Salibungot Beach
Salibungot Beach
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菲律宾马拉闵77 条分享
2019年5月 • 好友
One of the best beaches in Jomalig island.
We did enjoy the beach. Longest beach and best sunset view..
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菲律宾Cavite Province83 条分享
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Salibungot beach is one of Jomalig Island's hidden gem due to its rich golden color. Upon arriving at the island, you will see its intense golden color and no doubt, you will easily fall in love with the place. The beach is super clear and cold even on a scorching afternoon.
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MJ Bilugan
菲律宾拉古纳省123 条分享
2019年4月 • 好友
We visited during holy week. Tourism process in ports are chaotic and does not have any process. However, it was a nice way to relax and forget the busy life in Manila. It's too hot in Salibungot when we arrived during our Habal tour but here you can find the "We ❤️ Jomalig signage for your social media feeds
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菲律宾吕宋岛313 条分享
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Here is my travel report on Jomalig Island. We drive up to Real Quezon. Going to port at the end of the road. We were required to register at the port for 10p/person. Next pay the public ferry at 400₱ one way. Minus 20% for students. We drive our private car. Which had to be parked somewhere outside the port some 10 minutes by tric. Parking is secure and 200₱ a day. The schedule is flexible but ours was supposed to leave 7am. There was the inevitable wait before actual departure. Waiting for more passengers. Apparently there is a rule now that the wait is maximum 2 hours. So also in our case we waited for 2 hours and left at 9.15am. As a Westerner this is the part I don't particularly like but OK. It is the way here.
The ride was choppy, noisy and lasted 4 hours. The boat has a 80 person capacity if fully packed and an upper deck for the sleepers amongst us.
We arrived and we're greeted for registration. Then our resort (Porakay) was located some 10-15 minutes away by "habal habal". Thats the only public mode of transportation in Jomalig. Basically a motorbike and one has to sit as a back passenger. The road is partly concrete and partly curvy rough road. You need some nerves to endure this. Any ride costs 70p. So do you shopping still in town which prevents you to go back and forth again.
Arriving at the resort we were escorted to our kubo. In our case (my 3-person family and 5 more friends) a cute two bed room kubo. Fan for cooling. Each room sleeps 3 adults or more when kids. Little terrace in front as Dining and Sala. 500p for one night one room. The adjacent beach was awesome. Just 10-20 meters away from the kubo. Clean sandy. Water also super clean. Pleasant temperature and sandy bottom. No rocks. Wonderful. There is no restaurant but foods can be prepared. Breakfast like rice hotdogs eggs will be prepared also. But facility wise that's it. Clean simple CRs annex shower. Two man. Two women. It is a cute and quaint resort. When coming back it will be shortlisted again. The next day was outing day. Taking a habal habal all day to various locations on the island.
Forever Alone tree
Little Batanes
Panama White Beach/Mini Boracay
Turtle Rock
Golden Sand beach
600₱ per person a day. Ex tips and environment fees for the various locations. Typically 30-50p/person. Mostly visiting various kind of beaches. It is amazing the variety of beaches on such small island. A must do when here in Jomalig. White beach Yellow beaches. Batanes like beach. Dress properly for motor and sun. 5 beaches we visited along the island. Tired of all sun and activity we all returned later afternoon at the resort and used the rest of day to make another swim and prepared our crabs for the evening meal. Jomalig is unspoiled and clean. Still. Let's hope it stays that way. Like in Cag Balete there is no restaurants ala carte. So bring or buy your needs for food and have them prepared at the resort. There is a lot of similarity between Cag Balete and Jomalig. I think Jomalig is richer in beautiful beaches the size and variety. One needs to really carve out minimal three days. Two days for travel and one full day minimum on the island. And that's an intense schedule. The third day was return travel day with again the inevitable long wait before ferry departure and ultimately the car drive back home. There is no need to bring snorkeling gear. Or watershoes. All is sandy and easily walked barefoot or slippers. Bring extra battery for your camera. It is intensely used! Towels...
