Vom Fass

Vom Fass(塞多纳)

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明尼苏达Metro Minneapolis-Saint Paul35 条分享
Changed my eating
The classes are informative. Food is a good dinner. Price is worth the education. I bought over 20 bottles of oils and vinegars and also seasonings! Paying for the small glass bottles seemed expensive to me, but the staff traded up to the larger bottles as Indiscovered my favorite vinegars,
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Mike O
内华达拉斯维加斯4,110 条分享
Didn't Expect That!
2018年3月 • 夫妻情侣
I had no clue what was in this shop, but was hoping something since there was a whiskey sign out front. When we went in we saw the oils and the vinegars, but then what's that out of the corner of my eye, whiskey casks? Why yes, there are whiskey casks. This was quite a little educational experience given by one of the staff, Debbie. She was awesome. Letting us try anything we asked about, and even offering suggestions by what we liked in our flavor profile. We didn't purchase anything, but it was a very enjoyable experience.
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Benjamin N
3 条分享
If you have David helping you, you're in for an experience
I walked into VomFass with absolutely no idea what it was. I walked out way more educated on oils, vinegars, and spirits.

Davids friendliness and unbelievable knowledge bank was half the experience in itself!

His ability to cater to my particular tastes and make recommendations was a huge help and encouraged me to purchase more. He then spent a very diligent amount of time checking my receipt to ensure my military discount was applied was really nice to see, and it's enjoyable to see someone with a passion for their job.

10/10 would go back in a heartbeat
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Jeremy M
宾夕法尼亚费城151 条分享
Love the store (brand) at any location but this one-unfriendly staff
2017年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We love this store as we've visited it in other locations previously. It's a great way to sample a few things that sound interesting before purchasing. Being from PA, this is a treat given that the only way to visit a store is during vacation; to that end, we sought this store out during our recent visit to Sedona. Every other location we've ever been to has been a fantastic experience, learning about the different products, and being encouraged to try things we otherwise wouldn't have. The woman who "helped" us at this store however was unfriendly to the point of combative. After telling her how much we love the store and how many purchases we've made at other locations in the past, she decided to first challenging our request for a sample by replying that she'd only help if we we intended to make some purchases. My husband and I looked at each other as it was delivered in a very serious, combative tone, to which I was immediately ready to bag the experience. He however confirmed that we weren't in there just for freebies and we did end up spending over $100 (which is low compared to what we've spent during every other visit we've made to these stores). Another request to sample a ginger product was met with a "but do you even like ginger?" response from our host...and another eye roll from me. Again, LOVE this store and what it's about, but that one staffer just ruined this particular experience.
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亚利桑那凤凰城24 条分享
Total rip off
2017年3月 • 夫妻情侣
We were just here yesterday and bought a few bottles. Today we were in Scottsdale and found a vom fass by chance. The prices were almost 50% cheaper in Scottsdale. This Sedona location is a total rip off.
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路易斯安那州巴吞鲁日17 条分享
Fun Rainy Day
It was fun visiting this shop on a cold, rainy day. We all enjoyed the samples and left with several bottles of scotch and liqueur. Our only negative is the prices are very high and there should over $100.
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Sarah G
452 条分享
Great Place To Spend A Lot of Time
2017年2月 • 好友
Such unique products that I've never seen before. Whiskey, scotch, liquors, olive oils, vinegars. We tried the basil oil, chili oils and purchased two incredible whiskies.
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田纳西Kingston4,146 条分享
Fun Experience
2017年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Just stopped in looking around, but were offered tasting of Scotch Whiskey wher we inquired about the barrels. The staff were very informative about the differences. The products are however very expensive, so we only left with a small bottle.
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Leah K
弗吉尼亚阿灵顿157 条分享
2016年8月 • 夫妻情侣
When I was heading to the mall of america, I looked up several lists of where I needed to eat, since food is always a priority for me and came across this place in the lists.

Naturally house made infused liquors sounded great to me and my boyfriend - a tasting and sips while we shopped? Perfect.

We arrived and were a bit disappointed there wasn't a more formal tasting we could partake in or pay for, but we were still down to taste some of the unique liquors they serve. The service was great - even though we felt bad making the shop assistant follow us around and serve us tastes - the quality and flavor was unique and awesome - we had to restrain ourselves from buying more than one bottle.

We then popped next door and tried some amazing infused vinegar and oils - that were somehow equally delicious.

The prices were a little high and there wasn't a formal tasting on either side, which would have taken this to the five star range.
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内华达拉斯维加斯177 条分享
Fun, Ridiculously Expensive
We stopped by this place for the vinegar selection, but were compelled to do the free 5:00 whiskey tasting. Great fun, and very informative. The price tag on the booze was a bit less fun. It's touristy and all, but $250 a bottle is a bit steep. I found one a bit cheaper but it was still way more than I should have spent. But I did anyway, because it was fun and dumb and I was on vacation. So there. They have an amazing vinegar selection, too. Fig vinegar is great, they also have a sweet dessert vinegar that is amazing.
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