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83 条点评

Stace A
Long Beach, CA55 条分享
Because Skechers shoes (for men) come in handsome styles and tend to be lightweight, they are all I wear now. On any drive from Los Angeles to Palm Springs we always make a point of stopping off at the Moreno Valley outlet, one of their biggest, with easy access from the 60 freeway. Even if you don’t end up buying anything, there’s a small cafe, free popcorn, and it makes a good restroom stop.

Not too long ago Skechers ceased having their continuous “buy one get a second pair 50% off” deal, which always surprised us since it brought in the crowds. The offer is now only for special dates but, luckily, we usually drive to Palm Springs on holiday weekends when the sale is in effect. Skechers shoes are not inexpensive so that sale is a great deal, provided you can find a second pair you like. We usually do!

My spouse wears a size 13, and Skechers is one of the few brands that always offers that size. If they don’t have it there, they can tell him which store does.
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Amy V
英国奥尔顿2 条分享
Please, please be careful with sketchers shoes. I paid a lot of money for my latest and slipped on wet pavement twisting and spraining my ankle badly during holidays. A nightmare! They’re new. The bottom rubber is very smooth with no grip or traction. My first sketchers & I now regret buying these. £100 wasted.
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San Diego71 条分享
One recent reviewer (July, 2022) says you cannot buy one and get one at 50% off. While that may be a periodic special, I can tell you that we DID buy shoes with that offer just a week ago! (end of August, 2022) In fact, the pair of shoes I wanted were not in stock but they ordered them for me and sent them in just two days with free shipping! All of that aside, I have never seen so many different styles by one manufacturer in one place! Crazy! I think you owe it to yourself to check it out!
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加利福尼亚帕萨迪纳1 条分享
2022年6月 • 夫妻情侣
The outlet still has a wide variety of shoes but unfortunately Skechers no longer let's you buy one pair with the second pair 50% off. Not really worth the trip with the high prices.
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Christine N
1 条分享
2022年6月 • 商务型
There are no deals at this factory store. Prices for Skechers shoes are better at off-price stores like Marshall’s. Expect to pay $60 or more for most styles.
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Gail G
1 条分享
The store no longer is the value it once was. They have eliminated the clearance section ( where I would buy my little grandchildren their shoes) and they have eliminated the "buy one, get one half off". Their brand is sold nearby at COSTCO for a better price ( granted, without the selection).
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David Miller
加利福尼亚博蒙特5,502 条分享
My wife and I went to the Skechers Factory Outlet and distribution center in Moreno Valley this week, and had a great experience. The Distribution Center has a massive amount of huge warehouses on an 88 acre property, next to Highway 60. The Factory outlet building is at the start of the warehouses which also has a food restaurant and large outside seating areas.
Skechers is one of the largest shoe companies in the United States and is headquartered at Manhattan Beach, California. The Moreno Valley distribution center of Skechers consists of state-of-the-art technology and is a 1.82-million-square-foot distribution center. The Moreno Valley distribution center was opened in late 2011. The pay is higher in this warehouse as compared with others and much of the work is automated. The entire warehouse is a green-building which implements energy saving features such as solar panels. I had been looking at skechers shoes on line for weeks, and had ordered many skechers shoes that were mailed to me , but a lot of them I had to send back because they did not fit right. So by going to the massive Skechers Factory outlet I could look, try, and wear all of the skechers model shoes that I was interested in at the same time. The Factory Outlet was in perfect condition. All of the shoes and boxes were perfectly organized, and the entire Outlet was so clean. I met Jennifer Guzman a Skechers Factory Outlet employee and asked Jennifer many questions about the different shoe models I was looking at. Jennifer was so nice as she went all over the facility getting my shoes that I could try on, and answered all of my questions so nicely. Jennifer wanted to make sure that I was very happy with my shopping time, and my final purchase items. Jennifer was a very nice and knowledgeable employee. I will definitely be going back to this Skechers Factory Outlet and distribution warehouses again for future purchases.
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新西兰汉密尔顿23 条分享
2020年8月 • 独自旅游
CUstomer service won't give me info to make a complaint for "security reasons". I want my money back
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加利福尼亚里弗赛德7,209 条分享
It was a fun outlet experience for us ! I especially enjoyed it and ended up buying 2 pairs of sneakers as I know they are good quality and light weight. We enjoyed taking pictures outside of the store, which is part of a massive high tech distribution center. Their outdoor cafe keeps customers cool with water misters and refreshments. They also have convenient men's and women's restrooms inside the store. We will be back!
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加利福尼亚莫雷诺谷386 条分享
The one thing that stands out here is that the customer service is really good. They are attentive and helpful HOWEVER they can only do as much as what they're given. Current Stock is almost non existent, so don't come here expecting to get those shoes you saw an the TV ad last night. But there are great deals on close outs and discontinued items. Just remember... it IS an outlet.
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