Avila Valley Barn
Avila Valley Barn
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Christopher M
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While I enjoyed the variety of animals, and while they did appear healthy, I was very concerned about the conditions of their habitat. As far as I could tell, they did not seem to have regular stimulation outside of their small enclosures. For example, the enclosures only appeared to open outward into the farm area rather than having an additional exit towards a more open space. Also, a conversation with the staff indicated that they were not taken out for or given regular enrichment activities. My family and I went after a storm, and the grazing animals were in very deep mud. And the roofs for some animals (the emu and two cows) looked very minimal to me. Perhaps rain is so rare that some would deem improved shelter unnecessary, but I don't think most of us would want a scant roof for protection and days of standing in ankle-deep mud as our norm. Maybe the Barn could reach out to the animal welfare experts at Cal Poly to improve the conditions and even include a write-up on their walls of how they seek to provide the best care. I know the more conscientious guests would certainly appreciate it, even if it cost more.
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Grace W
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We were excited to check out this barn since our daughter loves animals and were very sad to see they did not appear have proper living conditions ! I was disappointed to see the animals in small enclosures, many of whom had very limited or no dry area to retreat to (it has been very rainy and cold in this part of California). The goats, cows, donkeys, and other animals had to stand in the mud, one of the staff whom I spoke with expressed concern for the conditions of their hooves and them not having any dry area in their enclosures. The staff informed me the animals live in the display pens continuously (for example they are never set out of roam or retreat to a dry barn). There is no enrichment/toys/etc in their environments either to stimulate or interest them. The staff inside the market barn dismissively said the goats like to be dirty and covered in mud. We were so sad to see this exploitation of animals and that they did not appear to be cared for as well as they could be. Please bring attention to this if you visit- the animals are so lovely!
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加利福尼亚特哈查比98 条分享
2022年11月 • 好友
So fun to shop and wander around the grounds; the candy building had many unique things that we had to get. The oatmeal chocolate chip ice cream was awesome (big scoop). The canned goods were special and, if I could, I would have bought many more than I did. There was also a guy demonstrating spices that had “monkey” names, so we bought several containers. We took fun photos throughout the property. Get there early, especially on weekends.
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加利福尼亚西米谷27 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We enjoyed the nice farm produce, baked goods, and farm inspired gifts. Get there early since pies sell out quick. Halloween pumpkins were plentiful and kids had a great time feeding the goats and cow. And it’s free to enter!
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加利福尼亚362 条分享
We had a lovely stop on our way home from a stay at Avila Beach. The Inn at Avila Beach serves their tasty pie every night so we wanted to stop and get one to take home. The have lots of produce, charming gifts and of course pies and other baked goods to purchase. We also bought a head of lettuce so we could feed the assorted goats, llamas, cows and donkeys. There is a food stand that had fabulous trips-tip sandwiches.
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122 条分享
This is a must stop for families traveling to the central California coast. No more than an hour to 90 minute stop. There is an extensive free fruit/vegi/food stand. There is a wagon hayride of the entire farm that they offer. Fresh corn on the cob, when in season, is a draw. The best part, the petting zoo of barnyard animals….. which is the biggest reason to visit.
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Olympia, Washington, United States154 条分享
Stop by in July 2022. It is free to enter. Lots of animals for the kids (you can buy food to feed them) and ice cream and other foods for us adults. Allow at least an hour to cruise around the site.
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康涅狄格费尔菲尔德232 条分享
great visit. high quality fruits and veggies, cakes, breads and pies.
the highlight w staking our granddaughter to feed the goats, pigs, horses, and llamas. you can buy a 3-dollar head of lettuce and feed all the animals. tracker rides are available only on the weekends, that was disappointing. Highly recommended for any one with young kids - they will love it. Staff is friendly and helpful
highly recommend.
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2022年6月 • 家庭
Wonderful place that brings back memories! Fresh fruits and vegetables, gourmet goodies, homemade pies, ice cream cones, hay rides, feed the farm animals, and just plain fun!
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卡罗莱纳州罗利1,067 条分享
2022年6月 • 夫妻情侣
It feels like a tourist trip but we thoroughly enjoyed it. The market is great for browsing with a truly unique selection. We ended up with dried pickle chips and tomato chips. We bought two ciders and an ice cream cone. The ciders were generous but the ice cream cone was tiny. The best part was the $3 head of romaine. We had a lot of fun feeding the animals. Would definitely go back.
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