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Gamba Karaoke
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泰国曼谷30,121 条分享
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加利福尼亚福斯特城2 条分享
It has a great selection of songs. For kids and adults. Chairs were pretty comfortable. It was like sitting in some random persons one bedroom apartment's family room. No food(that I know of) I saw someone walking around with tea..but I am not sure if it was something they made or you can buy. When I walked in no one was at the front (back) And if i didn't know where to go I would be confused. Great price! They have bathrooms there, also. A bunch of rooms, each room has a tv screen and you get a hand held "tablet" to push in your number.. much easier than the one you have at home.. Go with a the song title and singers you want to sing ahead of time.
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挪威特隆赫姆294 条分享
2018年12月 • 好友
This is a karaoke parlour. For those not familiar with this type of business, it is a place to rent a private room to sing karaoke with your friends rather than in a public bar or stage. It is a good way to find your inner performer without the performance anxiety and test how your voice stands up. I consider it great, cheap entertainment and with the right group it can be downright hilarious or even inspiring. Snacks and soft drinks are available. Smoking is absolutely forbidden as is bringing alcohol in from outside.

The song selection is pretty good and new updates arrive monthly. One can sing in English and most Asian languages, as well as a few common European tongues. I have rarely been stumped trying to find even an obscure song. The sound systems are good. One can adjust echo and even key.

Soundproofing unfortunately is dismal. The rooms are right next to each other so sound bleeds through. Try to get the most isolated available room.
Also, the rooms are small and quickly get stuffy with 2 to 6 human bodies inside, so be prepared. There is a room fan in each room. The rooms have couches and coffee tables. Honestly, it seems to be getting a bit run down since its earlier years.

Prices have gone up since my first reviews and it is not the value that it used to be. Prices are per person per hour, NOT by the room. So if one does the math, one pays more to sing less (or even to sit in the room) the more people there are. So for example, alone in a room, it might cost $8 total before 6pm to sing 24 songs in, say, 2 hours. But bring 3 friends, and it will be that $8 x 4 people, even if some do not sing, and though each person sings less, maybe 6 songs each, total $32 for the same room. Using this business model, it would be worse value to have too many people in one room.value

I would recommend it for cheap entertainment with friends, family and workmates.
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智利圣地亚哥首都大区3 条分享
2016年1月 • 商务型
Es como cantar en tu casa no le veo hay comida ni bebidas...aburrido...tienes que ir con un grupo grande
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Eric J
Munich5,848 条分享
2015年2月 • 好友
We went on the spur of the moment, having looked up a number of Karaoke possibilities and finally choosing Gamba based on the ratings.
Glad that we did! The place was similar to Japanese "Big Echo" style karaoke places, with individual rooms to accomodate groups of different sizes. The soundproofing was not as effective as in most, but my experience says that once you start making noise yourself, you can;t hear the other rooms anyway.
The equipment was excellent, sound quality very good, and the songs selection was huge. There was only one instance of "I can't believe they don't have X song!!" the whole night.
The woman at the check- in desk was clearly recently here from Japan, lending a nice touch of authenticity to the whole experience. The cost was inexpensive compared to Japan. The charge was per person, a reasonable way to go. They did not have food or alcohol, but you can order in pizza and other treats. The entire place is non- smoking.
Definitely will return.
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