Silliman Family Aquatic Center
Silliman Family Aquatic Center
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Play Local
加利福尼亚圣何塞6 条分享
Great place. Nice and clean. Fun indoor pool for my little niece. Plenty of activity for the whole family as well.
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Jaspreet K
加利福尼亚纽华克51 条分享
2019年7月 • 家庭
My niece goes there for learning how to swim and this will be her 2nd time going there. Pools are clean
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Patricia B
加利福尼亚纽华克5 条分享
2017年8月 • 家庭
This place is great. There are plenty of activities for the entire family. I used to bring my 85 year old Mother- in- law for the exercise classes. She loved it!
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加利福尼亚圣克鲁斯4,170 条分享
2017年8月 • 家庭
This is a very fun "indoor" pool and slide center for kids. We arrived right when it opened which was great because about 45 minutes later a huge day camp arrived. It gave us time to quickly explore each area including the endless pool circle before being slammed with kids. Even with all the kids, it was fun and refreshing. The endless pool area only has a few inner tubes which can be sad for some little ones wanting to try them out. Because a lot of school must have been back in session, the larger slide area had minimal lines all day so we were able to zip down those and back up again pretty quickly. And yes, the purple slide is much faster than the blue one!

The only negative aspect to me was the difference between the lifeguards enforcement of rules or common sense at times. In the little kids area with the smaller slide and water guns/sprays, there seemed to be little awareness that a guard needed to be stationed at the beginning and bottom of the slide. Kids were shoving their way and pushing littler kids out of their place in line and the life guard (when there was one) at the top didn't seem to care. Then at the bottom, the life guard stood about 15 feet away and while kids were shooting out of the tunnel, other kids were swimming by underneath and there was one collision after another. I would warn the kids not to swim there but they still would, meanwhile the life guard seemed to be looking anywhere but where he was needed.

In the small kids area where it was open swim where there is a life guard chair, multiple kids were jumping from the side into the pool at the same time and once again, multiple kids swimming by not expecting someone to jump on them and yet they did, life guard wouldn't say a word. In the endless pool area we were told only one child on the inner tube so we abided but then a different guard came on duty and no rule enforcement. I don't care which rule was enforced here but just be consistent!

Nice place overall, had all the shower facilities necessary, lockers as well but there was a sign posted saying that lockers were not safe and that they had been broken into so beware. Little cafe with all sorts of fast food items as well as some vending machines with candy. For the's worth a visit or two!
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San Francisco44 条分享
2017年7月 • 家庭
The Silliman Center Aquatic Center is one of many public waterparks in the East Bay area (Fremont, Antioch, and Dublin also have them) but this one in Newark is the only one indoors. That's a big big plus, as you don't have to worry about sunblock and its very hard for your kid to get lost in an enclosed space. If your children are below the regular height restrictions for large waterslides (42" / 1.05m) then there is no need to drop the big $$ at a private waterpark . . . you might as well just come here where its $9 for an adult as of 2017. All of the kids were having a blast and the adults seemed pretty happy too.

Note: did not sample the food concession
Pros: Great for little kids, no sunblock needed, fun environment, no issues with weather as its indoors
Cons: Lots of chlorine, can sometimes reach capacity (not fun if you have to wait), not that great for older kids as there are only two big waterslides, surprisingly loud acoustics which I guess it not that surprising when you put 500 people in a small space
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Emi P
加利福尼亚联合市313 条分享
2017年3月 • 家庭
Very close to my house, I take the kids here during the colder weather when they want to swim. They have Water slides for all ages. Hot tub and lap swim are are also available. They have their cafe for snacks open and very affordable. They also have birthday parties here where you can bring food in their party room!
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SF Bay Area586 条分享
My niece celebrated her tenth birthday here and the package included a small room that would lead to the swimming pool. Her party time was before they allowed public admission to the pool so that was nice before it got crowded, hectic.

Someone was assigned to pace along the party, ensure when you could out the put decorations up and when to take them down, when to serve cake and ice cream...the usual drill.
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加利福尼亚费利蒙3 条分享
2016年12月 • 家庭
I use the Silliman Center for birthday parties, rainy/hot day outings and swimming lessons for my son. The pool is heated, has friendly staff and is very clean.

The facility has so many things to offer: swimming, a fitness room, preschool, basketball, lifeguard training, Lego engineering, etc.
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Roberto L
加利福尼亚纽华克107 条分享
2016年8月 • 家庭
Its a great place to bring the kids and spend some time there swimming. Over all it was a nice and fun experience. Sometimes the smell of chlorine was a little much. But I dealt with it.
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cris s
27 条分享
2015年9月 • 商务型
I went here with my 11 yr ol son for his swimming class. After 6 months of not going, i registered him again to class for level 5. I told the lady who is organizing the class that he stopped at level 4 and he is in level 5. But she put him to level 3 and just found out that he was in level 3 in his last 2 session. I confronted the lady and she admitted it was her mistake! So i am so pissed that i want to ask for the fee back! I heard one parent complained too for still doing the assessment of what level the kid on their 2nd session.
Place is nice. I can five 4 stars. Its pretty huge, but the smell of the chlorine is so strong. Their changing room has enough space, they have private changing room for family with small kids.
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