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Shreeji Tours n Travels

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John D
佛罗里达迈尔斯堡9 条分享
2022年12月 • 独自旅游
Amazing tour of Mumbai with passionate, expert guide. If you’re looking for a tour that immerses you in the culture, enlightens you about the many contrasts in this city, then this is the right tour for you! I visited temples, markets, hotels, monuments, and rode the metro! Sameer is a very passionate and knowledgeable guide who will make you feel at home in India no matter where you’re from. I took this tour after reading the reviews carefully and I have to say, it really is worth it ! Don’t miss out !
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阿根廷San Martin22 条分享
Great guided tour. Same we is a good guide, knowledgeable and open to answer hundreds of questions.
The places he selected for the tour are super interesting, and the local touch of the train ride adds to the experience.
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瑞士卢塞恩38 条分享
Had a good day out with Sameer! He was really knowledgeable and took pride in his city, providing good explanations in clear English and introducing me to parts of the city that were off the beaten oath (I combined a City Tour with an Elephanta Island tour). Definitely recommend for anyone visiting Mumbai and wanting to see the sights.
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Ash K
1 条分享
Jigna my tour guide went that extra mile she was very helpful and I just enjoyed the tour of Mumbai. There were things I didn't know which I was told. Excellent mixture of history and modern Mumbai rolled into one.


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Maryland, USA102 条分享
2022年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Our guide Sameer made this a really special day for us, our first in India. He prepared carefully, communicating well, and arranged for an excellent driver who allowed Sameer to focus on us and his role as guide.

He listened carefully to our priorities (happy to walk, not interested in shipping) and incorporated those seamlessly into our day. He introduced us to multiple layers of culture (social, spiritual, religious, political, food, etc) in a very engaging way, and kept contextualizing our current location and visible landmarks with where we'd been and where we were going. He asked questions to get a sense of our familiarity with various traditions and history, and then helped us get to another level. I have traveled extensively, and this is one of the best tour experiences I've ever had. It didn't hurt that Mumbai is a fascinating city.
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Amanjit D
英国伯福德12 条分享
2022年11月 • 好友
Gurmeet was an amazing guide for our second day in Mumbai. He took us to all of the popular sights and explained everything about them, telling us the history and culture. He was super friendly, took incredible pictures and the tour felt really well planned and organised. We also stopped for a very cheap and delicious veggie lunch. I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Mumbai for the first time and as an easy way to see the city in a day!
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4 条分享
2022年10月 • 独自旅游
Really enjoyed this tour as the tour guide was so nice, kind and has a wealth of knowledge about not only temple and gods but religion, culture and history of India.
When we had a sudden heavy rain, he flexibly arranged another plan not to waste my time.
It’s my first trip to India and I was a little bit nervous but his warm hospitality made me relaxed and enjoyable.
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Julia R
1 条分享
There are three things you have to do when you go on vacation:
1. Book a flight to Mumbai
2. Choose a marvelous Hotel
3. Book a City Tour with Sameer

Within a day we experienced various aspects about Mumbai and India - different neighborhoods, sights, temples, museums and even took a train to get the real experience of living here.
Sameer is an extremely attentive, kind and intelligent person. For each sight we visited we had enough time to look around, we weren’t rushed at all and Sameer answered all our questions on history, politics, religion, culture and the economy. Sameer also recommended great options for lunch to us. We are a couple from Austria traveling in Mumbai for the first time and this tour was worth every penny. We were picked up at our hotel and got back safely in a car with ac and a nice driver. We highly recommend booking this tour with Sameer. Thank you for giving us this great experience of Mumbai. :) Sameer was not free the next day to guide us to the elephant caves and slums, otherwise we would have booked a new tour on the spot!
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Amanda B
6 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
The caves should not be missed. This is a once in a lifetime site with fascinating history. Sameer was an excellent guide. He met us at our hotel and ensured we got to the ferry and the island without issue. Sameer explained various landmarks and discussed culture with us. He was not overbearing and the entire experience was interesting and relaxing. He hired a guide from Elephanta Island to explain the religious significance of the caves. It was like being on an archaeological tour. The guide was extremely knowledgeable about the caves, religious significance of each figure, current use of the caves for worship, and the island itself. Both guides were very nice and accommodating. If you’re going to Mumbai and want to go on any tour, use Sameer’s company!
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Rebecca M
1 条分享
2022年10月 • 好友
We spent a great day visiting North Mumbai.
The tour was well organized and the guide has great knowledge. We could also choose from different spots and were always asked about our wishes. It was an interesting day and we highly recommend the tour.
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