The Centurion Lounge

The Centurion Lounge(圣布鲁诺)

The Centurion Lounge
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上午5:00 - 下午11:00
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区域: San Francisco International Airport
  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO) • 步行 6 分钟

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Tucson16,985 条分享
Between flights, we stopped in to eat and relax. It is a madhouse down there "in the gates" and up here it is airport-heaven. Attention is given to seating distances and masks are required when moving about the lounge. It makes us all safe after all.

The meal service this time featured wonderful lemongrass chicken thighs and a range of healthy options like quinoa and wild rice dishes. There were many choices and the curry soup was exceptional.

I suspect we sometimes plan our various flights around SFO airport just to get to this Centurion lounge. It is a guilty pleasure.
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David R
新泽西Caldwell2 条分享
2021年2月 • 商务型
Great service, great food, great lounge!
Loved my stay at the Centurion Lounge. Excellent service. Very tasty food. Superb WiFi.
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亚利桑那凤凰城166,281 条分享
Quick Stop for Wines in July

We were flying out of SFO T3, in July, heading home to Phoenix, and had just had dinner across the concourse from the AMEX Centurion Lounge, across from Gate 75. We still had plenty of time, before our departing flight, scheduled out of Gate 74, and as the wines with dinner had not been exciting, went to the Centurion Club, as we knew we could do better.

This is a small, but attractive and convenient AMEX Centurion Lounge, and one, which we have visited from the very beginning. By “very beginning,” I mean that we were invited to their grand opening, when Chef Christopher Kostow was signing his cookbook, as he was the Consulting Chef for this lounge. Unfortunately, that partnership did not last very long.

We entered, and decided to sit at the bar, since there were two stools right there. We had our Chardonnays in hand, when the United App alerted us to a change: we were no longer going out of Gate 74, but instead, Gate 65 - all of the way at the end of the East Pier, and here we were, sitting to the west of the West Pier - a rather long walk was in our cards.

Well, so much for a couple of leisurely glasses of wine. At this Centurion Lounge, I love the wine tasting dispenser, and usually follow my first wine, with a visit to it, to sample tastes of several more. That was not in our cards this evening.

Checking our watches, we drank the Chards a bit quickly, and bid adieu, heading for Gate 65.

So, a brief, but nice visit to one of our favorite airport lounges.
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新泽西维霍肯3,170 条分享
The United Club was packed and so I checked out the Centurion Lounge which I'm happy I did. The food here was far superior to the United Club. The look of the club was modern and hipster chic, which is not surprisingly considering the image Amex is trying to convey. I appreciate the effort to differentiate itself from the modern clean looks of the other lounges.

The only issue is that the trendy look meant much less seating capacity and I can see this place getting quite a bit crowded. Or maybe they are going for that look so it doesn't feel as full as the other clubs?

Either way, it was a pleasant stop with excellent food.
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亚利桑那凤凰城166,281 条分享
In March, we visited the AMEX Centurion Lounge in T3, as it was immediately across from our gate, 75.

We fly out of SFO often – very often, and watched the construction of this Lounge, then attended its grand opening, with Chef Christopher Kostow of Meadowood (Michelin 3-star). We were delighted to have this lounge, and so close to where we often flew from – Gates 73-75 in T3. We have also been known to stop in, when flying International, from the G-gates in the International Terminal, though less often, now that United has opened the Polaris Club there, and gotten the old International First Class Lounge reconfigured.

This was just a brief stop, prior to our late afternoon flight home to Phoenix, but this club is so convenient, and the wine selection so nice, that we could not resist.

Chef Kostow is no longer involved with AMEX Centurion Lounge at SFO, but they still have some interesting food – we just did not have a desire to eat – only to drink some wine.

Historically, the staff at the Centurion Lounge have been great, and especially the welcome agents at the front desk. That had not changed over the years of operation. However, one change had been in the attitude of the bartenders. On this visit, there were no issues, of which I was very glad.

