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加拿大坎莫尔51 条分享
2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Booked a 2 night tour to the salt flats with chilean firm rutaverdebolivia. When complications arose it looked like they were out of business. Could not reach them by phone in Chile or uyuni, no response from their website. Fortunately another travel firm in uyuni came to our rescue and the tour proceeded with the local company rutaverdebolivia had subcontracted to. Very good tour of salt flats, borax flats, necropolis, lava figures and more. Main negative apart from routaverda is the long distancea between major sights.
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Alexander C
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2018年8月 • 家庭
Excelente empresa, nos recibieron temprano en la mañana apenas bajamos del bus nos llevaron al restaurante de la empresa donde tuvimos el desayuno incluido, el chófer y guía muy profesionales, hay que tomar en cuenta que hay dos clases de tour de 3 días, el mochilero y el ejecutivo, pregunten por ambas ya que el precio es diferente en cada uno, el señor Ricardo una excelente persona, muy educada y seria en su trabajo nos movió por toda la ciudad personalmente consiguiendo cajeros ya que solo hay 3 ATM en todo Uyuni, estaban esperando nuestra llegada en el bus desde las 4 de la mañana en plena nevada y eso no es más que puro profesionalismo, no pudimos llegar hasta la laguna verde por la nevada, pero obviamente es comprensible, mil felicidades a todo el personal de la empresa UYUNI TOURS y hasta el próximo año.
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Bram v
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2018年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Do not book here!!!

We had a really unpleasant experience with this tour group. (Jhonny and walter).

The tour starts at 1200, not 1000
If you speak english you overpay, more than double the price!
There are no english speaking guides with this company! (We spoke to another couple in another jeep with this company too)
The drives was more busy with his phone then driving. Or wearing a seatbelt. Or looking at speedlimits.
The guide is not a guide, he is a driver. So he will not/can not explain anything.
There are NO hot showers in the 'salt' hotel (which is a HOSTEL not a hotel and a dump)
The bread you'll get for the breakfast is so hard you'll think it's a brick.
Our return time was suppose to be 1900 bu we we're back in uyuni at 1600.
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波多黎各San Juan Metro Region427 条分享
2017年3月 • 独自旅游
I had a perfect tour with driver Diego. Very professional and knowledgeable person. I was with 6 Japanese tourist and they were wonderful. We waited for sun down and we were very satisfied. Diego knows Japanese, he can help many people from Japan. Ask for him as your driver. He knows many pictures techniques. But tip him, in my group were very satisfied with him. I was the only one that tip him. I strongly believe in tips. He is a father and a worker.

I plan to return next year, and ask for Diego to be my driver. The Tour Company was very professional and provided all what they promised. All on scheduled as promised. Good lunch, clean boots, clean vehicle and always on time. We arrived back to Uyuni al 8pm.

I recommend UYUNI TOURS GROUP as the best Salt Flat Tour Company in UYUNI.
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英国伦敦3 条分享
2017年3月 • 好友
Uyuni Tours Group - 3 days tour in Uyuni - Manager Ricardo

I booked this trip 2 months ago for March, and paid 50% in advance (170 dollars).

Arriving at the place it was already strange that the manager Ricardo was telling us they weren't at the other address because they had a problem with a woman and could not stay there. Then tried to convince us to not borrow boots from them for the desert because it is anti-hygienic... how we were supposed to walk on the salt desert if you can't walk with no shoes and it was all water (raining season). Ok, then we realised it was because he could not be bored to go in another place and take the boots.
Then he said that we would love the meals cause we would have wine in every meal etc - it happened once and only because we asked, because the driver try to save as much as he can. On the email they said it would be soft drinks free, they gave us a 1.5 litro of water for every meal - we were 6 people plus the drive dividing 3 litros of water per day. The driver was rushing to arrive at Uyuni on the last day which it is NOT 3 days tours because we finished at 1:30 on the last day - so if they wanna do it right they should've said 2 days and a half. The last day the lunch was ready and after 15 minutes the driver came and said we needed to go! I have one hour lunch at my work but when in holiday I need to have a 15 minutes lunch break??! This was a completely joke! After lunch we went to the rocks and after 10 minutes the driver was screaming we needed to go! Again, a joke! Then, the driver (to save some of course) didn't take a shower for the whole trip - I mean, I couldn't care less but the car was stinky AF and we could not open the window because of the dust, when we did he was angry. The manager didn't specify that if you want a driver that speaks english you need to pay $50 per day in addition. We just found out it the last day when I called the rudest manager ever.

To summarise = We booked a service and when we arrived at their office Ricardo was explaining us the route but did not explain about extra money for an english's speaker driver, how we could guess??! (he was also telling us jokes about a driver that could not speak english!), mislead us about the meals and drinks we would have had (you can't go to an ATM cause there is none so we end up without money cause we needed to buy water and booze - if he told us at the beginning we would have gone to an ATM at Uyuni!), needed to give us a change cause we paid more but never did, said that the car was from the company but it was a random car he booked with people from different companies. The drive said that it happens when we book this tour at the moment - we booked 2 months ago. Could not eat in peace because there was a South Korean in our car that could not speak Spanish and I needed to translate everything all the time. Neither the driver or the Korean said "thank you". ALSO, the driver drove us back to Uyuni and the Korean paid for them to leave him at Sao Pedro of Atacama. He had a flight there and end up going to Uyuni on our return cause the driver did not know! And poor Korean could not argue cause they could not understand each other - a mess!!

To finalise = When we arrived back after the 2 days and a half to Uyuni I called the manager Ricardo and told him we were not 100% happy with the tour because the reasons above - he shouted at me saying that he is not responsible for the driver! Who is? me? he said that if I wanted to I could call the owner of the company cause he had nothing to do with us and if I was keeping saying things about the driver he would call the police for us!!!! What? He received money from us, opened the office, told us he has been working at Uyuni Tours Group for 6 years, answered the website phone contact number but has nothing to do with us? Shouted at me and put the phone down. Rude, offensive, mislead people, lier....
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