Eaglerider Motorcycle Rentals
Eaglerider Motorcycle Rentals
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Mike Berry
新西兰奥克兰10 条分享
2023年10月 • 好友
Easy booking in advance, bike as required, very friendly staff and bikes equipped and well prepared. All went smoothly
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2023年9月 • 夫妻情侣
How the mighty have fallen. Used Eagle Rider lots of times coming from across the pond from England. Was always impressed but now they're nothing more than a scam. It's quite frankly disgusting what they're doing to people.
Such a shame. Will never use again.
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toby F
1 条分享
2023年8月 • 好友
Eaglerider were absolutely brilliant to deal with, my second time hirer for a month each time... Rafael at Eagleride LA Hawthorne,,He's the man made us feel part of his friendship group.
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Mark C
英国泽西岛21 条分享
2023年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We booked the self guided R66 tour. Organising/booking this with ER proved troublesome, but we got there in the end. We arrived in Chicago and picked up the bike - no problem, courteous service and the bike was great (and clean). Only issue was, the ER app to guide us simply didn’t work at all. It took three days for it to be fixed and even then, it failed to work. We were told to input destinations into the bike’s GPs instead. That proved to be a suboptimal and a time consuming fix: the purpose of the trip was to follow R66, not go from point A to point B. Initially ER response was good, but then began to peter out; when we returned the bike, there was no response at all. Or follow up. So in conclusion: use ER to rent bikes, but DON’T use them for self guided tours. In the event you need support, expect to spend hours chasing for replies and solutions, whilst you’re supposed to be on the road enjoying the trip. Please bear this in mind when booking something more than just a bike rental.
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Marcel S
3 条分享
2023年8月 • 独自旅游
Für mich war die Tour Route 66 mit Tourguide Mike und Van Driver Jakob, die schönste, erlebnisreichste und interessanteste Motorradtour meines Lebens. Leider ging die Zeit so schnell vorbei. Bei Mike und Jakob spürte man die Leidenschaft. Sie führten uns unfallfrei, professionell und mit viel Humor an den schönsten Orten der Route 66 entlang. Ihr seid die besten! Vielen Dank für die unvergesslichen Erlebnisse!
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Röfingen, Bayern, Germany3 条分享
2023年8月 • 好友
Ich fuhr mit meinen 3 Freunden im August 2023 die Route 66 von Chicago nach Los Angeles. Die Organisation war perfekt. Mike und Jakob haben es super verstanden, die Gruppe perfekt und schon fast väterlich zu führen und die schönsten Orte zu zeigen, die in 14 Tagen mit 15 Motorrädern und 19 Personen erreichbar waren. Die Reise war wohl die schönste, erlebnisreichste und emotionalste, die ich in fast 60 Jahren erleben durfte.
Vielen Dank Mike und Jakob für euren Einsatz und euer Einfühlungsvermögen, was dazu beigetragen hat, dass beim Abschied bei so manchen harten Jungs Freudentränen geflossen sind. Ich werde euch nie mehr vergessen.
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Mhish S
1 条分享
2023年7月 • 好友
This is a terrible business. Certainly a scam subscription with scammy tactics. Here a few pointers for those thinking to sign up for their subscription:

1. You sign for a monthly membership but in the terms is actually annually. So you end up paying a higher price for the subscription although you are still on the hook for the whole year.

On this point, you cannot cancel your membership.

All they let you do is to cancel the auto-renewal. You thought you were on a monthly (more pricey) plan to get some flexibility but the truth is that you have signed up for a year, that is $350, and you cannot cancel monthly payments.

2. They have blackout dates (you cannot use your credits), a bunch of location also do not accept the credits, and if renting during some "high season" the charge you an additional extremely high "high season fee" (see picture).

3. When you rent online, do not think they will guarantee your bike. They will rent it to whoever they want. You will have to pay additional $99 to guaranty the model of bike you wanted, so do not be surprised if you wanted to ride that special model and you get there and it is not available. It has happen to me several times. If you have the type of money for which you do not mind paying additional $99 to guarantee the model, you are likely to be better off buying yourself a bike!

4. The catalogue in the website is not truthful. Half the time they do not have the bikes they indicate in their websites and "limited availability" truly stands for not available.

