Conco Island

Conco Island(格纳戈纳)



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Moscow2,304 条分享
Below average
Island as an island. There is little reason to go to it at low water. It's covered in greenery that you have to wade through. There seem to be monkeys there, and a ranger is always present. But you usually can't see either of them. Well, you can still go around the island at high tide on a boat or kayak. But this pleasure is below average. There are probably no other reasons to pay attention to the island. Well, except that it gives to Palolem Bay a certain symmetry and completeness.
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David D
英国得文郡11,714 条分享
Worth a look, by sea or land
Saturday morning 1st February and walked along Palolem Beach in the direction of Canacona Island (Conco or Monkey Island).

It is called Monkey Island as there monkey sanctuary on it, Palolem Island Reserve.

We had heard that it is possible to walk over the rocks to the Island at very low tide. Sadly it was not out far enough out for us to cross over.

Although we did not get to the Island, it was an opportunity to see the interesting rock formations at that end of the beach.

Later on in the afternoon we took a boat trip from Palolem Beach along the coast towards Agonda.

This took us around the Island before heading off in the direction of Agonda. It was an opportunity to see the rugged and dramatic outline of the Island.

We were informed, by our boat trip guide, that the Island is no inhabited apart the Ranger who looks after the monkeys. There was a shop on the Island, which has been closed for some time. He also informed us that a number of visitors hire kayaks and paddle to the Island.

At the end of Palolem Beach, near the crossing point to the Island, there is a bar/restaurant. We did hear that there was a boat across to the island, from around here, at high tide, not sure if that is correct.
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Rahul Kandoi
印度古尔冈536 条分享
2018年12月 • 好友
Just go and admire what this terrific beach has to offer - everyone on this planet would love it - go there!
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41 条分享
просто остров
2019年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Остров обезьян - не более чем развод для туристов. Так же как пляж Батерфляй где нет никаких бабочек. Это просто остров со скалами и валунами. Если пройти на каяке дальше на север в сторону пляжа Батерфляй, то там места живописнее.
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印度孟买287 条分享
Fun to visit
2017年12月 • 好友
This is a tiny rocky island at the end of Palolem beach. You can reach here by walking only if it is low tide. We did Kayaking at Palolem beach. So it was an amazing & fun experience to kayak all around this tiny island.
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印度孟买409 条分享
One time visit
2017年12月 • 好友
The island is to the north of Palolem beach and can be reached by foot. Ensure that its low tide while crossing the sea. We had a tough time coming back when the water had risen. The island as such is green and beautiful. This place is supposedly called monkey island, but we couldnt spot a single one.
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印度孔巴托618 条分享
Great Place
2017年12月 • 好友
Journey on foot is the best way to reach this Island. A peaceful and beautiful place to get chilled out - surrounded by nature and nothing else.
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印度孟买1,355 条分享
Worth A Visit
2017年1月 • 好友
We visited from the northern end of palolem beach at low tide & crossed over to this green island with trees & shrubs.It is also known as Monkey Island but did not find any ! Lovely sunset to watch with not many people around & food shopping stalls.We returned early before the high tide could pick up.If you go by boat it takes about three hours & this trek across turned out to be more of fun & adventure !
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英国曼彻斯特156 条分享
Island full of shrubs palm trees and a few monkeys. Not worth a special trip
2016年12月 • 夫妻情侣
This small island is situated at the North end of Palolem beach, accessible by foot at low tide but nice walk getting there ( have to wade across a river which is not deep at low tide ) but not worth a special trip on its own. If you come to Palolem it is a nice walk along the beach but don’t make a special effort to see this attraction alone. Most people wade across the small inlet to stand on the Island and then walk back. Nice place nearby Sunset Point and Shark Rock.
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Riňson V
5 条分享
What an Experience!!
2017年1月 • 独自旅游
I was in for a surprise when my friends told me they are taking me to conco island. away from the hustle and bustle of the city. a place to relax.
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