Sandy Beach Dive Centre
Sandy Beach Dive Centre

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I’ve been a repeating client of this dive center before Covid times, and was always treated kindly and professionally. The new dive center owner (Slovenian) is simply not up to the basic standards to run a diving business professionally:
- a group of people joining our boat trip to practice snorkeling were mislead over the phone on the price per person (33% increase when they arrived there)
- one of our diving trip members felt sick before diving and had to stay in the boat. He was asked to pay full bill despite not doing anything, saying that this is the rule on weekends (and the boat was half empty). Similar situation happened with previous ownership and they were accommodating and providing alternative dates in lieu
- quality of gear is clearly sub-par, with worn out equipment, but still full price vs competitors

Bottom-line, I felt that the lack of experience and customer focus of the leadership of this dive shop and the poor quality of the material doesn’t deserve any positive praise and any future visit.
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Fischer W
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2022年6月 • 家庭
The diving experience was good and the instructor was very good. The owner of the center was awful and didn’t respect the clients. Increasing the prices of snorkeling after arrival and demanding that new price that was set costing 100 aed more than intended, but the thought of it is disrespectful. Awful management
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Mariam m
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2022年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Perfect first time experience
It was our first time ever experiencing scuba diving,our instructor Carlos taught everything in theory and practiced them with patience in the swimming pool for an hour or so . As a resault , me and my husband experienced one of the most beautiful 28 minuts of our lives under the water ....
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Irena Ena
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2022年1月 • 好友
A lovely dive center, located near the beach in a beautiful marine protected area of Snoopy island. Area is considered one of the best diving locations in UAE and as a biologist, I was intrigued to do my first dive ever in such area. I was there in January 2022, visiting with my father, and as someone who has never dived before, my experience there was pleasant and very enjoyable. The team and my instructor Milan here have offered me nothing but professionalism, kindness, resourcefulness and help in making my diving experience relaxed and fascinating. I would highly recommend Sandy Beach Dive Center for anyone, who likes to explore under water marine life and at the same time have their diving experience be handled by warm, experienced and custom-oriented staff.
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Ameet D
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2022年2月 • 家庭
Horrible experience
Is there were negative review I could give them that.
Described as “panic” excuse wherein it was clearly related to the trainee diver that my eyes were burning due to some issue with the goggles; still they were able to ruin my birthday. Not only by curtailing my session into half but also giving false pretense and excuses that a 5 year old would not be fooled.
Had we not paid in advance, would’ve demanded compensation.
I would like the authorities investigate the same and levy penalties. I have already decided to start my process and get justice.
Just by responding to the review doesn’t get someone off the hook. I have done many dives before and this was the worst one of my life. Just because you have overbooked doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your full paying customer.
I will see to it that this report sees some action as the way it was handled - fault was mine: whereas it was definitely theirs
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阿联酋迪拜59 条分享
Extremely poor attitude and customer service - they state a dive experience of 3 hours including paperwork, classroom orientation, pool training and the actual dive however the entire experience was completed in 1.5hrs - the dive was conducted with one dive master and two trainees for my husband and two kids. My husband has done a dive before and was having issues with his mask and weights - instead of helping him resolve this - the centre claimed he was having "panic attacks" and did not even let him go under the water in the sea. When we expressed our dis-satisfaction - there was a retaliation stating it is our mistake. Poor customer service camouflaged under the high and mighty attitude and excuse of safety - find somewhere else to go guys - there are several dive centres in the vicinty!
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Baadal Adam
阿联酋迪拜103 条分享
2021年8月 • 好友
It was rough diving experience as weather was quite bad with low visibility underwater with mild tides and high surface temperatures. They gave my friends who were doing their first dive a good orientation and practical experience but failed to let us know the water conditions were bad. And by the time we were heading back from our most of us were dehydrated and tired!
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2020年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Часто езжу в этот отель, потому что здесь хорошее расположение для сгорелинга. Но отель требует давно обновления в ремонте и более тщательного сервиса. Сегодня на двух подушках после заселения была обнаружена чужая кровь, очень-очень неприятно!!! Так же, Полотенец в душе для двоих мало. Есть только два больших банных, для лица - отсутствуют! В ресторане приятная девушка официант, которая поможет с выбором
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Franck D
法国Saint-Priest129 条分享
2019年12月 • 家庭
A priori le Sandy Beach Dive Centre a tout pour être un excellent club de plongée : un personnel accueillant, du matériel récent, un joli spot. Et en plus ils sont sur entertainer !

Dommage que les baptêmes ne soient pas très bien pensés. Passer 45mn sous 3m d’eau et tout le temps tenus par l’instructeur, ça n’est pas vraiment fait pour donner envie. La sécurité d’accord, mais pensez aussi au plaisir des débutants !
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Joe S
田纳西诺克斯维尔7 条分享
2019年11月 • 好友
These guys are the best! I have been diving for 50 years and these guys are 5 Star!! Kind caring professionals who can cater to the beginner and the old pros like me. I will be back!
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