Audley End House and Gardens
Audley End House and Gardens
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Mike S
英国Witham1,774 条分享
Well up to the standard I've come to expect when I visit here. The flower beds had been tended well, all of the house was open, and they now had a new car park presumably so they can more easily cater fot many cars. The food in the restaurant is excellent - even if a tad expensive.
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4 条分享
Worth a visit and easy to walk around house and garden. Book on line beforehand, parking onsite, although a walk to actually get to the house itself. Cafes, shade, picnic areas and well directed rooms etc. Gardens suffering from heat, but kept as well as possible and cared for by substantial staff.
On a hot day, rooms need more cooling (Fans). Many tapestries, old paintings, furnishings for the history buff.
On the whole worth the visit.
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Andrew H
英国皇家利明顿温泉1,216 条分享
One of those places where grounds & house are both well worthy of your time: beautiful gardens to stroll peacefully through with many interesting & delightful areas. The stables are worth a visit as well as the house. One of the best places for friendly get non-intrusive staff: certainly better than most National Trust sites where you struggle to escape unwanted boring lectures. I felt welcome here & informed by staff rather than lectured at.
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anne h
8 条分享
Came here for 80s gig, booked VIP ticket as on my own. Parked early but there was confusion where to park for VIP as had mixed message's from the organisers. Good size venue. ViP area had no food stalls just 1 bar and toilets.. wasnt mega busy which was good. Had to go out of area for all food choices plus water points which was a bit of a pain.
Seats in VIP were OK, quite tight packed together tho. I moved from my seat to side of seating and didnt go back to seat. Much more room and nearer to stage and could see (im only 5ft4) people in seats were standing and dancing for support act BUT when the main act came on FRONT ROW WERE TOLD TO SIT DOWN!!
UNBELIEVABLE!!! These people paid alot of money to not only be VIP but also front row. That was terrible. The poor security who had to tell them were getting a right earful.. wasnt their fault they just doing a job. Whoever decided that should have been down there getting the abuse from angry customers. I'd have been fuming to have to sit down ... awful decision by the organisers.
Will I attend there again.. maybe? But its 2 hrs from me so think I'd sooner go to venue closer to home.
Please pass these comments on to the crowd / VIP organisers as I think they were in the wrong with the way they treated these visitors.
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essex421 条分享
Seeing as we are English Heritage members myself and mu husband decided to visit Audley End House and gardens. When we arrived at the entrance booth as you drive into the grounds we gave our details to an unsmiling young lady who passed us a small leaflet and said "theres a map here if u wanna follow it" hmm i thought wrong person to greet people with her bored as hell attitude. We parked our car and first thing we done was have a coffee and a slice of apple shortcake which was so delicious ! I need to find the recipe. There was a small selection of food on offer but we had taken a picnic. Nice friendly young man in the cafe.After our coffees which we drank in the lovely outside seating area we first visited the victorian Kitchen pantry and laundry and dairy rooms. I was blown away with the kitchen ! You could really think back and imagine how life was back then for servants that worked there. Then we got to the exciting part - the main house. We soon had the smile wiped off our faces when the staff member at the entrance said today was only guided tours and this would have to be booked in the gift shop, if any places for the tour remained), no freely walking around. We were so angry ! After an hours drive you dont want to hear that. My Husband said why wasnt this made obvious when we booked on line the day before. She said they were just shortstaffed that day. So we went to the gift shop to book the tour (really didnt want to be part of the tour) and luckily they had spaces but we had to wait 45 mins for the tour to commence. The tour was conducted by a pleaseant young lady but i coudnt hear much of what she said as she didnt have a microphone plus she spoke far too quickly ! it was as though she was trying to speak really fast in case she forgot anything. The house was breathtaking and beautiful and i loved that we was allowed to visit the old nursery and coal room on our own. The nursery contained the biggest dollshouse i have ever seen. You couldnt help but be transported back to when children used to play here.On our way out i saw a female member of staff (unsmiling and unwelcolming standing around picking her elbow. Not what you want to see. Would have been nice if she had thanked us for our visit. The staff here do let this amazing place down somewhat. We are going back for a second visit next week to see the gardens and stableyard as seeing as we are getting on our athritic knees were rather sore by the time we had walked around for hours. A truly beautiful House.
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food is my passion
英国Manningtree429 条分享
This is a review for the BBC Gardeners World event and not Audley End itself as the venue is a lovely place to visit normally. However I have never been to such a poorly run and disorganised event as this with a thoroughly disappointing amount of stalls etc at the event,
So the disaster started with a 90 minute queue of cars to get into the venue. They only had one gate open for all the cars and appeared to have vastly underestimated the amount of visitors (strange as they were all pre-booked). I do not understand why all 3 gates into the venue were not open and this led to absolute chaos on all the surrounding roads and very angry visitors by the time they arrived. We intended to be there at 10.20am and actually only for into the event at 12.15pm.
Then as it was lunchtime the first thing to do was to queue up to get some lunch rather than have a look around as with the journey from home and queuing it had taken nearly 3 hours to get into the event. So yet more queuing for food and then to be charged £5.50 for a portion of chips is an absolute disgrace. Do the BBC and Audley End think they can run an event that costs £25 to get in and then charge £15 for a small duck wrap and chips.
Then to top it all off as we then decided to walk around the fair we had come to visit there were literally a handful of stalls selling plants and everything else was just company sales (including cruises etc).
I am surprised that the BBC / English Heritage and Audley End were not embarrased to put their names to this as it took us 45 minutes to walk around before leaving. So a total travel time with queueing of nearly 5 hours for 45 minutes of looking round the minimal amount of stall and without buying anything other than food the total costs of the day including petrol probably surpassed £100.
I will never attend another event at Audley End as I heard people saying all their events are badly organised and I am warning anyone to think twice before attending a BBC Gardeners World Autumn Fair - especially if held here again
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Jeanne C
12 条分享
An expensive day out! Three of us went for what promised to be a wonderful event. Two of us are English Heritage members. Two discounted tickets, one full price ticket and a processing fee for online purchase was over £47. The event was smaller than we hoped; some plant prices weren't bad. Food and drink offerings were expensive. A wrap for £9, chips for £5, for example. No beer tent. Just not enough reasonably priced food. We walked all around the estate and the house, which we had visited a number of times and enjoyed that, but we left hungry, (though we did have a quick lunch there) and out of pocket! Paying nearly £50 to be admitted to buy plants and food was too much. At the last plant show we went to for the RHS, members were free with one free guest allowed.
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John W
1 条分享
Tom lived up to all the hype and made the waiting and queuing worthwhile. The stage was well done and impressive and plenty of people to provide assistant, Im looking forward to coming back soon, and getting to see more of the place when it is quieter sans concert..
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Clair Marc Darmudas
英国伦敦2 条分享
Seeing Tom was a momentous experience!! The concert was great and there were loads of us in there which made the atmosphere amazing!! Felt bad for those waiting but we planned ahead and were fine.
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Audley end is a lovely house and venue. But would never go again
Leaving the venue after Tom was a complete shambles , it took 2 hours to leave the car park Also very dark total disorganisation everyone just wanted to get home !!
The concert was ok Toms voice good but the visual display of him was terrible He’s voice was out of sync with the screen. The songs we knew were good. But lots of really disappointing songs we never knew and so dreary
Overall we didn’t enjoy it
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