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Gila River Arena



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Brandon K
亚利桑那弗拉格斯塔夫1,562 条分享
Took my daughter to her first concert here to see Billie Eillish. Parking wasn't too bad, but we got there early. Plenty of places to hang around and eat/drink while waiting to get in. Once we got in the doors, it was pretty easy to get around. Not the greatest food vendors/concessions, but decent. Good seats for the show as there really weren't many "bad seats" by the way the concert was set up. Pain in the butt to get out unless you are in the first group to leave.
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Franky H
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2022年3月 • 家庭
For my first time I watched a Coyotes vs Penguins game in Phoenix. The fact that a Phoenix Nationals team can’t get Phoenix support from Phoenix fans IN PHOENIX blew my mind. They were all Penguins fans. I was embarrassed for Arizona, that some mindless cult phenomenon for a state they’ve never been to, took precedent over state pride and common sense. Shame on you. I will never endure another Coyote game with so many traitors.
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Trevor P
加拿大里贾纳475 条分享
The rink itself is one of the best I've been in. Not a bad seat honestly, could be a great hockey atmosphere if people actually showed up. Upper deck was very cold, really could have brought another jacket with the air conditioning blowing straight on you, and the prices for food or drinks are astronomical. It's really a shame that the Coyote's can't make this work.
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内华达拉斯维加斯346 条分享
We were in town for the weekend and had planned on attending a hockey game since our Golden Knights were playing. The facility is in a good location for visitors staying at nearby hotels and walking to the arena. Not super huge crowds either.

However, you get a big one star for the policy about no purses/handbags. I think it is sexist at its worst and I was shocked and disappointed that I could not bring my bag with such trivial incidentals such as my wallet with ID, hairbrush, cell phone, glasses, etc. Really? I do not have a problem with any venue/arena running my purse through a metal detector or looking inside, but to ban the purse policy to only a smallish wallet size. Only one one pocket if I had wanted to use it for placement of my personal items.

And that brings me to the outlandish policy about wearing a mask. Some employees wore a mask, most didn't and I only saw about 10 fans wearing one. Utterly the worst of the worst enforcement. Wake up Arizona, it's NOT over!

Music was way too annoying and loud. The venue is decent and seats were great!
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8 条分享
This review isn't specific for the Gila Arena, which I've been to a few times for hockey, the arena is great. This is for anyone planning to buy food while they are at an event.

I went to the Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers location in the Gila Arena while I was at the Coyotes game and ordered the All American Burger as I was craving a cheeseburger. I am not from the USA but I visit about once or twice a year. One of the things I love about visiting America, is the American burger. And this was a monumental atrocity. Firstly I had to pay 15 AMERICAN dollars for it. The bread was dry, the patty was tasteless, the tomato was soggy and the lettuce was old. It was one of the most disappointing things I've put in my mouth and believe me, I've put a lot in it. In short, it was probably the worst burger I have ever had and that includes a burger in Thailand with questionable meat.
Because even a week after eating it and telling every one I could about how bad it was, I feel like I should warn others. However if you're looking to overpay for a terrible burger, then this place is for you.
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Durwood N
加利福尼亚斯托克顿1,017 条分享
2021年10月 • 好友
Beautiful venue with excellent vendors, good food, convenient beverages. The people who apparently work for the arena are somewhat unpleasant to the paying guests. Rude, terse, and abrupt.
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1 条分享
Sound quality at the venue was beyond bad. There are some seriously bad reflections bouncing off of the upper section and ceiling that basically turns the entire show into a muddy mush of sound. Could barely even hear the performer speak normally in between songs. Given the extremely expensive price of the ticket, I would expect good sound quality at a bare minimum. I would not recommend seeing a concert at this venue, which was clearly not designed for musical performances.
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墨西哥埃莫西约1,114 条分享
Aunque no nos ha tocado la suerte de asistir a un juego de la NHL todavía, sí hemos estado en algunos conciertos en esta arena, todos ellos memorables.
Es muy cómoda y se ve muy bien el espectáculo. Ayuda mucho a la experiencia que justo enfrente se encuentra el Westgate Entertainment Distrct, que es un conjunto de restaurantes, bares para complementar tu día.
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密歇根底特律35 条分享
2021年6月 • 好友
This is the second time I have been here. First was for business in a suite for a Coyotes game. They won so that was cool!!! Very nice suite. Clean, Good staff, comfy seats and food was good as well. That was May 2021. June of 2021we went back with friends for the UGC 263 event. Best event I have ever been to! Done right in all ways!! Big thanks to Shane, Jared, and Andy for always taking care of us when we are in town. We will be back to see you guys soon. We will keep traveling to see events at this arena!!! Keep up the good work!!!!
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Karen L
加利福尼亚莱克福里斯特12 条分享
Came in for the Kings/Coyotes game. Arena is beautiful, staff is friendly and attentive! Will be back next season no doubt! Food in the suite was excellent!
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