Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo

Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo(圣何塞)

Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo

Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo
自然与野生动物区 • 徒步路径

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Berne525 条分享
On the way to Tortuguero Nationalpark (or to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca), you drive through this very green and lush looking Nationalpark. I dont know about the options there for hiking, and for staying overnight, but it looked really beautiful and is easy to reach from the capital.
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瑞士乌斯特86 条分享
Diesen Park haben wir auf der Durchreise besucht. Es gibt verschiedene Wege. Wir sind zwei davon gelaufen, wobei wir den zweiten zuerst suchen mussten. Das Info-Schild weist leider nicht daraufhin, dass er sich auf den anderen Strassenseite befindet.

Wer darauf erpicht ist, viele Tiere zu sehen, muss eine Tour mit Guide buchen, denn alleine findet man die Tiere so gut wie nicht.
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Μάνος Π
8 条分享
If you re in San Jose and want a first experience about the forests in Costa Rica , this is a good and easy option.

I visit that park from Quebrada Gonzalez sector. This sector has two trails, is very easy and you ll enjoy it. Dont expect to see many animals but you can walk through the nature.

If you have a car, it will be easy for you but the bus is more challenging. You can take the bus from the Caribbean station to Guapiles ( 1530 colones) and then the only option is to wait outside the park untill one bus come. So, go prepared to wait about 20 - 40 minuites or more.

There are many tours for that park but in my opinion keep your money for another park.
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Cheshire,England212 条分享
The ariel tram was excellent, 1 hour 10 mins sliently floating above the canopy. We have taken canopy tours previously but this was the highest and longest. A guide accompanies you and the carriage is suitable for everybody and has proper seats. We stayed 2 nights in the lodge in the park and enjoyed the early morning and evening walks, our guide Leo was very experienced and knowledgeable.The walk is easy on a made path. We saw tapir, a sloth,a tarantula, snakes and lots of frogs.There are also butterfly, snake and frog exhibits which were good. There is a restaurant where the staff where friendly and helpful. There is zip lining but we didn't try it.
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Paul M
New Hampshire24 条分享
Very nice! Rode through the rainforest in a covered gondola. Saw/heard a couple animals but this is more of a botanical adventure. Guide was very informative and friendly. About an hour from San Jose' as I recall and a beautiful drive between the two points.
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Jorge P
3 条分享
El país es por su naturaleza una reserva del medio ambiente. Disfrutar de la biodiversidad y del cuidado con el que se la conserva es digno de admiración. Existe armonía para conservar el delicado balance entre la vida silvestre y la vida de sus habitantes. Existe conciencia de la necesidad de preservar las riquezas naturales para las futuras generaciones.
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阿尔及利亚阿尔及尔311 条分享
Abbiamo ammirato questo parco dall’aerial tram ( funivia tropicale) , cioè cabine che passano in mezzo e sopra gli alberi delle foresta e che permettono perciò di ammirare dall’alto tutto l’intrico di alberi che crescono in questo mondo caldo e umido. Piove spesso, noi siamo arrivati dopo tre settimane di pioggia più o meno continua, quindi forte umidità , una pioggerellino leggera anche mentre le cabine scorrevano sugli alberi. Molta flora, poca fauna però, o almeno al di sotto le nostre aspettative. È stato il primo assaggio dei parchi del Costarica.
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Stephanie S
5 条分享
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侣
El parque está pasando el “Río Sucio” por ruta 32, la entrada es en “Quebrada González”. El horario es de 8 a 15:30. Cuesta U$S 12. Tiene para hacer 2 caminos, uno de 1,6 km y otro de 1 km. Hicimos los dos en unas tres horas yendo lento para apreciar la naturaleza. Lamentablemente no pudimos ver ninguna de las especies que tiene el parque. En el recorrido nos dimos cuenta que otras personas iban con guía (que llevaban binoculares), pero tampoco pudieron observan ningun animal.
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加利福尼亚伯克利6 条分享
2020年1月 • 家庭
I was generally not a fan of zip lining prior to my visit to this park. But these guys are simply the BEST. The safety precautions are top notch, the lines have brakes that automatically stop you (so folks like me with shoulder issues can do it pain-free), and the guides are super friendly. The park is gorgeous and full of life. On our week long trip this was the highlight!
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Charlie D
哥斯达黎加Atenas462 条分享
There are two easy-to-hike trails, one a 1 km and another at about 2.5 km with labeled trees and other plants, overlooks, streams and when not raining maybe some birds! :-) I did see a wet sloth! :-)
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