Lake Gregory Regional Park

Lake Gregory Regional Park(Crestline)

Lake Gregory Regional Park
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亚利桑那哈瓦苏湖城51 条分享
Great Family Fun
We really enjoyed the lake. It was clean and safe with plenty of water activities. There is a walking trail around the lake which was fun. We went to the "dog park" with our Great Dane and that was a disaster. Dirt, dirt and more dirt. No toys or activities for the dogs, no water bowls strategically placed, no wading pools to cool off in, no grass, only two metal benches for humans.
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内华达拉斯维加斯35 条分享
Great family spot that is easy on the wallet
We found Lake Gregory through Google and booked all access passes for the family. Having never been there, we didn't know what to expect. The day was great! We visited on a Tuesday, so it wasn't too crowded until late into the day. I do recommend arriving early or your parking options will be limited. I also recommend renting a cabana. Absolutely worth the money even though the "cabana" is really just a tent and a dedicated space that belongs to you.

The aqua park and slides were in great condition and everybody loved it.

Only problem is they only serve pepsi prodcuts. Yuck!
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加利福尼亚卡尔弗城17 条分享
I've never seen the lake so well maintained
I've been coming to Lake Gregory for ten years now, and this is the best shape I've seen it in. The organization running it now have done an absolutely superb job. I've never seen the waterslides as shiny and new looking. The inflatables were really well placed so that us swimmers can once again do laps across the lake. The staff was extremely friendly, professional & attentive. We even checked out a kayak for an hour and they were really helpful with the process - an overall, wonderful day & I can't wait to go back.
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加利福尼亚圣地亚哥56 条分享
I wish I knew more about the activity
If you don't have kids don't bother paying for it ... unless you are one of those "kid forever Peter Pan" type guys. The bouncing world is a super fun activity for kids. Mine spent 3 hours on it. He also OKed the water slide but went there only twice because of "nothing special about it" (quoting his words). They charge $10 just for the entrance but don't provide anything for it (chairs or umbrellas). I did not bring mine as I thought those would be provided (hence what fees for). I did not swim or anything ... just stayed outside and waited on him. He had the blast though !!!
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1 条分享
Algae, green, mirky water with sewer smell
2021年7月 • 家庭
Waited more than half an hour to get into the gate, the lady at the entrance seemed nice but as if she was also on vacation- moved soooooo slow and at her own pace with no regard to the long line of people waiting under 90+ degrees sun, and to find sewerage-like smelly beach and algae-filled, green, mirky water…. This is an absolute disgusting place. The restrooms have no toilet paper, the shower water was not on so no one can take a rinse afterwards. There must be a better place to spend your time and money. Pls be warned.
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james b
3 条分享
Stole my money
I booked for a day pass and my transmission went out at the bottom of the mountain. We never made it to the lake and tried to cancel from while waiting on AAA. Its now been 3-4 business days and we have yet to get a full refund or acknowledgement from this company.
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巴西库里提巴168 条分享
bonito lago
este lago oferecia um tobogã e brinquedos na água pra crianças mas nada está funcionando e nem é possível entrar na água, está proibido devido à Covid. O lugar é muito bonito mas só é possível passear em volta e pescar se for o caso.
Não dispõe de sanitários. Fomos a um supermercado bem perto aonde foi possível acessar os sanitários meio precários.
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D.P Show
加利福尼亚Crestline1 条分享
Beautiful Lake, no restrooms
2020年6月 • 好友
Beautiful and serene lake with great hiking trail, but there are no restrooms this summer and they tore down the only clean one by the new dam. This place has gone way downhill since last year, its sad to see it ignored and left to rot.
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Cris Taylor
6 条分享
2020年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Last Tuesday, spent half a day here on the lake.
We easliy parked and walked down. Brought a little lunch and sat on the provided benches.
There were very few people so it was very quiet and relaxing. A cpl guys fishing and people walking around with their dogs.
We were lucky to see a mama and her baby ducklings.
Just perfect!!
We were lucky to stay in a hotel just across the street from the lake. We wanted to hire a boat but was not available..i guess because of covid.
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Robby G C
加拿大多伦多78,235 条分享
Lake Gregory Regional Park to its best!
I didn't knew that there was so much water Lake Gregory Regional Park. I loved it.

Nearby was a water slide. It was closed. After all it was January.

I stood there taking pictures and enjoying the lake. Wow!

A must see!
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