Incredible Real India Tours & Travels

Incredible Real India Tours & Travels

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Lugano70 条分享
Appena tornata da un viaggio splendido di 16 giorni nella mia amata India. Per l'organizzazione del viaggio e per la parte amministrativa mi appoggio a Raju che con la sua disponibilità mi aiuta a creare i miei itinerari personalizzati. Questa volta devo fargli i miei più sentiti ringraziamenti per il nostro autista, Kishore, persona fantastica e miglior autista mai incontrato nei miei numerosi viaggi. Premuroso, attento, ottimo alla guida e con un cuore d'oro. Grazie grazie grazie.
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Andrew G
1 条分享
I contacted Incredible Real India to book a class tour of students and teachers for Spring Break 2023. The company designed a fabulous itinerary for us. They also kept in communication with us, answered all our questions, and designed a presentation for students and parents.
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Nikki M
1 条分享
My partner and I were planning our first post-Covid trip for September 2022 and wanted to visit somewhere neither of us had been. We decided on Japan and I put in happy hours of research into deciding where we'd go and what we'd do. Just one problem: despite months of signalling from Tokyo, the country just didn't reopen to independent travellers in time.

So with two and a half weeks to go we switched focus to India. There wasn't much time to plan. I'm thankful that I quickly found the excellent reviews for Incredible Real India and their website, and was impressed by both.

I was particularly struck by two things: a review by a woman hired by IRI to help redesign their website, and the fact that several reviewers said IRI had happily returned their deposits when they were unable to travel.

Even though the first came from someone contracted by the company, its sincerity shines through. You can tell that the writer was hugely inspired by her dealings with the company, its founder and its staff.

And I was impressed that IRI was happy to return deposits – especially in Covid times, when tales of years-long waits for refunds abound.

So I emailed the company with a rough idea for a custom two-week itinerary. Perhaps we could start with a look around the Golden Triangle and Rajasthan, before a few days in Kerala and Goa. I love gems so was keen on a few days in Jaipur, and my partner and I share a love of adventure so we wanted to spend some time in the desert.

I heard back overnight and soon was chatting via WhatsApp to Raju. It was a lot to pull together in not a lot of time but he worked really hard. I asked him to rein me in if I wanted us to see too much too quickly and he advised that we should choose just Kerala or Goa and save the other for another trip. I also cut a few of the suggested cities and towns out so we could stay longer in a couple of places and catch our breaths, rather than be constantly travelling.

My big anxiety in this planning phase was that I wanted an idea of the cost, to be sure we could afford the trip. Raju reassured me ("it's not only my business, not only the money, it is my passion too") he would be able to supply it once we'd agreed the final itinerary, and that I would be happy with it.

And I certainly was! So much so that I was able to option up two of the hotels, switching twice from IRI's "affordable" accommodation options to its "luxury" list, opting for Samode Haveli in Jaipur and Suryagarh in Jaisalmer – the night of my partner's birthday. Both looked just stunning – unforgettable places to stay.

We chose Goa over Kerala and Raju advised me to find our own hotel there. He offered to book our internal flights if needed but I was able to handle that too.

As I'm usually an independent traveller I loved the control we had over the tour, but since there was so little time to prepare it was wonderful to have Raju's expertise, as well as the knowledge we'd be looked after by an experienced driver who would adapt each day's travel to our liking, hour by hour if needed.

So we bought travel insurance and airfares, paid the IRI deposit then applied online for e-visas, which take a day or two to come through. That's when disaster struck. My visa was denied!

I'm a journalist and, as it turns out, members of the media aren't allowed to visit India on tourist visas. I was shocked: I've been to upwards of 30 countries on tourist visas and, while I might expect, say, an authoritarian regime to restrict entry to journalists, I wasn't expecting it from the world's largest democracy.

(Journalists are allowed to enter India for purposes of tourism but we must apply for J visas, which can take months to arrange. I'd always thought J visas were only required for foreign correspondents – reporters sent to live in another country to file back to their media organisations.)

Cue a frantic week of running into the Indian consulate and its outsourced visa service, phoning, begging, emailing, twice reapplying. Raju was endlessly supportive via WhatsApp, and reassured me that he'd return our deposit if the worst came to the worst.

It did, and he did, though I repeatedly asked him to keep some back as payment for all the hours he'd put into planning and booking our tour. But he said: "Don't worry, I never charged charged anyone yet and I don't wish to. It is just helping people is a great pleasure to me."

As we'd lost thousands of dollars spent on airfares (insurance won't cover them if visas are denied) the refund was gratefully received. I told Raju it was my fervent wish to write about his tour one day.