5. Insurance is +$39/day on top of your rental which it is already for the insurance alone extremely expensive, more than an all included car rental.

6. If you cancel your membership, you lose your credits, so you are on the hook to use your credits before you cancel your membership. Moreover, because you accrue credits monthly you will always be on the hook for some credits you paid for that you won't be able to use.

7. If you book a trip for November in January, you expect to use your 10 credits but they do not let you do that. You will need to wait till November to have collected your credits to rent, but then the bikes may not be available. This is specially painful for summer trips that you will like to plan in advance and if you dont all the bikes are gone.

8. On top of all the issues above, the credits also expire...

I can go on and on and on. The membership seems to be devised as an exercise to extract maximum money for minimum to no value for the customer. If I would have tried to do something like that I would not have been able to do it better!

This is a terrible company with scammy business tactics. Stay away from this membership and buy yourself a second hand bike or use some of the bike share apps where people share their own bikes. You will be better off!
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Joseph A
1 条分享
2023年8月 • 独自旅游
This business is a scam. I had more than a years worth of credits built up at $90 a month. I tried using my credits at 2 different locations and found out that not all Eagle Rider locations take them. They also limit the amount of credits you can use daily so despite having all these credits a rental would still cost me over $100 a day. They also won't let you use your credits if you pause your account. They did nothing to try to help me or keep my business. Don't waste your money.
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jens f
1 条分享
Eaglerider können wir auf keinen Fall empfehlen. Man hat bei dieser Firma den Eindruck es geht nur darum schnellen Profit zu machen. Sebstverstädlich werden bei der Übernahme noch diverse Versicherungen verkauft.
Wir dachten bei dem hohen Preis gehren wir auf Nummer sicher und alles muss optimal organisiert sein.
Aber Service wird klein geschrieben.
Wir waren um pünklich um 9 Uhr dort und nichts war vorbereitet. Die Motoräder mussten teilweise noch instand gesetzt werden. (Bremsen, Reifen etc.)
Mein Motorrad (BMW GS1250) habe ich dann völlig verdreckt genommen, weil wir um 13 Uhr endlich mal dort weg wollten.
Wir dachten, dass wäre nur bei unserer Gruppe so gewesen.
Aber als Motorradfahrer kommt man auf seiner Reise schnell ins Gespräch mit anderen.
Die hatten leider gleiches von Eagle Rider zu berichten.
Eine geführte Gruppe trafen wir, wo jemand mit seiner Harley eine Panne hatte und im Begleitfahrzeug mitreisen durfte.
Owohl er eine Versicherung bezahlt hatte, bestand Eagle Rider darauf 1000 Dollar zu chargen, als Vorleistung ihm ein neues Fahrzeug zu bringen.
Er hat das dann gemacht, weil er seinen Urlaub weiter genießen wollte. Eine Entschädigung für zwei Tage mitreisen im Servicefahrzeug und endlose Diskussionen wurden ihm nicht in Aussicht gestellt.
Was daraus weiter geworden ist, wissen wir natürlich nicht.
Aber Kundenservice sieht anders aus!
Fazit der Reise:
Eine Motorradtour durch die USA ist auf jeden Fall empfehleswert und ein tolles Erlebnis.
Eaglerider trägt jedoch nichts dazu bei. Eaglerider nutzt seine Monopolstellung total aus. Wenn es irgendwie möglich ist, sollte man sein Motorrad woanders buchen. Einen schlechteres Preis/Leistungsverhälnis kann man sich kaum vorstellen.
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Beat I
4 条分享
I was in the group Wild West Tour 2. I agree to Quan P's comment but more important to me was the driving and scenery, the main reason why I booked this tour. Due to an unusual winter the Tioga Pass was still closed. As a consequence we did not see Mammoth Lakes and had only a short 2 h ride in the Yosemite NP. As the closing of Tioga was known long time before we started the tour, I would have expected an alternative from Eaglerider. Why did they not go through the Sequoia NP which was on the way to El Portal? Instead we made a detour and drove more than 300 miles mainly on boring high/freeway through Bakersfield. After all the tour was disappointing.
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