The lounge is not all that large, and has gotten over-crowded, at times in the past. On this afternoon, it was only about half full, and we found seats at the bar. With a couple of Chardonnays in front of us, we were set until time to board. When the lounge has been crowded, we always had a seat, as a few are “reserved” for Platinum and Centurion members, but for Gold and Green AMEX card members, it could get rough – just not on this visit.

Each AMEX Centurion Lounge (think we have been to all except LaGuardia) has some unique aspect, and at SFO, that is a “wine tasting dispenser” with mostly California wines. One just gets a ticket from the bartender (no fee), a glass from the shelf besides the dispenser, and then they can taste from about 12 different wines. On this visit, we did not do the tasting, but made ourselves content with just the complimentary Chardonnay.

Another feature of this lounge, that I appreciate is a family activity room, just for families traveling with small children. This room is separate from the main areas, and has a door. That means that the kids can play, and not run all around the main areas of the lounge – a big issue, that we encounter with too many airport lounges elsewhere.

Soon, it was time to go down the elevator, and across to Gate 75, for our flight home to Phoenix.
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16 条分享
Your stupid 3hr entry policy when the lounge is half full is a complete joke. Your front desk staff are rude and obnoxious...I'd rather go to United where they value and care for their customers and treat you with respect...not a piece of CRAP !!!!
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Fred R
纽约州纽约市6 条分享
2019年12月 • 夫妻情侣
My partner and I, both Platinum card holders, attempted to enter the American Express Centurion lounge at SFO today with a 4 hour wait until our flight. We were denied entry by Miriam Moore, apparently the Front Desk Manager,on the basis that policy allowed Platinum card holders to enter no more than 3 hours prior to departure. We were told that this is supposedly a capacity control policy. However, this lounge was less than half full when we arrived, with plenty of seats-which is what we wanted, visible from the front entry, yet Ms. Moore, determined to be in charge, told us flatly we would not be admitted. Outrageous! I understand capacity control policies if the lounge was operating at or close to capacity, but that was not the case here. The lounge was not busy at all. To make matters worse, had we been connecting from another flight, we would have been admitted! Clearly a power play on Me. Moore's part to show her authority, but awful service. Management also requires discretion and judgement as well as rigidity in exercising "policy". If Centurion lounge directors meant to establish a policy designed to alienate Platinum card members, they did a great job--and hired the best person in Ms. Moore to offensively enforce it. Platinum card members pay nearly $500 annually for small perqs like this, yet we can be denied over an arbitrary 60 minute threshold. Sad!
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瑞士策马特70 条分享
Lounge sovraffollata dove è spesso difficile trovare un tavolo libero per sedersi, fortunatamente ho chiesto ad un'altro ospite se potevo sedere allo stesso tavolo e molto gentilmente mi ha fatto accomodare. Molto buono il buffet, molto essenziale ma di qualità soprattutto per le insalate, le zuppe ed in particolare per il petto di pollo cucinato alla perfezione. Ottima la scelta delle bevande sia al banco bar che analcoliche. Sarebbe un'ottimo posto se non fosse così sovraffollato.
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Ronald P
夏威夷瓦胡岛14 条分享
I missed a flight and didn’t have a confirmed boarding pass on a new flight yet. I try and check into the lounge, charge my phone in hopes to book another flight at 10pm at night.

The woman at the counter rudely tells me I can’t use the lounge because I don’t have a boarding pass. I hand her the boarding pass of the flight I just missed and attempted to tell her my situation. She cuts me off and says that the lounge doesn’t accept inbounds.

What is the point of having a lounge if the staff is rude and will not let you use it one of the few times you need it? AMEX is really letting the quality of Centurion lounges slip.
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印度里希克虚79 条分享
i flew from international A and wanted to check this one out, youll have to pass security again and its not worth it. the priority pass lounge in international A is quieter and while the food is less quality, finding a place to sit isnt that much of a problem.
As to the centurion lounge, its full, really full. finding a place to sit is hard, very unrelaxing. food was nice, options were basic but the quality was good, i had the same food a few days before somewhere else and here is tasted much better.
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