So even though I didn't manage to set foot in the country, I can wholeheartedly recommend booking through Incredible Real India. Raju is a king.
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约旦安曼1,461 条分享
Incredible Real India Tours did an amazing job at providing us with an extremely satisfying tour. Raju was very detail oriented, organized and informative. He was very knowledgeable about the area and answered questions promptly and with satisfying answers. He made our tour easy and smooth, and offered lots of cultural details and local activities that made the tour more hands on. I highly recommend this agency.
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英国伦敦185 条分享
2022年10月 • 好友
I just got back from a dreamy 10 day trip with my best friend through Incredible Real India. I already had an itinerary in mind and when I first approached them, so they used that as a base to then book all the hotels and arrange transportation. It was all very easy to organize with them, very professional, helpful and responsive. Such peace of mind knowing everything was booked and handled by them when I’m used to doing it without external help. It’s really great not to have to worry about booking taxis or dealing with last minute changes, finding the right tour guide at each city, and feeling safe and comfortable on the long car rides between cities. Above all, our driver Mr Moda Ram was truly incredible. He is so kind, friendly, very accommodating and drove us all around Rajasthan and beyond with impeccable safety and comfort. We miss him already! I am beyond satisfied with Incredible Real India and I will surely re-use their services when I visit again!
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7 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Following the recommendation from a friend who had visited India various times we decided to look for a respectable tour company in India. We came across Incredible Real India who had top reviews. I was impressed after my first chat with Raju. He was professional and very passionate about his work. I liked his fair pricing and openness about everything. He created a fantastic 23 day itinerary for us based on what we wanted to see and do.
During the trip Raju was always checking we were ok and he was very quick in responding all our questions. Our drivers and guides were all professional and knowledgeable. Cars were comfortable and clean. We would like to specially thank Modaram our fantastic driver from Dehli to Udaipur for 11 days. He was polite, fun, courteous and we felt very safe in his hands (if that is possible in India ;-) )
We cannot thank Incredible Real India Tours enough for such memorable smooth holiday in India and we cannot recommend them highly enough.
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英国普尔16 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Raju the owner Incredible Real India and his team were just AMAZING!! We contacted Raju with just a few weeks within travel and he worked really hard to create a tailored made holiday for us in India. Raju was very professional and really looked after us during our stay in India. He contacted us at various points during our trip to make sure we were ok. Raju really cares about his clients and would go the extra mile to make sure you have a great time. All the drivers we had at various places were professional and we always felt safe. Special mention to Moradam our driver from Dehli to Udaipur who was lovely, fun and knowledgable. The cars were comfortable and super clean. All the hotels were fantastically located and considering we asked for standard hotels they exceeded our expectations. Raju was very quick to respond any questions/recommendations asked during our trip and we always felt looked after. Incredible Real India made a memorable holiday for us and we HIGHLY recommend to contact Raju for your next holiday in India.
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Alex V
澳大利亚墨尔本12 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We were searching for a company to help us plan the perfect trip and then we came across the incredible real India tours. We were recommended by a good friend who used them back in 2017 and they had nothing but amazing things to say about their experience. I’m so glad we’ve chosen to book our trip through incredible real India tours. Devender the manager was so responsive from the moment we contacted him and continuously tailored our entire week from start to finish, inclusive of hotels and transportation. We didn’t have to do a thing except say where we wanted to go! We also got great information and advice from Devender on where he thinks we should go. I’m so impressed, this has been the best travel planning experience I’ve ever had on any trip. As my partner and I are on a budget, we were skeptical about booking a tour as they can be pricey, however the entire week is so affordable and Devender booked us all transportation and beautiful hotels that were right in our budget. Thank you team!!
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1 条分享
2022年9月 • 家庭
It was a wonderful trip to Jaipur, pushkar, jodhpur, jaisalmer, udaipur. The driver Mr.Bhanwar Singh is an exceptional person who first understands the need of the guest and then offers them options accordingly. He infact helped us stay at a village homestay once he realised that we want to experience the village life of Rajasthan. Thanks to him we have crafted memories for life and have thoroughly enjoyed the trip.
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milano16 条分享
2022年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We joined Incredible Real India tour together with my husband and end of August and beginning of September. our journey started in Delhi and we did a 16 day trip including northern India the Golden triangle and south of India with multiple cities.

Bhanwar Singh, has been an amazing companion along our first week and we had so much fun together. He made us feel very safe, understood and he gave us his full attention. With Bhanwar, our days started with happiness full od excitement.

Our second week we yook south India tour, with another driver Deva, and it was also very very fun.

Overall Incredible Real India tour is an excellent way to visit India. They really care about their customers, all your requests are taken seriously, everybody is smiling, and very respectful. I really believe, without this tour we wouldnt be able to relax and enyoj India and we would loose so much time and money on trying to figure out where to go. With our tour and tour companions, everything was organized for us !!

so so grateful!
definetely recomment!
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