Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery(Manchester)

Evergreen Cemetery
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田纳西孟菲斯12,835 条分享
2017年1月 • 独自旅游
Evergreen Cemetery is located on a prominent corner between Point Arena & Manchester.

Most of the tombstones were inscribed in the mid-to-late 1800s & early 1900s.

A few graves are marked by modern-day granite monuments.

The stories of pioneer families would be told here, if only the monuments could talk.

Narrow pathways had been hand cleared but are almost obscured with the passage of time.

As is the case in many places today, most of the decendants have scattered & family graves forgotten & not maintained. Sad.
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Stephanie Morri... G
加利福尼亚弗雷斯诺10 条分享
2015年12月 • 独自旅游
I have been strolling through this slightly melancholy cemetery for years. For a history of the area, with poignant family details, this place stands witness to the many pioneer families and their rising and falling in this area.

Yes, this is a cemetery and it's very disheveled, if a burying ground can be called that, but there is so much love found not only in the inscriptions but in the remains of the floral offerings, balloons, etc. on the markers. For years a reddish stone figure, probably marble, guarding a plot lay in pieces in the weeds and rubble surrounding it. I was pleasantly surprised to see the figure restored to its former position in a later visit.

This is NOT a spooky place, even with the eucalyptus clattering in the wind. This can be a quiet place of contemplation on a sunny or overcast day where a visitor can truly appreciate the hardships our forbearers endured.

While there, try and find out who "Rex's Twin" was.
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Riverside, California24 条分享
2015年6月 • 夫妻情侣
I think it's sad that it is not taken care of.. The grass and weeds are high. The place is neglected. I was appalled!
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Oregon Coast49,296 条分享
2014年5月 • 夫妻情侣
We stumbled upon this old cemetery by accident as we were driving around one day. It's located directly on Highway 1, at the corner of Mountain View Road. There is parking for perhaps a half dozen cars in a small gravel lot.

Although the sign just says "Evergreen Cemetery", I'd call it a pioneer cemetery. There are many graves from the mid and late 1800's.

We walked amongst the graves, reading the headstones, and noticed that there were quite a few for people who had died between 1878 and about 1881. Many of these were young people in the prime of their lives. Was there some sort of epidemic?

We saw lots of the usual children's graves, some for newborns, one of which just said "Twins". Then there were the two siblings who died on the same day in 1903 - were they killed in a wagon accident?

Cemeteries often leave us with more questions than answers...

This cemetery is not well kept up, and there was long grass all through it. There are no real walkways that we saw, although a private gravel driveway runs right through here going to a house - a car came out when we were there!

If you like poking around old cemeteries, though, this one is definitely worth a stop. It's about a mile or so south of the very small town of Manchester, near Point Arena.
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