Aquadome at Emerald Resort

Aquadome at Emerald Resort(范德毕玖帕克)

Aquadome at Emerald Resort


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南非Lichtenburg2 条分享
2022年3月 • 家庭
Beautiful, fun and lekke experience for the whole family! Favourite was the “lazy river”- enjoyed floating in heated stream. Kids enjoyed the slide and hidden pools and pathways the most. Life- guards were friendly and plenty, lockers available, clean changing rooms, safe and clean facility. Food and drinks available inside the dome.
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南非约翰内斯堡26 条分享
2020年10月 • 家庭
The pools are nice. Big. Heated pool. However, during the day, 9am~3pm it is packed. After 3 pm they kick out the non-resistance and you can enjoy the pools more. Great for the kids.
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Julyan (Jules)
南非Akasia37 条分享
Take a dip in the warm waters of the indoor, climate-controlled Aqua dome. There are pools to suit everyone, whether you just want to relax or have a splashing good time. Kids love the water slide and shipwreck, and everyone enjoys drifting along in the lazy river. Climate controlled Aqua dome is an indoor water wonderland. Non-stop fun, whatever the weather! Muster the courage for a slip down the water slides, or explore the shipwreck with friends. The less adventurous can relax while taking a dip in the warm waters of the 6 heated pools. The Aqua dome also features an outdoor deck area for those who prefer to laze in the warmth of the sun. They have fully trained lifeguards on who are permanently on duty - so it’s not just fun, - it’s perfectly safe too! And the best place to relax while the children enjoy them selves is the Casino. The vibe is awesome and out of this world. I will recommend them if you are bored at home and have nothing to do, because there is a lot to do and it goes along with a lot of fun and laughter. The best place to spend some good family time.

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7 条分享
I love the ambiance of the Aqua dome including the warm water tunnel. Great birthday parties location f0r kids who love swimming
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南非Walkerville10 条分享
Great venue, good staff and very pleasant experience, highly recommended. really a great indoor venue for swimming all day long and keeping the kids busy for hours!
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英国普兹茅斯1,257 条分享
We visited the Aquadome and there are excellent facilities for families with children. Lots of eating facilities for hungry kids as well as adults
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Josephine M
南非比勒陀利亚3 条分享
Took the kids for a night out. Asked around for a kid/family friendly place. Was referred to Emarald. Unfortunately the weather wasnt as good. We almost cancelled but didnt. What an experience - the Aquadome was amazing. Kids swam for hours even though it was raining. Best invention thus far. Absolutely loved it
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Razia Patel
1 条分享
My family and I, including my elderly mum, visited Aquadome on the 5th January 2020.
Since we are Muslim and know that Aquadome does not cater for Halaal requirements, we prepared some snacks which we left in our cars. When the kids and my mum became hungry, we went to the parking area to have something to eat but was advised by the security personnel that we could not eat in the parking area. Naturally, we were very annoyed and irritated and the security personnel suggested we speak to the Head of Security because he could see that my mum was struggling to get in and out of the car with her walking stick.

The Head of Security, Charles Mashai was very abrupt; he did not even make eye contact. When my sister tried to speak to him and explained that we are Muslim so we cannot eat the food inside the Aquadome as it was not Halaal, he very rudely told her that he wanted to speak. He then went on to say that there was a halaal place previously which was no profitable so they closed down. She then asked what we should do and he responded by saying "next time sit at home!"

I cannot even begin to express how insulted and infuriated my family and I are by the ignorance and atrocious treatment we were given. I called on the 9th to report the incident but was not contacted and when I tried calling today, the phone just rings.

This is unacceptable. If the policy of Aquadome dictates that no food can be consumed in the parking area and they do not cater for Muslim people, I suggest they inform customers before accepting their entrance fee. Better yet, place a sign that says "NO MUSLIMS ALLOWED"!!!!
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Melanie B
南非约翰内斯堡14 条分享
2020年1月 • 家庭
Nice family friendly outing, spacious.. Nice outdoor space if the dome gets to clausophobic. We left our goods covered with a towel while we went to swim. Really really clean cannot emphasize this enough. I expected it to be abit more gritty as it being an indoor place but was really well kept. Prices are reasonable and place is well maintained.
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Chantelle Naude
南非Virginia2 条分享
2019年12月 • 家庭
It is great for families with small children. The water temperature is a bit low for the majority of the pools. There is only two pools and the lazy river that is suitable for smaller kids to enjoy. Initially it is very exciting and the lifeguards are on point but after a while it becomes repetative and the children start to loose interest.
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