Cholla Trail

Cholla Trail(凤凰城)


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Cholla Trail Closed
2020年9月 • 好友
Please Note - Cholla Trail is currently closed for trail restorations (closed since spring 2020). Try Echo Canyon or Bobby’s Rock Loop at the Echo Canyon Trailhead instead. Check the Phoenix Parks & Rec site for updates. No current ETA on reopening.
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Kerry A
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Hike Camelback Mt from the east side
Be careful where you park - many of the streets are residential & you WILL be towed! Try for a space on Invergorden to be safe. Hike only in the early morning; this place gets HOT!
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加利福尼亚长滩17 条分享
Strenuous and dangerous
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Very difficult hike, my short legs couldn’t get over many of the rocks/boulders. Dangerous at times. Didn’t make it to the top, but got a great workout in. Don’t go when it’s warm. Take water and snacks and good grip shoes.
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Steven K
俄亥俄辛辛那提10 条分享
Excellent hike
2020年2月 • 独自旅游
Fun and challenging trail due to its steep incline while negotiating rocks and boulders the entire route. The quick rise allows great views of the region. Must be able to climb and occasionally pull yourself over large boulders. Great city and mountain views at peak. The boulders make initial descent difficult. Surprised at how many older ( ages in 60’s maybe early 70’s) managed the trail. Many stopped short of the summit but a few went all the way. Crowds at top may diminish the desired tranquility many are seeking but most people were respectful. Brought a liter and a half to drink on a day with temps in low 70’s and finished it all. 2 liters a very good idea. Took me 3 hours round trip with 20-30 min rest at top. Not used to such hikes then allow 4 hours and rest often. Top shape people run it and make it round trip in a little over an hour.
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亚利桑那塞多纳1,064 条分享
Very pretty
And very easy. Very desert. Cholla Mountain is pretty. Do on a nice sunny day. Easy walk. Can do 5-7 miles all easy walking. Bring water and snack.
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马里兰银泉34 条分享
Beware Second Half of Trail Treacherous for Casual Hikers
I’ve now hiked to summit of Camelback mountain from both trails. The Cholla trail is a nice gradual hike for first 30/45 minutes but second half of trail is downright dangerous for novice hikers. That is where it gets its reputation as the easy hike to Camelback peak. After that midpoint, it requires significant climbing and purposeful hand and foot holds to navigate. It was not always enjoyable. I strongly encourage novice/casual hikers to consider the Echo Canyon trail as your first option for reaching the summit. Yes it has a single demanding leg where the assistance of a handrail is required but it does not have any of the steep cliff edges the second half of the Cholla trail has. Yes it has demanding rock climbing but at no point do you confront the same level of dangerous cliff edges as the Cholla trail. I would like to see the safety/rescue statistics for each trail to make a complete judgement; but, imho as a regular hiker not advanced or expert by any means, you have a much better chance of reaching the peak and not turning around/abandoning your hike on the Echo Canyon side. I’m just saying.
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宾夕法尼亚匹兹堡12 条分享
It is not easy
2019年12月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a double black diamond climb. This 1/2 is more of a hike but then it gets hard very quickly. Take plenty of water and if you are a male over 225lbs, you better be in good shape as this is a very hard climb.
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Samra S
Wexford, United States24 条分享
A must do!
Make sure to hit both sides of Camelback Mountain. The trails never get boring. Go early and you will beat the crowd.
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Kathie B
威斯康星Oconomowoc48 条分享
Surprised and Satisfied
The parking to get to the trail head was terrible but the hike and reward of the view is well worth it. Very doable for those who are generally fit!
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Self Confidence Booster
I swear, I didn't know how to prepare for this hike as I was so concerned about my safety. I read all the reviews and my head was exploding. The best takeaway was, plenty of water, hat and sunscreen.
Here's the rest of my story…
I was a solo hiker and was concerned at first as I didn't want to be out there alone but there are so many people on the trail it's fine. I enjoyed every last bit of the hike. This hike was difficult but doable! I work out a minimum of 4xs a week and consider myself fit. I took rest as I needed to. No shame in stopping and gathering yourself. My rest included recovery with water breaks and picture taking. So much to take in. There was age ranges from 3-4 year olds up to what may have been people in their 60s or perhaps older. Personally, I wouldn't bring my young child on the trail during the hot season. Honestly I don't think I would bring them due to risk but to each their own. I started at 7am. The temps were in the 70s. It was perfect. As I was on my downhill descent (it ascends the WHOLE time) the temp definitely was in the 90 and this was around 8:30am. Start early while it's cool and able to find plenty of parking (it gets busy). Bring at least a liter of water (I drank 2 (1) liter bottles ), where a hat with sunscreen, and a light back pack to store your water (you will need to use your hands, no sense with carrying a water bottle in your hand the whole time). Trail sneakers or hiking shoes is a must. I can't tell you how many people I saw sliding down the borders because they had on running sneakers. You need treks at the bottom of your footwear. Comfortable boots work well too. There were some badass bare footers out there. Take your time on the way down. It can be tough on the knees. Again, start early. It is a beautiful view at the top. Take lots of pictures up there and pack a light snack to eat while recovering at the top. The hike is so worth the challenge! You will be so proud of yourself. I can't wait to go back. Happy hiking!!!
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