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Mac Tíre
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2022年8月 • 家庭
The place itself is very interesting and peaceful, but the tour guide was really phenomenal, making all fascinating. He helped explain everything, and at all times he clearly set out the complexities and controversies involved in a memorial such as this. If you are to visit (which I strongly recommend for anyone visiting South Africa) then definitely go on one of the (free) tours of the site - it transforms the experience. The tour guide was careful to find out what the group know already and were interested in, and he tailored the tour accordingly. The museum on the site is also highly recommended, going beyond a historical account to provide also mythical and spiritual perspectives on South African history. The café was great too!
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Johannes F
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The park consists of two parts: a museum that traces the history of (South) Africa from the "craddle of humankind" up to the democratic age, and a park.

The park is very well maintained and has a lot of different parts: from a wall of names remembering those perished in fights for freedom and the wars, an eternal flame within a spacious amphitheatre, to a reflection pool. Plus, nice views over the city.

For me though, the //hapo museum was an absolute highlight. It provided a thorough walk through the history of this fascinating, yet sometimes confusing country. At the Apartheid Museum in Jo'burg, I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the information, whereas here I had a feeling I could get both a concise overview and at the same time could go deeper into details whenever I wanted to. The layout is very modern and interactive, staff is very friendly.

I absolutely recommend spending some time here - do the museum first and get a good grip of SA's history, then relax around the park! Could easily be a nice day trip from Johannesburg. I wish I had known about this earlier and planned more time!
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Chad G
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2022年1月 • 家庭
My friend and I both grew up in Pretoria and barely knew this amazing museum and the amazing grounds existed. It’s honestly an amazing experience for locals and visitors!

The gardens are superb, the museum is immaculate and well maintained. The museum curators are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. It provides you with a spiritual, emotional and physical experience leaving you enlightened and a better person than when you arrived.

Make sure you visit the gardens (can take 2 hours) as well as the museum!
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纽约州纽约市971 条分享
This museum was supremely informative about the history and divisions in South African society since the colonial periods. As sad as it is to read about, the history of the continent and South Africa itself was fascinating to learn about. We only had three hours here and completely ran out of time, though we tend to read into everything in a museum. If you want to just skim through it, it can be done within an hour or two but then why are you even bothering to come? To say you did it and post it on your social media feed? If you want to learn about it then it requires at least a couple hours of dedication (four to read every last bit).

We went on a weekday and it was desolate in there. We hope that is an aberration as this is surely something every chile should read and learn about to understand how difficult and unfair life can be for many.
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南非比勒陀利亚13 条分享
Nor be taken revenge of
or punished
nor blamed
we the people have changed the past
(only to experience injustice presently)
and corrupt leadership
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Get yourself a guided tour of the place, the guides are well informed about history and where all the names are located in the wall or remembrance.
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欧洲4,608 条分享
We had the guided tour with a guide who was a freedom fighter during apartheid years (sadly I don’t know the name), so talking with him was very interesting.
We visited the Wall of Names, the Isivivane (from outside) and the museum. We had a very pleasant walk on the hill with a view on Pretoria as well.
It's not a shocking place to visit like Robben Island, Old Fort Prison or Apartheid Museum, it’s more a symbolic monument, a place to reflect, but it worths a visit, especially if you have a former freedom fighter as a guide!
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荷兰芬洛61 条分享
Mij is het een raadsel waarom hier maar zo weinig bezoekers op een dag komen. Het is een prachtig park met museum waar je niet alleen een schitterend uitzicht over de stad Pretoria en het nabij gelegen Voortrekkersmonument hebt, maar je hebt binnen een hele mooie en goede tentoonstelling over de geschiedenis van Zuid-Afrika, migratie, slavernij en apartheid.
Dit park is veruit te prevaleren boven het Kruger huis. En waarom altijd in Johannesburg starten? Begin eens met het Freedom Park en het Voortrekkersmonument, dan heb je een goed beeld van de geschiedenis van dit land.
Om het museumpark echt goed te bekijken en in rust rond te lopen (met gids is aan te raden) moet je 3 uurtjes uittrekken.
Het park ligt mooi boven op de heuvel en is een oase van rust.
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英国Braunton350 条分享
I visited on a Saturday morning in late November and had the whole site pretty much to myself. You start in a museum/history centre that depicts the advance from earliest man through to most recent South African history, including a moving tribute to those fighting the slave trade and apartheid. Then you climb to the top of the hill (great views of Pretoria) to the memorial to those who lost their lives in the fight for freedom. Beautiful gardens in a moving setting. Essential for any visit to Pretoria.
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南非约翰内斯堡102 条分享
This is an under-visited and under-rated museum that should enjoy far more exposure. The vast buildings are set in an indigenous park that are an absolute pleasure to walk - not only for the 360 degree views over Pretoria - but for the myriad trees and plants that are specific to the country. A botany lesson much appreciated by this interested couple. The museum itself is spread through many halls and highlights different era's of South African history with specific reference to the people of the country and the continent that birthed modern humans. And as with all countries that history is at times bloody and at times beautiful. More importantly, it is illuminating for those who wander those halls open to learning about how we are all connected and why this continent is pivotal to understanding ourselves and how to celebrate and adopt the fundamental concept of "ubuntu."
This museum has been described as world class and we would not quibble with that.
It certainly is.
Our only caveat was the woefully equipped toilets. They are superb but don't expect loo paper or soap.
And the drive through the local township to access the museum is a little sordid. Unkempt and dirty and litter strewn.
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