Parapente Turrialba
Parapente Turrialba

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Volé con Go Fly Parapente, Julio, el piloto e instructor fue muy profesional igual que el staff que nos apoyó, ese día, 30 de diciembre, el clima amaneció con lluvia y había pocas probabilidades de vuelo, mi amigo y yo viajamos en bicicleta desde Santa Teresita hacia la pastora, y tardamos más de lo esperado, sin embargo siempre tuvieron la disposición de volar si el clima lo permití, más tarde el cielo se despegó y nos permitió volar,15-20 minutos cada uno. Es demasiado bonito! Te dan la confianza al revisar el equipo y los broches. Me impresionó la facilidad con la que Julio estabilizó el parapente, se nota su experiencia y me alegro que haya sido con él mi primer vuelo. Ahora me gustaría aprender más. Las vistas de Turrialba son muy lindas y en el lugar hay un restaurante donde puedes tomar algo aunque el verdadero atractivo son los vuelos.
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缅因州Surry19 条分享
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2023年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Wow, what a great experience! Julio is not just a paraglider, he is a paragliding instructor with the highest level of safety qualifications. I was new to paragliding and had first-timer’s nervousness. His competence and care that I had a good experience was so clear! I knew I was in good hands.

We were also able to watch Julio teaching one of his students, which solidified our impression that he is a seriously qualified paraglider.

The time in the air was exciting while also feeling calm and peaceful.

We couldn’t have had a better first experience with parapente!
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圣马丁岛Sint Maarten100 条分享
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2016年9月 • 夫妻情侣
I tried to arrange a paragliding for my husband for several weeks without luck. Finally I got Julios information from the web page 2 weeks in Costa Rica. He wad extremely responsive on face book and email unlike other companies.
Originally we arranged the lessons with Rodney Comupus, with several emails and even international calls. We booked hotels per his recommendations and when we landed in Costa Rica only couple of week later he did remember than he did not have time.
We contacted Julio and he was happy to accommodate us and even gave us travel recommendations.
He recommended a great place for us to stay Guyabo lodge that is only minutes away from his flying place.
We enjoyed the instructions and he helped us with purchasing the equipment. We saved a lot of money on equipment with his help.
We will be back for more flights as soon as we can.
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圣 托马斯62 条分享
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2016年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Spend 4 days with this company to refresh my paragliding skills and did 3 tandem flights as well. You cannot ask for a better pilot and instructor anywhere in Costa Rica ! The flying site is 1700 meter with an incredible view and so very pleasant to learn to fly since the temperature is colder and you don't sweat to much.
The owner is the nicest guy there is and makes you feel like the king on the hill.
I purchased a full set ( wing, harness, safety wing....). An incredible price and send directly to me in St Thomas. Was faster then buying from the states and a lot cheaper.
So if you consider flying like a bird don't look any further !!
I am an Airline pilot and know when somebody knows his staff and safety is his first priority !!
I will be back and hope many new pilots try this company !!
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