Pillar Point Harbor

Pillar Point Harbor(半月湾)

Pillar Point Harbor
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Fengnian J
加利福尼亚费利蒙7 条分享
A good place to watch boats. There’s a lot of signs of fish for sale, but it’s late afternoon and it’s too late, so there’s no fish.
The boats are interesting. They are different size, and looks good. I saw a kayak store on the land nearby.
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肯尼亚内罗毕24 条分享
This explains how to buy fresh fish/crab "off the boats Half Moon Bay", which people will suggest is something you ought to do but isn't very obvious. Use "Pillar Point Harbor" as your destination in your GPS/map and on arriving the public parking area and overflow parking areas are well signed. Parking is free. From your vehicle walk towards the boats (depending on where you parked you may need to pass from behind some buildings).

There is only one walking pathway to get to all the docks and near here look out for a whiteboard on the side of the walkway. Fisherpeople will write on the board what they have to sell and their slip number (parking spot for their boat) and sometimes the boat's name. Sometimes the price per pound is written on the board too, generally speaking all the boats agree to sell at the same price each day though you can negotiate with a crew if you are buying a large amount. Also note that there is a public-use fish cleaning station to the left (facing the ocean) near the public restrooms. Perhaps this is obvious to say - even if you are not buying fish you can walk out on to any of the piers (which are not locked in some way) and look around/take photos but not board any vessel without permission.

When you go out to the boats don't be discouraged that there is no fish/crab on display, signs, or people looking like they are looking to sell anything (it's not a "market"). The crew will be busy cleaning/repairing/napping/whatever as they wait for customers and the fish/crab are generally stored in the boat's refrigerated/ice slurry hold (out of view). You just have to ask if they've got fish for sale. You're not bothering them.

The vast majority of the boats only have commercial fishing licenses which allow them to only sell whole fish - they need a different license to be able to prepare the fish for you. They are allowed to "loan you their knife" but not cut up the fish/crab themselves. A warning: legal sized salmon, halibut, lingcod, etc and dungeness crab are big - bring your biggest cooler box/bucket! (Many crews will be able to give you plastic bags and ice for the fish).

Most boats prefer cash and a few will have electronic payment options, though some of them are still using flip phones. (To emphasize the need for cash - the smallest legal-sized salmon is around 8-9 pounds, if the price is $15/lbs, that's $120 for a fish. More common to find 14-15lbs fish ($225) and ~20 lbs fish ($300) are not uncommon during parts of the year.). Boats also do bring in smaller rock fish if you are looking for something smaller.

A good online resource to reference is the San Mateo County's harbor webpage which has a good map. On the county's map, you're going to the slips labelled "commercial berths". Another online resource is called Fishline where some boats will post what they have for sale along with their phone number.
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加利福尼亚费利蒙159,061 条分享
We like going to Pillar Point Harbor We like to see what type of fishing boats are in the harbor. The prime time is crab season, but all year long some boats will be selling fresh fish, One can go out on fishing charters. Therea re places to eat and enjoy the views. We were there this time in July and had a good time.
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加利福尼亚费利蒙159,061 条分享
We went to Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, We had lunch at Ketch Joanne We then went and looked at the boats. We also saw a number of people fishing, It was interesting as they all brought ladders to stand on. One can also kayak.
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Maria O
加利福尼亚奥克兰1,031 条分享
We like to travel to Half Moon Bay especially when there is good weather. We always park in the lot at Pillar Point - LOTS of available parking! There is a walking/biking trail that runs through the harbor and extends south down the coast - it is a beautiful and scenic trail. There are a casual restaurants right there and they are very mindful of COVID requirements. Also, if you walk just a little further up the road there are a number of additional restaurants with great views of the water. During crab season, we buy live crabs right off the fishing boats. It is a great day experience!
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Brenda B
犹他州奥格登411 条分享
Embarked on a pelagic birding trip here. Fair amount of all day parking on a week day, but notice the 2 hour signs because they tow. Nicely tiled public restroom accessible before going out on the pier. Get lunch at Ketch Joanne restaurant and ice cream shop. Fishing permits and bait are available.
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加利福尼亚费利蒙159,061 条分享
We went to Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay. This is a scenic fishing boat harbor. This time of year there are many salmon boats.

In this area, one can also kayak. There are kayaks for rent. One can also find places to dine.
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加利福尼亚费利蒙159,061 条分享
I puurchased fresh crab from a fishing boat at Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay. There were a handful of boats selling fresh fish. This is a busy small harbor. Its always fun to walk out and see the various boats.
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加利福尼亚瓦列霍41 条分享
There is a lot going on at Pillar Point and you can get your fill of a variety of water-based activities. You can fish or go crabbing from the pier or rent a kayak to explore the harbor area on nice days. No luck fishing or crabbing? Check the board at the harbor office and see which boats are selling their catch right from the holds of their boats. For a romantic weekend getaway, book a room at the Oceano Hotel & Spa & request a room overlooking the harbor. Beware that parking can be a challenge on the weekends but, if the lot is full and you're patient, you can catch someone leaving fairly easily. There are a handful of restaurants at the harbor as well as others withing a very short drive if you don't have your own catch to cook for dinner!
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Tim B
乔治亚玛丽埃塔211 条分享
One of the best spots on Half Moon Bay. This working harbor houses the local fishing fleet. Wander down the main pier and watch them unloads tonight's dinner right from the boat. Just south of the pier is a sheltered portion of the harbor with kayak rental for the adventurous. and just 100 yards south of that is the main beach. But if you are here during surf season, walk around the north side of the harbor to Mavericks Beach (you might want to drive, probably a 1.5km walk) - serious big wave surfing and home to the Mavericks surf event.

Just at the entrance to the pier is a seafood market selling fresh catch. a couple nice bar/restaurants (I like Ketch Joanne) with outdoor seating and the obligatory surf shop. If you continue north on the harbor road, after a couple hundred yards (just past the Oceano Hotel) you will find a very quaint shopping and restaurant area.

If you are in Half Moon Bay, you really shouldn't miss it.
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