Malik Ghat Flower Market

Malik Ghat Flower Market(加尔各答(亦写作“Calcutta”))

Malik Ghat Flower Market
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Dennis P
英国Montrose29,114 条分享
What an amazing place to walk through !! Marigolds were in abundance throughout the market al ready to be woven into beautiful displays for the forthcoming celebrations on Republic Day. I felt guilty admiring all the flowers and getting in the way of workes going about their business and others trying to deliver chai to the sellers.

A great colourful experience !!
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马来西亚双溪大年168 条分享
2020年2月 • 家庭
Don't let the noise and the hustle discourage you from going to this market. It is very noisy, busy, unkempt and the road is a little narrow but the experience and the feel is just amazing.
Flowers in huge quantities. From roses to marigolds. The flower market ends where the spice market begins.
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南非约翰内斯堡55 条分享
if you are after a feast of the senses, this is the place to visit. Has to be one of my favorite.The array of flowers and ever friendly flower sellers are in abundance.A photographers dream.
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澳大利亚悉尼66 条分享
We went on the Flower Market tour led by Manjit, a professional photographer who is passionate about this beautiful city and its people and places. The tour was a fantastic experience. Manjit regularly visits the market with groups and is known and respected by the vendors at the market. As a photographer, Manjit was able to direct us to take our own great photos, while providing us with lots on really interesting information. Manjit has a great sense of humour, enjoys people and his business as a guide and professional photograher. He treated us to snacks and chai during both walks. Great opportunities to try street food. Recommend highly.
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Magdalena M
27 条分享
Morgens, je früher desto besser, wenn die Verkäufer vom Land über die howrah Bridge kommen, mit Bündeln voller Blütenköpfen. Herrlich, Lotusblumen, Rosenblüten und vieles mehr....entweder einzeln zu kaufen, oder auf Ketten gefädelt.
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥120 条分享
This visit was one of the highlights of our three-plus weeks in India! We hired a car and driver for the day at our hotel and made the Flower Market our first stop. You could possibly do it on your own, but it was much easier and more complete with a guide. Ours took us through nooks and crannies, up stairs and down narrow paths. She stopped at dozens of stalls to explain what people were doing. She kept us alert to people carrying large bundles on head or body who could easily have collided with us. The colors were amazing. The market was packed with people. We would likely not had the nerve to explore so much without someone leading the way. Our visit was about an hour long beginning about 9am on a Monday. There was plenty going on. No need to get here really early. Don't miss it!
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James c
俄克拉何马州俄克拉何马城73 条分享
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
My mother and got up at the 530am just to walk through here as we were told this is when it is bustling. The best local and VERY Indian experience you can have in kolkata. I got the best shots here, not for the faint-hearted though, could be a culture shock, my mother is 70 but is a westernized indian, it was a little overwhelming for her but I say you have to see this, make sure you go up stairs and walk across howrah bridge in early rush hr and the walk to see howrah train station, largest in india
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美国56 条分享
If you’re a photographer, writer, or heck, even a visitor trying to get a flavor of what ordinary life in this big city is like, then a visit to this flower market is a must. It’s safe and the people here are nice and accommodating, although the goings-on could be the cause for a slight migraine if you aren’t used to this kind of commotion. For me, born and brought up in Kolkata (then Calcutta), it was most welcoming. And no, afterwards I didn’t need any aspirin.
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英国沃金306 条分享
To walk through the flower market gives a great sense of how people sell their flowers and also how the flowers are delivered there. You have to be careful not to be knocked into by the huge carrying baskets which are carried on the heads of the sellers! A really interesting experience and one which shows how the people market their flowers.
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意大利利尼亚诺萨比亚多罗87 条分享
Dire spettacolare è riduttivo. Osservare tanti fiori tanti colori, tanto vociare e tanta gente che confeziona ghirlande è uno spettacolo da non perdere
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