Schooner Gulch State Beach
Schooner Gulch State Beach


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Rudi Rudi
哥伦比亚特区华盛顿特区2,286 条分享
So, this is a bit tricky to find. If you have healthy knees, hips, and ankles, you must go there at LOW TIDE. If you have issues in your tissues, make a good decision for you body to attempt to reach Bowling Ball Beach.
First obstacle. Parking.
You can easily drive past the parking area as it is simply a few cars on the side of the road. It seems you can park across the street at the perpendicular road named Schooner Gulch Road.
Second Obstacle. Finding the correct path.
The left entrance is well marked and easy to find. The path you want to use is only a pole. (look at my pictures)
Third. Descending the steps.
A the end of the field you will find the steps to your right. First admire the vista before you walk down the steep steps. The last step is a boulder. Be careful as it can be slippery or hard to navigate.
Forth. The smell
Be aware that it may smell like a camp fire. The California fires made it to the shore line.
Fifth. Timing.
Did you check the low tide charts? You can only see the interesting rock formations if you go at low tide. It is a long trek for nothing if you didn't time this well. You can not see the formations from the steps. You must walk and walk and walk to enjoy this beautiful nature at low tide.
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Nar M.
加利福尼亚28 条分享
Love the place. It would have been much better if we got there during the low tide. The tide was already rising by the time we got there, so only some of the 'bowling ball' boulders were visible. But still worth the hike down the beach. My recommendations: First, google the tide chart for bowling ball beach, and go there when the tide is at its lowest, if you have the time. Parking is very limited. Actually, there is no parking, just some spots on the side of the road. Now, if you do find a spot, there are two hiking trails from the parking. Take the one at the end where the parking begins (right across Schooner Gulch Rd). Its a short walk that will take you down to the beach. As soon as you get down to the beach, walk towards your right. The 'bowling balls' will be about 5 to 10 walk. Like I said earlier, check the time when the tide is at its lowest before you go. Have fun.
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Sacramento, CA86 条分享
Parking is a little tight, and the beach is "reasonably" easy to access down a steep hill and some rock stairs.
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加利福尼亚洛杉矶142 条分享
I love this beach. Park off the Hwy and walk down a trail leading to steep steps that take you to the beach. Go right and the "bowling balls" can be seen from there. It was less than 1 mile walk from the car to the rocks. Pack a lunch, bring sandals for the soft sand and a blanket to sit on. My kids (9 & 11) had fun playing with seaweed, looking for seashells and climbing on the rocks at low tide. I liked this place better than glass beach...much more quiet. No services.
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john b
加利福尼亚圣路易斯-奥比斯波284 条分享
Bowling Ball Beach is just north of Schooner Gulch Beach. Incredible rock formations all collected in one place. A very low tide is important for viewing as they are under water otherwise. Very unique.
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宾夕法尼亚伊斯顿2,402 条分享
My husband and I visited Schooner Gulch State Beach while exploring our way down the West Coast. We were curious to check out Bowling Ball Beach and, though we didn't make it completely by low tide, it was an interesting sight to see.

We were following our GPS on Google Maps and had to park at the turnoff that is a bit further than Bowling Ball Beach, then hike through the tall grass to makeshift stairs that lead downward. There are rocks and logs at the bottom that you can climb onto and over to get to the beach itself. Bowling Ball Beach is a short walk north once you make it to the beach itself. We went within an hour or so of low tide, so we were still able to see the bowling balls but not as well.

It was a very unique site and definitely worth checking out if you can time it right. We'll certainly be returning!
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加利福尼亚扬特维尔931 条分享
The rock formations are really unique photographers and kids love it. BE SURE IT IS LOW TIDE. The parking there is iffy and dangerous. A blind curve and hill. There are two approaches from the south side: one along the creek and then around the bluff; the other over the meadow and then down the bluff to the beach. Both can be treacherous. The beach route is slippery and only good a dead low tide. the trail dropping off the bluff is steep and has loose soil.
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Emma C
51 条分享
Went at low tide but still wasn’t low enough, but got to see most of the boulders, just couldn’t go out without getting wet. There’s no cable ladder, just many well placed wooden stairs which were easy to use. The last part does require climbing over some tree branches and logs, though. Overall easy hike still. It is a lovely deserted beach and the bowling ball area is lovely too. Great thing to do if you’re passing by, but I wouldn’t go out of my way just to see them. If you have seen the moeraki boulders in New Zealand, you may be disappointed if you are going just to see these bowling balls.
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Sandra O
加利福尼亚Rohnert Park35 条分享
When the tide is low on this beach you can see the rocks that look like bowling balls. It is so amazing. There is so many things to explore in the rocks. Truly a great adventure!
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Kristi B
109 条分享
2019年7月 • 家庭
Amazing rock formations! It is one way parking. I googled low tide but we still were not there at the right time. When you park there are 2 paths one on the left and one on the right. Take the right path. It is a short walk. Then you will see stairs going down. We had to walk/crawl over sticks/rocks to get to the beach (mom & 13 yr old boy - we didn't have any problems with this). Once on the beach you need to walk right for a few minutes to the bowling ball area. I definitely want to go back at low tide but am really glad we went.
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