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Königswinter2 条分享
Mpume showed us a traditonal Zulu home, the Rondavel, and the other homes in Zululand. She gave us so much information about the culture, the weddings, the traditions in the family and economical problems. It was so interesting. She is a very well informed person and very kind. Afterwards we had the chance to meet a Zulu healer, Mpume explained again and answered every question. We had a nice end of the afternoon when a group of young Zulu girls had their dancing performance. To sum up: it was great, extra-ordinary and we recommend to everyone to do this tour - especially for adults
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Andreas S
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2023年1月 • 家庭
Wir haben mit Mpune eine wunderbare und starke Frau als Guide gehabt, die uns in die Zulu Kultur eingeführt hat und eine besondere Brücke aus Tradition und der alles begleitenden Rolle der Ahnen in die heutigen Herausforderungen junger Frauen beim Aufbau Ihres Landes geschlagen hat.
Wir durften Einblicke in privates haben, waren bei einem Sagoma/Heiler und die jungen Frauen haben für und mit uns getanzt.
Unvergessliche Stunden und sehr nachhaltige Eindrücke, die uns Südafrika aus einer anderen Perspektive näher gebracht haben. Eine starke Frau die zudem eine Verantwortung für die jungen Frauen und Mädchen des Dorfes übernommen hat.
Wer also eine Reise oder einen Besuch plant, bitte unbedingt Mädchenwäsche und Unterwäsche, Kleidung und Hygieneartikel als Geschenke mitbringen. Das hilft sehr!
Viel Freude bei einer Tour mit Mpune!
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Ariel B
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This tour by Mpume and Theo is just great!
An authentic view of the traditional aspects of the Zulu as well as the day-to-day life of the community.
It's a must activity for every traveler!
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Michelle S
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2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
My husband and I did the Zulu cultural tour with Theo and Mpume and absolutely fell in love with SA, the culture and people. We visited the house Mpume grew up in, a healer and also their new home. They explained so much about their culture, upbringing and their wedding traditions. Whilst at their house some of the local girls did a dance show for us and got us involved, this was an absolute highlight for us, it was so much fun and we loved seeing them enjoy themselves as well.

We had such an amazing time, we think they are a wonderful couple doing such great things within their community.

We also did a couple of other trips with Theo, to the elephant sanctuary and cheetah experience. He spent a lot of time chatting to us and explaining a lot about the culture and politics etc. We enjoyed these trips as well.

I would recommend this to everyone and wish Theo, Mpume and the dancing queen's all the best.
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德国多特蒙德1,812 条分享
We had booked the Zulu village tour and in the morning Theo brought his wife Mpume to our hotel and they both greeted us super-friendly. Then we drove with Mpume and our rental car to the village where she grew up, then she showed us her parents' house and introduced us to her mother. In between we visited the house of a traditional healer and ended the tour with lunch together with Theo in their new house. During the tour, we spoke to Mpume about just about every topic - from politics and religion to family celebrations and child planning. We learned so much about South Africa and the Zulu culture, about everyday life. An incredibly exciting tour and Mpume is delightfully friendly. In addition, the food at home was super delicious. So if you are in St Lucia or the surrounding area, you should definitely book a tour with Theo-Tours.
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Desiree H
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Theo hosted a group of 100 students & teachers over 2 days as part of their school tour, where one of the primary goals was to celebrate South Africa's diversity of cultures. Theo & his team put together an incredible program that proved to be the highlight of their entire tour. The Gr. 10 learners were completely engaged & participated enthusiastically - learning so much more about Zulu culture & tradition than they'd ever learn in a book. The Sangoma was quite an eye-opener for many (maybe not suitable for small children, but appropriate for these teens). Thank you Theo for the amazing experience & making such an impact on our students. You are a gem! We will be back!!
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7 条分享
2022年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We can only recommend this tour to every traveler in South Africa, because it is absolutely authentic and gives real impressions of the life of the Zulus.
Mpumbe took us into the world of the Zulus and explained everything about what life is like. She showed us her parents' house, where she grew up, and the house where she now lives with her husband. There is then also a dance performed by Zulus.
During the tour we always felt safe at her side and she took a lot of time for us. We also visited the kindergarten of the village, which was our absolute highlight. The shining eyes of the children made our hearts beat faster and we enjoyed the day very much. We would have loved to take them all with us, because they welcomed us so warmly and showed us real impressions. After this day, we had the feeling of belonging. We can only say that we have never had such an authentic experience. It is unforgettable, worth every penny and was the highlight of our whole trip!
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Basia D
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Mpume is a dynamic and exceptional guide. Raised with a traditional Zulu upbringing, she openly shared with us many rich anecdotes about her personal experience growing up in the village. During the tour we visited a children's nursery, Mpume's childhood homestead and the home of the local sangoma, though he was not present at the time.

While visiting Mpume's childhood home we had the pleasure of meeting her father and young nephew, as well touring the inside the traditional hut, where she explained the inner-workings of Zulu spiritualism and practice, in addition to candidly discussing some of the issues present in the village, along with her visions and hopes for the future of the community.

We completed the tour with a vibrant traditional Zulu dance show performed by a group of young Zulu men at Mpume's house. It was thrilling to watch and even more fun to join in and learn some of the moves! Mpume exudes passion in her work, and the tour of the Khula village was very much one of the highlights of our short trip through KwaZulu Natal. We will gladly recommend Theo’s tours to future travellers passing through St. Lucia!

Basia & Lowan
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西班牙Miami Platja6 条分享
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Fue una experiencia fantástica, Mpume nos vino a buscar al lodge en st. Lucia y vino en nuestro coche, nos dio mucha confianza desde el primer momento. Nos fue guiando por todas las calles de las aldeas Zulu cerca de st Lucia y nos sentimos siempre muy seguros y acogidos por Mpume y su familia.
Nos enseñaron sus tradiciones y su forma de vivir actualmente, también visitamos una boda (casualidad, había una justo ese día) y Mpume y Theo siempre estuvieron muy atentos con nosotros.
También nos enseñaron sus bailes típicos.
En resumen puedo decir que ha sido una experiencia increíble y muy segura.

Lo recomiendo al 100%
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Forbes Tendekai
南非布莱恩斯顿37 条分享
2020年9月 • 好友
I used Theo Tours and l was amazed by his vast knowledge of the whole St Lucia area and also very friendly and he was punctual and organised all our activities!
I would highly recommend and definitely use the service again
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Dear Forbes it was my pleasure to introduce this new unique and fast growing tourism product and thanks for supporting Theo tours and hope to see you again.
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