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澳大利亚珀斯438 条分享
My Daughter and I had to look these guys up as we did a couple of walks with them about 7 years ago which we and my late husband enjoyed very much.
They are both very knowledgeable about everything Kolkata.
We did an early morning walk with David visiting St John's Church and other points of interest including the Courts buildings and a newly opened museum/art gallery I think it was called the Coin Museum. We were able to view the old money vaults/safes. The art collection here is extensive and diverse, housed in a beautiful old building.
We also did the Bengali cooking class with Rajashi, such a lovely lady. We learnt two different vegetarian dishes plus a delicious Tomato chutney and Puris. Keep up the good work guys. We will be back.
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Carole W
Chatswood4 条分享
Was lucky to have a one on one tour on a Holi Day so whilst unable to get onto some sights I learnt where they were and went back over next two days to fill in gaps. Very relaxed and informative way to discover the street of inner Kolkata with as much information given as requested. They focus on the non mainstream tourist spots as they feel you can do those on your own, but will show you and inform you a lot about Kolkata you may not get on a point to point tour.
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Thanks for such a thoughtful response too our walk. Taking a walk with people you do not really know can be tricky. Too much talk and some people get bored, too little and some feel they are not getting enough. Your comment,"as much information given as requested" is appreciated. Thank you, David
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澳大利亚Mittagong57 条分享
Had a great time learning to cook some Bengali dishes in the home of Rajashi. It was so interesting to visit a local home and be made to feel like one of the family. The food was delicious. It was lovely to talk with Rajashi and learn about life in Kolkata. Highly recommended.
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Rajashi has been part of our team for nearly 20 years. We are pleased you appreciate her talents as much as we do and very happy you enjoyed her class. Thanks for your kind words.
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8 条分享
We booked a walking tour and a cooking class with Kali Travel in Kolkata. Unfortunately we could not do the cooking class in consequence of a sickness. However, we really enjoyed our walikng tour with David. We had the opportunity to visit a side of Kolkata in which tourists usually don't go and it was amazing. David, who is a gentle, professional and helpful person, explained many interesting things and let us become and feel part of this incredible culture.
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Thanks so much Marina for your kind words. It was a pleasure walking with you both. I was impressed with your willingness to openly engage with the people we met on the walk and your inquisitiveness regarding details that many do not generally observe. Getting sick is an 'occupational hazard' for the traveller but despite that, you made the most of the time you had in Kolkata. Love to see you both back here sometime to enjoy a cooking class. Warmest regards David
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Jocy W
1 条分享
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Amazing walk again with Martyn. I have done 5 walks over the years and Kali travel is the reason I keep coming back to Kolkata.So interesting seeing the back streets you would never know where to look.The original walk and in my opinion the best
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Thanks Jocy, always fun to walk with you and Richard. We covered a fair bit of ground and being just the three of us, the average size for our walks, we were able to share a lot together. Come back soon...warm regards, Martyn
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Susan D
13 条分享
2019年1月 • 好友
Our walk with Martyn totally made our visit to Kolkata and I would put it as a 'must do'. He has lived there for many years (they were the first people to offer walks here) so was able to show and explain so much that isn't obvious and that many locals wouldn't even know. We felt that we had a real and non tourist experience. Martyn is a great story teller, the walk was a lot of fun and we were only sorry that we didn't have enough time to do another walk with Kali Travel. Thanks so much Martyn and hope to do another walk with you one day.
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Judith S
Sydney37 条分享
2019年1月 • 独自旅游
I went on 3 walks with David during a visit to Kolkata in 2018. On a recent second trip to Kolkata I went on a night walk through vegetable markets and different cultural areas with Martyn and 2 day walks with David. They are both extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the city and the culture and understood my interests totally. I saw so much of the life and customs of the Kolkata residents and travelled on the Metro and the ferry. The walks were exactly what I was looking for (again) and I recommend Kali Travel Home without hesitation to anyone who requires a relaxed, informative, "off the beaten track" view of a wonderful, chaotic city. These guys are the best!!
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Mandy C
3 条分享
2019年1月 • 好友
It's my third walk with Martyn and David. Every time I come to Kolkata I always choose them. They have lived in India so many years that they know enough history of the city (I bet locals don't even know that much..)They are well-knowledged, easy going, trustworthy, and of course you get the most local route to know the city (away from the tourist site). Also big thanks for their information on their website of money exchanging place, I had the best rate so far which saved me a lot of money!

Well definitely recommend to friends!
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Hey Mandy, Thanks for those kind words. We really enjoyed seeing you again and sharing a walk and a cuppa with you and Yuan. Yes we covered a lot of ground on that walk. Through the back streets of North Kolkata, local markets, the ferry ride down to the burning ghats and then through the area of remarkable old palaces. Stopping of course at our place for a pat of the cat and a cup of tea. As always you were great fun. Hope to see you again on another trip although we muct be running out of city to see. Cheers and thanks again, Martyn
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Yafa K
以色列耶路撒冷22 条分享
2019年1月 • 好友
Thank u dear Martin and Rajashi for an exciting and tasty evening!!! We had a wonderful lesson in Bengali history and deep insight into your culture, life and personal story. We carry with us good memories and mouthful of excellent tastes.
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Great praise from someone who was reluctant to take the cooking class. We appreciate it. Thanks to Orna for organizing it and I am so glad you enjoyed your time with Rajashi. I enjoyed meeting you both and wish you all the best for the rest of your Indian tour and onwards. Sholom.
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Mark Anderson
伊利诺伊州Park Ridge21 条分享
2019年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Great walk around bazaars and neighborhoods you'll never see otherwise. Martyn has lived here for years and really knows his stuff. Like being on a walk with an old friend.
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Really happy you enjoyed the walk Mark. It was a pleasure to walk with Mary and you, a fine Kolkata day and as you said, the city just provides constant stimulation. Looking forward to the night walk. Thanks, Martyn
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