Hill of Slane
Hill of Slane

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Andrew M
日本宇流麻市60 条分享
2023年4月 • 家庭
Good for kids and a historic and religious site for Irish Catholics. The Hill of Slane is the alleged site that St Patrick began evangelizing in Ireland. There remains the ruins of a church and home for the monks that once ran a monastery there. You can climb all over the college (monk castle) up to the top. There are signs warning that thieves are active in the area but we didn’t see any robbers on our visit. Parking lot and gates. Dog friendly.
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Shaun M
俄勒冈尤金213 条分享
2023年1月 • 夫妻情侣
We’re lucky we have a car and we are doing well muddling along (between the opposite side of the road to usual and the quirky signs). Many things are closed in January but the tourist office in Slane was open. The delightful woman there gave us detailed information about the area (and warned us most things like Slane Castle and the local coffee place were closed) and directions to get up the hill to the Hill of Slane. The view from there is breathtaking. The light when we were there today was inspiring; I could imagine St. Patrick lighting the pascal fire a top the hill. The remaining rocks and headstones don’t seem to mind the intrusion and some locals throwing balls for their enthusiastic dogs was a fun addition. I could have stayed there all morning. Well worth the visit.
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宾夕法尼亚Sinking Spring1,789 条分享
We easily walked to the top from the village center. We were told that the road was very steep, but we had no difficulty, even in the hot weather.

One reaches a parking lot with a turn gate where you enter the field that leads up to the cemetery. The cemetery also had a turnstile gate for entry. It is still an active cemetery, so please respect any visitors who are there to tend the graves of loved ones.

The views on the day we were there were outstanding, as the skies were exceptionally clear. We were alone to enjoy the vistas until someone came to tend a grave. Then, a tour bus showed up with a large group, but we had spent enough time enjoying the views.

There is no charge to enjoy these phenomenal views.
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Dublin, Ireland93 条分享
A very short drive from Slane, and conveniently for those with less mobility, there’s a car park very close by. You still have to walk across grass to the top, but it’s a relatively easy walk. Really lovely views for miles and miles - right down to Wicklow and up towards Down. (I think!)
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Kris M
内布拉斯加州奥马哈132 条分享
2022年2月 • 好友
This place is another wonderful place to wander and absorb history. Abbey and church ruins, with accompanying cemetery, on a picturesque hill with a great view of the surrounding countryside. We were there by ourselves so it was even better to wander alone and not have to deal with others. It’s definitely worth the short drive!
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Niamh H
8 条分享
Walk across a field to the ruins on the top of the hill. There is an incline but not too steep. Visit at dusk to see the ruins lit up with blue spot light. The view is amazing from the top. We think that we could see Newgrange in the distance.
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Alessandro B
爱尔兰都柏林4,699 条分享
Non si può pensare di visitare la cittadina di Slane senza visitare la Hill of Slane e l'abbazia che ospita. Noi abbiamo avuto la fortuna di farlo con un amico Irlandese che vive in zona e ci ha raccontato un po' anche della storia del posto, decisamente interessante. E' un'attività che non richiede molto tempo, ma all'interno di una visita all'area o all'interno di road trip, vale certamente una tappa.
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爱尔兰Trim8,837 条分享
2021年4月 • 独自旅游
Enjoyed a first visit to the Hill of Slane in a long, long time today. It's as beautiful and peaceful as I remember with mesmerising views of the surrounding hills and valleys.
It's an ancient religious site dating from the 5th century when St Patrick lit the fire here to rival that of King Laoighre who had his pagan fire on the Hill of Tara some 15km away.
5th century yes but the current church ruin dates from the 15th and there's an enchanting college beside it that was run by the fathers in ancient days.
Decent sized car park and a few display boards to aid your visit Free to enter. Beautiful, spiritual place. Well worth your time.
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爱尔兰Balbriggan1,686 条分享
2021年4月 • 家庭
Холм Слейн возвышается на 158 метров над окружающей сельской местностью, и его можно увидеть с холма Тара, расположенного в 16 км. Хорошо сохранившаяся башня находится среди руин францисканского монастыря 1512 года, построенного на месте монастыря, основанного святым Эрком, последователем святого Патрика. Сохранились также руины колледжа, построенного для размещения четырех священников, четырех братьев-мирян и четырех певчих. Они были построены фламандцами (баронами Слейна 11-17 веков) для францисканцев; фамильный герб можно увидеть на западной стене четырехугольника колледжа. Через тридцать лет после основания монастырь был распущен королем Генрихом VIII, а его земля и богатство были присвоены. В 1631 году фламандцы восстановили монастырь. Он стал домом для монахов-капуцинов, которые, в свою очередь, были изгнаны в 1651 году Оливером Кромвелем. Факт
Торжественное зажжение большого костра на холме Тара (тогда резиденция Верховного короля) происходило каждое весеннее равноденствие: запрещалось зажигать любой другой огонь, пока он не загорелся. Легенда гласит, что в 433 году, вопреки языческому верховному королю Лаору, Патрик зажег пасхальный огонь на холме Слейн. Несмотря на гнев, Лаур был настолько впечатлен преданностью Патрика, что позволил ему продолжить свою миссионерскую работу.
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Harris’s trips
爱尔兰都柏林87 条分享
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Beautiful place with stunning views. Very peaceful and relaxing. A very romantic walk and with great areas for walking the dogs.
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