Studio Bagru

Studio Bagru(斋蒲尔)

特色商店与礼品店 • 文化体验课程
2-3 小时



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印度斋蒲尔5 条分享
As best as they come!
Bagru is full of art and amazing artisans. As soon as you enter Namdev Krishi Farm, you are mesmerised with all the vibrant colours of fabric. Studio Bagru is as best as they come in providing a thorough experience of this 5 centuries old art!
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Marion Strong
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So fun and interesting!
I wanted to go there for months and I was not disappointed. We went as a family. I gain knowledge, practice and I expanded my understanding about India. Anup, his parents, his sibling and his wife are all contributing into this multi layered experience. We have learned many aspects of dyeing and this craft in his home and around the village. People are warmly opening their workshop for you to watch and ask questions. Rajshree our host had endless patience answering all our questions. The food prepared in his home is delicious and we opted to not try the thali as we liked it so much on day one. I recommend the 2 days workshop to bring more depth into the experience. Kind, patient and warm people! Nothing was missing. Thank you.
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Deepa Agarwal
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Immersive experience
2021年7月 • 好友
I went for the workshop two weeks back. Little worried about the COVID protocols etc but we were just two people in the workshop. Anup bhaiya is very patient and can really help in undertaking the nitty gritties of the craft. Would definitely recommend it.
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Unforgettable Experience!
We attended the workshop in July 2021 at their production facility in Bagru village. It's amazing how the entire village is involved in different processes of block printing and the workshop includes a tour of the village, showing each and every process that goes into making not just the fabric, but even the blocks that are used to print on it!

I had family visiting from Bombay and they were left amazed every step of the way! A big shoutout to Anup, who was the best host one could ask for. After the village tour, we got back to the production facility (which is also Anup's family home) and interacted with members of his family who helped us make our own designs on blank canvasses in the form of a Tote bag, Dupatta and T-shirts. A good souvenir to take along with you of an experience you will never forget in a lifetime!
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Jane Clark
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Great workshop!
2021年6月 • 家庭
Unfortunately we were unable to visit due to. COVID restrictions but we did a virtual workshop via zoom instead! It was detailed, informative and amazing. Jeremy had exact answers to my questions and we learned a lot! Thank you so much and hopefully one day we can do it in person!
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Vasudha Jatia
3 条分享
All in all- a great learning experience for those who want an overview of the block printing process
I think that one of the things that stood out for me was that the responses were prompt and I was able to plan my trip to Bagru overnight. Rajshree was very helpful and friendly.

The tour was the most interesting part for me, and i really enjoyed trying to learn about and understand the processes. It’s very different to see rural artisans at work and the kind of respect that places like Studio Bagru instil for the local craft is noteworthy and likely to preserve and promote this work for generations.
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澳大利亚墨尔本1 条分享
Great experience and fantastic customer service
I attended one of the Studio Bagru's workshop and it was a wonderful experience. It was great to see and learn how beautiful designs are carved on the wood and printed on the fabrics to bring them to life. Their hospitality and customer service was fantastic. Even after the workshop, I have reached out to Jeremy and he is always happy to answer my queries.
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3 条分享
Eye opening
2020年8月 • 商务型
Amazing,down to earth souls work at Studio Bagru. It was a pleasure to meet and work with the people at Studio Bagru. Hands on expertise.Experienced and knowledgeable personal made block printing a fun and unique experience.
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Shivayogi D
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Bcm part of our life
2020年10月 • 好友
We attended for first workshop of block printing it was great ,then we started practicing it and we also started teaching to others it became part of our life and it is a great skill which increase our concentration focus and also the creativity
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印度昌迪加7 条分享
Magical world of blocks and prints
2020年11月 • 好友
I am so very glad that I visited Studio Bagru and saw beautiful things being made live in front of my eyes! I feel fortunate to be introduced to beautiful people like Anup & Jeremy. They’re both so helpful, patient and kind. So happy to learn Jeremy’s story about how he has been working hard to make people value the effort that goes into the art of block printing . I’d highly recommend anyone going to Jaipur or around to not miss a visit to Studio bagru . Please please get there to get lost in the beautiful world of blocks and colours and patterns! Im looking forward to another visit in Feb :)
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