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2023年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Our first time at Clear Lake. Clearlake Cottages was an excellent choice. From pre-booking when we were recommended cottage overlooking lake to service and advice while there, we felt very comfortable and well looked after. Drive around lake and picnic was wonderful.
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Michelle H
路易斯安那州新奥尔良5 条分享
I bought a property, sight unseen in June 2022 located in Clearlake, CA. We moved in November 1, 2022 and I love this little town. Yes, there is not much here other than the beautiful lake, the mountain and a lot of cabins by the lake. We have good food, multiple Mexican restaurants serve great food at a great price. Main Street Bar and Grill makes the best fish and chips I've ever had. If you want some place to visit where you will have peace and quiet, Clearlake is the place to come. We have major grocery stores, a movie theater and a great hospital, oh and the LAKE, it is beautiful. I have not been here during the algae bloom but having spent 40 years in WA state with the smell of pulp mills, I can't think the algae bloom will be as bad as that. You can camp here, hike here, boat here, and swim here. It's just a great place to be.
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What I love about Clearlake:
1) Insane, expansive views of the largest lake in Cali (Lake Tahoe is partially in NV so doesn’t count) with majestic Mount Konocti watching over it.
2) The locals I have met seem to be friendly and down to earth people, so I feel like I am mostly escaping from the barrage of people in nearby cities who feel entitled and are offended when the world doesn’t revolve around them and fit their idea of convenience for themselves.
3) I’ve found some really yummy places to eat (all you have to do is find the reviews online- and I said yummy, not chic fancy-pants with not always as yummy food).
4) It is adjacent to the Cache Creek Wilderness area which is home to a herd of Tule elk and trails for hiking- if I feel like tearing myself away from the lake view.
5) The area has a fascinating history and descendants of Pomo and other native people still have a strong presence in the area and community despite having been enslaved by and almost decimated by the European settlers according to history reports.
6) Many people from the SF Bay (where I’m from) and other areas think they are too good for Clearlake because it doesn’t have the fanciness to cater to them like north Lake Tahoe which has been made into a cozy village/string light/ski cabin/sunset boat tour wonderland by people who have the money to do so- so Clearlake remains an affordable quiet and tranquil nearby getaway that is not overrun by tourists.
7) Because of the above, there is a quiet peacefulness to this huge beautiful lake where instead of the noise of large numbers of motorized craft- you will see birds like Pelicans, herons, osprey, cormorants, and others gliding over the water, and deer and jackrabbits moving close by and around you.
8) There are many vineyards/wineries in the area for wine-tasting if that’s your thing- interestingly it’s said that the nutrients from Clearlake’s surrounding orchards and vineyards, coupled with hot weather in the Summer is what contributes to the blue-green algae blooms that scare the tourists away.
9) To find stillness and sanctuary and the inspiration from the lake and nature around you, all you need is to find a rental home with that sublime view- and there seem to be many available. You just can’t beat the feeling you get watching sunset over the lake behind Mt Konocti.
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Joe C
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2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Not for everyone but we LOVE it. We bought a cabin here 5 years ago and fixed it up. It’s our getaway from the City of Santa Rosa which is turning into San Jose :(. We’ve taken back our forest neighborhood from the bad actors. A lot of that is going on In Clearlake. Police department has grown and City Manager is doing marvelous work. There are 2 grocery stores plus tractor supply, big 5, Walmart. There are several small coffee houses plus a new Starbucks. Howard’s Grotto has excellent food and service. Delicious Alvarez has amazing Mexican and American food. Several well known fast food places. There’s a cinema, mini golf, a large park across from Austin beach where there are outdoor movies and concerts. Harvest Fairs, Carnivals. Wineries. Casinos. Benches to sit and slow down, just enjoy the scenery

Yes it’s a lot different than other places. But we like that. And we like that not everyone wants to climb winding hwy 29! We love the lake, in good times and bad. And the looming volcano Mt Konocti across the lake. Like everywhere, there are all different sorts of people. But I can tell you there are way more homeless and drug addicts in Santa Rosa than in Clearlake. And here they leave normal people alone, unlike the Bay Area. We can go boating, ride our dirt bikes and yes even shoot our guns outside city limits once in a while, and nobody bothers us. There’s a freedom here that is not in the Bay Area anymore. With that comes some colorful individuals, it’s true. But I’ll take freedom over collectivist control any day!

