Modern Mission

Modern Mission(费耶特维尔)

下午4:30 - 下午8:30
下午3:30 - 下午9:30
下午3:30 - 下午9:30
下午12:30 - 下午7:30
1-2 小时

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Meh. Advertised as "not your father's laser tag," but it is totally your fathers laser tag. The sensors and guns work marginally better than the laser tag set I got in 1985. They use head sensors only and there is a lot of standing 3 feet from someone pulling the trigger over and over until the sensor finally registers. On top of that , the staff don't really explain where you need to aim.
The only draw I see is that they have realistic style guns, however they don't have enough "cool guy " guns to go around so you could get stuck with a lame gun which will make your experience no different than any other laser tag you have ever played.
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阿肯色州费耶特维尔175 条分享
Grands playing laser tag
2016年12月 • 家庭
Took grands to play laser tag. Just the two of them but a couple of other kids joined their group.

The guys running it also played and made it great fun for a small group. Grands had a blast. It's well run and a great facility amd location.
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阿肯色州费耶特维尔1 条分享
2017年2月 • 好友
The game was intense and awesome! We won because the other team cheated. The event better thing was the rds scopes worked.
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俄克拉何马州Comanche69 条分享
Family Christmas present
2016年12月 • 家庭
My brother and his wife gifted us, my family of five and all boys, to laser tag here at this place. I was nervous as all get out worried that it would be Mom vs. Boys. Upon arrival we signed in and realized there was our family of nine total and 12 others that would be in the same hour of play with us. MM put our family against the other two families and the war was on. Our group consisted of 9yrs-60+ and their family matched us pretty well but they did have more 16 and under than we..BUT they had just the same number in adults so it worked out great. The gear is light weight and the indoor facility is the best we have ever participated in. There were four different types of games/competitions total and we won 3-4 so of course WE had a blast. When we go back to visit by brother and his family in Springdale we will diffently go back for more.
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bryan t
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Awesome Time!
2016年12月 • 家庭
We had an amazing time. Would highly recommend it. 😀👍🏻 They have a great set up, nice staff and want to help you have a great time with your group.
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德克萨斯州普莱诺40 条分享
Terrible experience todaty
2016年11月 • 家庭
Our group was supposed to start at. 1 and didn't due multiple equipment issues. Once we started issues continued throughout our game time and we were done by 245. Should have gotten a discount on next visit in my opinion .. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!
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I am terribly sorry about the equipment issue. I agree, a BIG discount should have been offered. We occasionally have equipment issues, but we're normally able to resolve them very quickly with little disruption. The good news is we are replacing that equipment VERY soon and I think you'll be blown away with the new system. Please let me make this up to you. Call me directly at 479-595-0055 Monday - Friday this week. My name is Travis. If I'm not in the office, please leave me a message and I'll return your call ASAP.
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阿肯色州费耶特维尔53 条分享
My kids love this! My niece also really enjoyed it, as well as my brother-in-law.
I didn't actually play the laser-tag but my kids loved it and informed me they want to play here again. My nephew's birthday party was here and a good time was had by all, including adults. There was not public wi-fi available, which would have been nice, since I was working on my laptop while they were playing laser-tag. They played the indoor game.
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阿肯色州Lowell22 条分享
Excellent Indoor and Outdoor Laser Tag experience!
2015年5月 • 家庭
I first heard of this place when they hosted a Zombie Laser Tag experience in cahoots with the local Police Department. They had rented out a building, hired actors to play as zombies, and actual policemen would escort you through the building to fight off zombies with your very real-looking laser rifles. After that, I visited their actual location where they were hosting Outdoor Laser Tag. They have three fields-worth of missions you can take part in, getting larger and larger as you progress. You can play games like Capture the Flag on the smaller field while large Conquest-type matches on the larger field (they even have a .50 Caliber Machine Gun set up as a laser tag gun). It's an amazing experience for an hour of fun. THEN, they didn't stop there.. they built an Indoor facility as well. The Indoor facility is almost more fun than the Outside field of play, as the inside is set up to look like an Embassy with lots of features in every room. Again, you're able to do multiple missions (the embassy is THREE stories) all within an hour's worth of time. The staff are extremely personable, and I can say that Parker (one of the main managers there) is someone who can provide you with everything you need to know about the place as well as set you up with an amazing time. All of the staff are huge on making sure you have the best possible time. My wife and I have been here several times, and we've brought our kids once as well. It's a great place for both kids and adults. It's definitely a work-out, too.
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