Montezuma Falls

Montezuma Falls(蒙特祖玛)

Montezuma Falls

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The Wilbrahams
Bath, ME, United States5 条分享
Go with Crazy Carlos - he’s not crazy
2021年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Tried to find the Montezuma falls by ourselves, but got discouraged by the slippery, rocky, unmarked trail. The parking lot guy saw us leaving and said “Oh no, you must see the falls”. He guided us back and introduced himself as Crazy Carlos. He normally charges 30,000 per person for a booked tour, and we thought it well worth that!
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Grandma Dreadlocks (Tamara)
新墨西哥Rociada62 条分享
A must see destination!
2021年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Montezuma waterfalls is a must visit! A popular destination with the under 30 crowd, you’ll find people of all ages enjoying the beauty of the falls. Keep in mind that the lower falls can be crowded and a bit noisy but don’t let that take away from having a relaxing time.

My husband and I made the trek to the lower falls relatively easily. We are in the 55-70 age bracket and in excellent shape. I really recommend closed toe sandals like Keens to wear for the hike- open toe sanders/flip flops don’t do well, especially if you want to climb/hike to the upper falls.

Once at the lower falls, relax and enjoy the waters. There may be loud music, there will be peeps selling jewelry. Have a swim and a snack, mingle with people from all over the world- have a good time! Then contemplate going to the upper falls.

There are two ways to get to the higher falls- a staircase to get your heart rate up or climbing the steep cliffs using ropes, roots and vines. Neither is for those in poor health, there cliffs are not for the faint of heart. My husband and I chose the cliffs, I’m glad I did and am now hooked on rock climbing!