It takes good people who care and appreciate the good to bring it back to a thriving community. And it is happening!

If you don’t like it, we don’t care. Don’t come back and you won’t be missed.
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Jenny T
加利福尼亚克利尔湖1 条分享
I moved here this year from the SF East Bay. What a culture shock! This is not AT ALL like Lake Tahoe, where I used to vacation with my family as a child. This place is truly a dump. Maybe I shouldn't say that because it would be great to have out-of-town people come visit (which are the only decent people here), but there is no God here (and I say that as left-leaning democrat). I've had strangers in a store yell in my face, a random druggie call me names and threaten me while I was on my porch, machismo scrub men at Thompson Harbor spit at me and my dog while we were walking, and some young redneck who probably has a confederate flag on his house snicker and dog me when I walked in the post office. That's just for starters. The weather is dry and stinky, there's nothing exciting going on, and the twisty roads up here...major nausea. I don't even get any local news stations on TV and I have an expensive antenna kit.

I don't recommend this place. It's for people who don't value education, snobs (I still know none of my neighbors and don't think I want to!), people who think it's fine to shoot, people who like hunting. I don't know the politics, but judging from the education of folks around here, I'd say TRUMPSTER, but definitely libertarian because they want their drugs and guns to hunt for their deer heads. Ugh.
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Indhira D
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2022年9月 • 家庭
Don’t go. The pictures and views of the lake are mesmerizing, but the town of Clearlake, Lucerne, and Nice surrounding the lake is a dump. The lake is toxic with very high levels of Cyanobacteria - so much the water is full of green algae everywhere (no swimming or fishing, of course, if you care about your health) and it really does stink like rotten egg.

The town looks abandoned and people left are the tribal and impoverished population. The Lake has also dried out in some parts ( there is no water behind those “lake” houses by the keys in the cove - contrary to what the map may show) and many of those home have been left with the boat launch and docking setup, on dry land since there is no water.

We were attracted to Clearlake for the abundance of Airbnbs, pictures of a majestic lake, and lake houses. We went for Labor Day weekend and only stayed one night. We did not need to see or experience any more than that.

There is a very sad and tragic story to this town. Human pollution, mismanagement of earth’s resources, government’s disregard to the voices of tribal communities that sounded the alert early on etc.

Clearlake was a gem long ago, but now it is not a good place to go.
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马里兰银泉6 条分享
2022年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Clear Lake was incredibly smelly due to the mats of cyanobacteria that are on the water. The entire town smelled really bad. You could not go in the water or eat the fish.

We had a nice dinner at Howard's Grotto. It's an old fashioned restaurant, like a diner. The whole town is kind of old.

We stayed out of town at Thornhill Winery, which was very nice. We also hiked at Andersen Ranch.
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密歇根1 条分享
2022年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Day trip drive to Clear Lake to check out the State Park and area in general. We were looking forward to seeing a beautiful lake and small towns, shops, restaurants, etc. We were so disappointed! We saw none of that! The areas surrounding the lake were all run down and we only saw a couple boats out on the water. It was strange as it is such a big lake! Most of the docks orotund the lake were abandoned or in disrepair. We couldn’t even find anywhere to stop and grab a bite to eat. We went to Clear Lake State Park to check out the campground. It was nice and had a small beach area but with the algae in the water you can’t go in. There are a few trails to walk but there is literally nothing else to do there. I wish we would have read reviews before making the drive, but the drive was beautiful and if you only look at the vineyards, lake and mountains it looks like it would be a beautiful vacation spot. Too bad it has been let go for so long. It would take years and a lot of $$ to bring the area back to what it might have been once. Drive thru to see the views but keep going!
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2022年7月 • 家庭
The whole place smells like sewer in the summer! Can’t get into the water because of algae everywhere. And you wonder why hotels are so cheap here. Everything is so rundown, roads cracked, and restaurants are near empty.

It’s the armpit of California. Even Fresno smells better.
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Gordy & Shelley
7 条分享
2022年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Cute, relaxed little coffee spot to strike up a conversation on the patio. Dog friendly, clean and some great treats.
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