So. Cag Balete or Jomalig? My choice would be Jomalig. Despite the longer travels. Next time I would spend an extra day to include some relaxing downtime as well in the schedule. Total budget 3 days around 10k for three adults exclusive travels to and from Real.
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Randolf Allan Oineza
菲律宾Guiguinto28 条分享
2018年11月 • 好友
Then this island is for you. With roughly 6 hours on boat on top of a 6 hour drive from the metro, this is by far the farthest I have travelled since I starting writing reviews for TripAdvisor. As I mentioned, getting to this island is not child friendly. We started our trip with Art from ArtVentures travel (look him up on Facebook, this is an unsponsored shout-out) at exactly 6:30 AM Manila Time, through the winding roads of Antipolo, Tanay, Laguna and Quezon to the coastal town of Real. Luckily Art had things managed and we got there with very minimal discomfort though be prepared to shell out a few pesos every now and then for small stuff once you get to the port. The way to get to the boat going to the island is through tied-up styrofoam secured by a net over it and dragged over the water by porters so be ready with water proof bags or dry bags just in case you lose your balance and fall into the water. Once on board the boat, with hopefully good weather, you will travel close to 7 hours just to reach the main part of the island. Be prepared once more to get soaked and/or be seasick since the waves during November are said to be one of the highest in that area, and you are in open waters facing the Pacific so pray that there wouldn't be sudden rainshowers while at sea. It happened to us and I tell you, we had some big waves that day. Scary as sh*t. I will probably post the video of the view when it rained, hopefully the file size is acceptable. Once you get to the island, and we got there close to 7:00 PM Manila Time, depending on which resort you'd be staying, you would either have to walk or take a motorcycle ride through the forest to get there. We stayed at Art's relatives so we had to venture deep into the forest, around 15 minutes ride through muddy terrain. As you get there, you will be hugged by the darkness as the place only has a generator. That said generator is turned off during the day so manage your electronics by the way. The beach where we stayed is not suitable for swimming as the waves are too high and they always pull you into the water and when you couple that with sand that is more quicksand than beach sand, that is a recipe for disaster. Good thing we had a boat tour and one recommended place to go if you want to swim would be the place they call "Little Boracay". It has the calmest shores among all the islands we visited though you can also swim on the other islands. We also encountered a couple of Portuguese Man o' Wars floating around so be prepared with some ointment in case you get stung. Weather is very unpredictable on this island and we even got held back one day due to gale warnings so it would be best to plan ahead and make sure you are prepared for that just in case. Little can be done on the island except to unwind, relax, drink, eat and take pictures and that is exactly what I would recommend for you to do. If you are looking for a place to forget your worries just for a while, this might just be the perfect place for you.

By the way, electricity surged on our last day frying our chargers. Be warned of such eventuality.

Scenery: 10/10
Convenience in reaching the place: 2/10
Activities: 3/10
Peace of mind after seeing the views: priceless
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菲律宾100 条分享
2017年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Went here during the weekdays to avoid the influx of crowd going on weekends. Went here on a Wednesday night, stayed at L&J resort, rented the nipa hut. stayed for 3days and 2 nights. the place was really amazing, brown-smooth sands and crystal clear waters will await you once you get there. To reach this place you will have to endure 4 hours land travel by bus and 5 hours boat travel. Definitely will go back here from time to time.
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菲律宾塔吉格4,361 条分享
2017年4月 • 独自旅游
Went there thru other group .. i can save for my fare..
Stayed in the banana resort
This beach is the first stop for my inland tour
The place is not crowded which i really love.. Quite and peaceful.
The water is warm..the sand is really amazing .plus the nice weathed..
Its really breathtaking place. Its worth the long travel...
Would love to come back once again...
In fainess its not expensive in this place.. Good for budgetarian and solo backpacker.. Safe and you will enjoy if u wanna forget city and busy life ..
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