Once up top, there is far less people and noise. It’s a perfect spot to unwind, have another snack or lunch, and swim in the upper pools. You cannot leave Montezuma without visiting the falls!
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佛罗里达盖恩斯维尔50 条分享
A nice ~2 hour adventure
Visited in October, during the rainy season, so it was a bit of a wet hike to get there, but definitely doable. I had running shoes on but my husband was able to manage in flip flops. About a 25-30 min hike out to the first falls. Path is a little unclear at times (when it crosses the river/stream, etc) but if you go at a semi-popular time, you should be able to follow where others are going. Some of the hike requires you to hold onto a rope, which has been tied to tree roots, etc. Nothing too dangerous though. At the base of the first falls, there is a large pool to swim and relax in. A few vendors there selling some jewelry. Some more brave souls climbed up some rocks and jumped into the pool but I decided NAHHH I don't want to die. We hiked back from there but you do have the option of continuing the hike to visit the other 2 falls. Parking at the entrance is 1000 colones or about $1.60 USD. I recommend eating lunch at Sano Banano across the street when you're done!
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Daniela Q
哥斯达黎加圣何塞3 条分享
Aventura rápida y económica
Es bonito si se busca un plan económico y a la vez actividad física, es necesario ir con un calzado apropiado, porque hay muchas piedras y barro, es mejor llevar poca carga. Hay personas ofreciendo ser "guía" pero no es necesario, con el mapa de la entrada es suficiente referencia. Si se busca una buena cascada considero que hay cataratas mucho más bonitas en Bajos del Toro.
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西班牙巴塞罗那2 条分享
Evitar Crazy Carlos
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
A pesar de que las cataratas son preciosas y vale la pena ir a nosotros nos quedo mal sabor de boca porque un tal Crazy Carlos nos engañó y nos estafó. Llegamos con el coche y se presenta un hombre que dice que se llama Carlos y nos cobro el parquing, seguidamente nosotros íbamos a andar hacia la catarata por nuestra cuenta y Carlos insistió en que nos enseñaría donde coger la ruta, a lo siguiente dijo que nos acompañaba, SIN AVISARNOS que iba a hacer una visita guiada COBRANDO. Nos enseñó la catara y todo muy bien pero en el camino de vuelta nos dijo que le pagásemos, que los turistas de los hoteles le pagan 35$ pero nosotros podíamos pagar 25$ , por persona, eso si , de buen corazón. En ningún momento nos dijo que nos iba a cobrar, de todos modos nosotros habíamos pensado en darle algo por las molestias, pero nos sentimos timados cuando nos hizo pagarle 50$ los dos juntos. Crazy Carlos si quieres hacer de guía cobrando perfecto, pero avisa antes de hacer la visita para que el turista pueda elegir si quiere hacer la o no. Cosas como esta hacen que te vayas con un mal sabor de boca de un lugar precioso y de un país fantástico como es Costa Rica.
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荷兰Doorn6 条分享
Don’t go with Crazy Carlos!
Crazy Carlos has put my family in danger. There had been a lot of rainfall and the river and waterfall was brown colored. Carlos knew that this is a prediction for potential flooding but he only told us that when we where already standing with our shoes on and the five of us hand in hand in the middle of the strong current, stumbling to the other side to get to the lowest waterfall. This guy puts his own earnings before the safety of his clients.
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brussels35 条分享
Fun adventurous hike with 4 teens and 3 adults - definitely get “San” the old man to guide you
2020年11月 • 家庭
We (4 teens and 3 adults) went to Montezuma Falls just before Thanksgiving. We read every guide/blog about the waterfalls. We rented ATVs from a shop in Santa Teresa and rode the ATVs to the parking lots near the bottom waterfall. In the parking lot, we met San (his full name is San Fernando but he goes by “San.”). San asked us if we needed a guide and we said “no and told him that we were going to follow the trails. We started on the dirt path that led us to a wide creek. Part of our group crossed the creek and tried to find the continuation of the trail. The other part of our group walked along the creek. We could hear the waterfall but didn’t know where to go. Thank goodness San followed us and escorted us to the bottom waterfall. At the waterfall, he pointed where it was safe to cliff jump. He also took our group behind the waterfall. He was kind and patient with our group. Fortunately we had two Spanish speakers and they translated for the rest of the group. Once we all realized that we needed a tour guide, we asked San to take us to the other two waterfalls. The hike was steep but beautiful. San led our group and made sure everyone was okay. San also gently removed any thorny branches away from the path. We swam at the top waterfall. Again, San showed us the safest place to cliff jump and the easiest way to climb onto the cliffs. We took photos of the second waterfall. We had snacks and drank water at the top waterfall. Afterwards San lead us back to the parking lot (about 4km steep hike down). We gave him a generous tip (20000 colons) and said that it was too much.
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Trenton S
5 条分享
Tough hike, but worth it!
The hike is a little tough if you havent gone hiking before, but the waterfall is absolutely worth seeing!
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10 条分享
Spent Hours Here
Easy hike, great people, lots of fun! If the water was a bit higher, I would imagine the hike would be a bit more difficult as you are crossing the river in shallow areas. However, the waterfall absolutely made up for it. Be careful of the steep drop off!
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Laura B
科罗拉多博尔德2 条分享
Beautiful waterfalls--tricky hike in the rainy season
This was a fantastic adventure for us and we enjoyed seeing all of the falls and jumping in the cool refreshing pools. This hike would not be for the faint of heart in the rainy season. We are a Colorado family who hikes a lot, but the "trail finding" was difficult. Having two older teen boys kept us going, but we literally had to hop from slippery rock to rock up the river for a good ways, then eventually found a "trail" of sorts on the side (complete with ropes at times on especially slippery spots) to get to the biggest fall (I believe this is called the 3rd one). The kids were able to somehow get us to the other side of the river (again, lots of tricky rock hopping across a full river) and we bushwalked a bit to find a set of "stairs" that led us uphill to the other falls. At this point, it is a true trail and very clear as to where you are supposed to be walking, but it is straight uphill and may be difficult if you aren't in great shape. :) Or just take lots of breaks. We were the only ones on this trail. Even though we felt like we were far from everybody and everything at this point, suddenly there was a man in a lean-to and we paid a small fee to continue on the rest of the trail. He was friendly and helpful and accepted either dollars or colones. In short, this hike didn't feel particularly dangerous, but was quite the challenge finding it in the rainy season. I am imagining it may be much more straight forward in the dry season??
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