Cathedral Wash Trail

Cathedral Wash Trail(大理石峡谷)

Cathedral Wash Trail
1-2 小时

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墨西哥墨西哥城3,586 条分享
Un recorrido imperdible al menos una vez en la vida.
Caminamos unas tres horas en el "Trial" y no hubo ningún momento que nos hayamos aburrido o no sorprendido. Hay que ir preparados con buenos zapatos y agua.
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加利福尼亚Apple Valley415 条分享
Did not make it to the River but it’s a must
Ok made it to the big drop off people talk about and decided to turn back. We are 70+ so most of you can make it to. But try it most anyone can make it this far about 1/2 way and it’s worth it. Pictures don’t do it justice. You won’t be dissapointed and most will make it all the way.
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德克萨斯州Coppell35 条分享
Awesome Challenging Hike
2021年3月 • 夫妻情侣
This lesser known hike is a must do. Starts from near Navajo Bridge and follows Cathedral wash to the Colorado River. Took us about 1 hr 45 min to get dowm to river and 1 hour to get back up. There is quite a bit of scrambling but the views are astounding.
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亚利桑那钱德勒75 条分享
If you are in the area - do this hike!
Easy in/out hike to the colorado river. Some climbing/shuffling through the Canyon, but the scenery is amazing.
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阿拉巴马多森685 条分享
Very Technical
2019年11月 • 好友
The first third of the hike is simple with only minor technical challenges. However, at about thirty minutes into the hike you arrive at a 25 ft dry waterfall. After looking at several routes, one to the left and one to the right, we decided to turn around. The route to the right seemed the safest, but one slip could break a leg or cause a concussion. Pretty sure I could have gotten down, not so sure I could have made it out.
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宾夕法尼亚Delaware Water Gap14 条分享
A hot death trap for novices without water
This dope hike is a unique challenge, that forces you to navigate your way down the various rock cliff drop offs, and takes longer than you’d expect. It gets hot in the rock half pipe, but your reward is the freezing cold Colorado river. It was one of the most memorable hikes we took on our trip.
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1 条分享
Taste of Grand canyon
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Epic, challenging like a puzzle in some places, and takes 5x as long getting in,down up and through then back, amazing all the way through and the view at the end inspires.
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Robert D
7 条分享
WoW. Awsome hike
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Definitely for hikers. This would be considered a typical day hike. It's only a few miles each way, but it's super fun and you get a visual overload of incredible sites. Other sites state this trail has a lot of other hikers. We didn't see not one person. Maybe because it was the morning or just the time of year. At the end of this great trail is the Colorado river. Bring plenty of water and be prepared to do some easy climbing. Follow and look out for the little rock pile markers. They help you figure out up/down/left/right.
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亚利桑那佩吉19 条分享
Ends at the first rapids of the of the Grand Canyon
2018年10月 • 家庭
A beautiful hike that's not to strenuous. Some places you need to shuffle along narrow ledge moving sideways while facing the cliff. There is another area where a rope would make it easier to ascend and descend but you can get by without one. This is not rated as an easy hike and it isn't. Besides what I have mentioned already, the most difficult part is mapping out in you mind the path to take. Overall, it's a hike that doesn't take a tremendous amount of physical fitness or hiking experience but it still has it's challenges.
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宾夕法尼亚Wayne40 条分享
Challenging, but rewarding
2019年4月 • 好友
If you're adventurous, this hike is great! Most of the trail is pretty easy; there's one section a little more than a half of a mile into the hike that is about a 30-ft drop, which is scary...just stay to the right and go down slowly one level at a time (if you have a partner to give you a hand, it's helpful) then you should be fine. Besides that, there are a few points that require some mild climbing, and the rest is quite moderate. If you're not up for some , but the spots down by the Colorado River at the end are worth it!
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