spa at T3 Terminal Departure at New Delhi. Lousy service. Owner could care less. Just want your money.
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4 条分享
2019年4月 • 独自旅游
The O2 spa at the airport is very expensive compared with others. If you don't book a full body massage you will get the massage done in one room with all other customers. The worse was for me that I booked a back massage for one hour and 50min I was sitting in a chair with no option to massage my back. The focus was on neck, head and face. The last 10min I had to move to a massage chair were finally my back got some attention. There was a much better place on the ground floor, cheaper with separated areas and beds for back massages. I am still so disappointed that I wasted 3300 INR on such an experience.
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Sonal D
印度新德里12 条分享
2019年3月 • 独自旅游
Avoid this place. The staff is inexperienced and uninterested. The place was totally deserted and the massuse was doing total time pass. Probably the worse experience ever
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2016年7月 • 独自旅游
Worst experience I have had at a spa. A/C was not working. When I went inside after paying asked the staff to cancel the booking as it was too hot inside but very unfriendly staff and said it was not possible. The place was in a terrible shape... No cleanliness. Very unpleasant experience.
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印度新德里61 条分享
Not that much cheap.. But u can get it done after a long journey.
It soothes ur soul (Apparently what they said to me)..
And actually its not bad idea to have a spa at an airport
Afterall we all get it done in some saloons every month
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加利福尼亚费利蒙1,474 条分享
2016年3月 • 独自旅游
Clean room. Good service. Good massage. Professional. However, the noise from nearby establishments was annoying.
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