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Philip H
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2019年3月 • 独自旅游
I was double billed last month. 4 weeks later and 5 phone calls and 2 visits and I have still not been reimbursed. Canceled my membership yesterday. I was billed, again today. Lol Managment at South Tulsa location is a joke. I recommend going somewhere else.
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加利福尼亚萨拉托加322 条分享
My experiences here have been very mixed. On the whole the massages were mostly distinguished by hard medium or soft- not by technique or intent. They still haven't learned how to heat the oil before they put it on, instead they smirk when you jump at the cold oil.

On the whole if you have never had a massage then this is a safe place to experiment, but they are not that good so you might not want to come back. They also do not follow their own guidelines and should really stop asking people if they want certain areas like shoulders, or butt focused on if they are jsut going ot do a cookie cuter massage. Typically out of 1 hour i get 45 minutes work on my back and 5 minutes on my torso. and 10 minutes on the front s of my arms and legs. Because of digestion issues i prefer more on my torso but never get it. Try here and then try a real spa and compare the difference for yoruself.
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Richard K
Saratoga, California, United States1 条分享
2015年10月 • 独自旅游
So that you know where I am coming from, I have done body work for 45 years, and have owned a spa that won awards. When i closed it many of the great therapists went out on there own. Some worked for Massage envy and soon left for other pursuits.

Massage envy for the most part gives plain vanilla cookie cutter body rubs with little tailoring to a person's needs other than hard medium or soft. You can get a what passes for deep tissue work but for them it is always HARD HARD HARD as being deep tissue,

You can ask for myo-fascial release but get people that have no idea what it is. You can ask for shiatsu and get people that read about it in a book. You can get people that know how to spell Reiki but little else. to them Reiki is very light body work -NOT.

I was trained by John Barnes, I studied Shiatsu with some of the masters and they would be appalled what passes under those names these days. I spent three hours on an airplane with Mary Nelson understanding what LaStone "hot stone" massage was ( the original and only one that in my mind should be called hot stone- if you try one you will know why) and how it worked. Massage envy uses hot stones but when i ask about Mary Nelson or LaStone- they look confused.

For the most part people get "swedish massages" and for lack of anything better to talk about they always want hard ones - which is what the state of the industry has come to. Harder means more work means more for your money and in this world more is always better = NOT.

If you ask for effleurage over an injury and petrissage over the gluts after a work out - you get nothing except stares. I make this comment after trying 4 different therapists over 6 months . Admittedly not all were at this specific location, but i tried 3 locations.

I tried one location "undercover" just to see what might ensue.

Their forms ask if you mind having your chest or gluts or abdomen worked on, but when you ask for that you get nothing. Their idea of a full body massage is 48 minutes on the back and about 2 minutes on the front. Most of the time they will try to spend all the time on your face, but if you tell them no- then they work on your head. When you tell them no they give ( and i counted the last time) 2 perfunctory strokes on each leg, a little more time on the arms, 2 strokes on my diaphragm when i asked for an abdominal massage, and no time at all on my upper chest.

Why even ask if they will not perform?

When I go in i adjust the neck cradle to match the contours of my neck so i don't end up with a crick in my neck. I have had therapists try to readjust the cradle to the "flat position" after I specifically told them not to.

I also specifically told them to warm the oil they use because if i get a shot of cold oil my muscles cramp and it basically ruins the experience for me. Only once did they do that immediately the next time after I asked. At no other time do they warm the oil. This should be a no brainer. Also one of the therapists thought it fun to pur cold oil directly on me.

Their draping is appropriate but ridiculous- it doesn't allow them access to the parts they ask you if you want done in the first place.

There are many fine points i could add- and if you are interested jsut contact me here. Suffice it o say if i go in one more time ( becasue of the stupid contract) and they refuse to heat the oil or make some silly excuse then i will seek ways out of the contract.

This should be an experience crafted for me and my needs - not something for their convenience. You would think that asking the front desk to note it on my records would be sufficient but obviously it is not. Also if i travel around to other locations- they have no idea who i am until they access the "central records" even though I have called in my name and that I am a member. The central records do not even record what I need.

Finally in any responsible "spa" they would take notes and record details. No evidence of that goes on here so I doubt that their version of medical or therapeutic massage is ultimately viable for reimbursement by your insurance. When I leave i give them details about worked and what didn't and you can see the front desk people just go vacant and ignore everything else other than It was ok and they need to do ......, because if they did note it I wouldn't have to mention it every time i show up.

I go because of he contract and in hopes they can actually find decent therapists that know more than just hard soft or medium. I figure if i keep identifying the areas they need to look at that they will do something about it - hahahahaha - yeah right.

This is the "gresham's law of body work" , where the inferior massage becomes the norm and the more precious massages are not in general circulation. TO find a good one you ill have to hunt whereas 10 years ago you could find good ones- but you would have to pay for them. You decide if paying less for something that is inferior is better than paying more for something that actually has benefit.

Oh and money is not the issue- I wanted to see what had replaced massage over the years and why it was doing so well. I have no idea why- this is not massage in my book regardless of the name the licenses and the permits.

Maybe I seem overly fussy - and in this instance I am. it is something I have done well for 45 + years and hate to see the profession go to cookie cutter land. What I hate even more is that most people living now will never know what a truly great massage is and can do for them

I know three excellent therapists - they cost more. I hope they can stay afloat.
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加利福尼亚赫米特193 条分享
best experience for relaxation and healing. staff was very professional and helpful. this was my first time
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加利福尼亚库柏蒂诺306 条分享
Nice, clean facility with private massage therapy rooms. I really like my massage therapist, Andy. He does a great total body massage. He can get pretty deep if you want, but still has a nice flowing style to really work out my knots.
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加利福尼亚61 条分享
2015年2月 • 独自旅游
This is one of my favorite places & I am not normally one for what I used to consider "Pampering" treatment. I started going here about 3 yrs. ago for a pinched nerve. I am not recommending my masseuse because they are booked about a month out. My masseuse is highly educated & has performed miraculous results. Feeling has returned to my fingers & only since the massages. I have tried my regular MD, a neck surgeon, a Chiropractor & Physical Therapy but this has been the only thing that has worked. The trick is finding the masseuse best for you.
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加利福尼亚61 条分享
2014年7月 • 独自旅游
I can really only vouch for my regular Masseuse, Jing. She really is terrific with a fun sense of humor. She has additional medical experience which I feel helps me with a pinched nerve. I always threaten to go to someone else because she is always booked in advance but she really is the best. Very nice, friendly & helpful staff. Very strong management which I suspect is the reason why this establishment has gotten so much better.
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加利福尼亚61 条分享
2014年3月 • 独自旅游
I love this particular location. I have found a talented, knowledgeable & personable therapist. She is usually booked in advance but is worth the wait.
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加利福尼亚圣何塞107 条分享
I am a member of Massage Envy club - have at least 3-4 locations between my house and work to go to. I like their model and love their prices!
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Denise P
ducka62399 条分享
This was a first visit to this Massage Envy location and I was impressed with the service. A friend and I both got facials and it was awesome. Gabrielle is fantastic and definitely knows what she is doing. I will definitely go back for another facial at the Cupertino Massage Envy, and ask for Gabrielle to be my therapist.
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