Route 92 Sports Bar

Route 92 Sports Bar(圣马特奥)

Route 92 Sports Bar
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  • Hayward Park • 步行 8 分钟

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Eric F
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I have been on vacation for several days staying in San Mateo near 92 route sport bars and the third time I go, the bartender tells me by giving him my id which is the same that I presented on three occasions that he cannot attend to me because my license Puerto Rico is not valid in this state. he is a racist.
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加利福尼亚蒙特雷774 条分享
Stopped in after dinner for a quick drink. Pretty crowded with locals and kind of loud and it was pretty early on a Saturday evening which makes me think it probably gets rowdier as the evening wears on. Bartender was friendly and pretty fast even though he was on his own. Of you're hungry...They do sell chips and beef jerky!
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Jeannette D
加利福尼亚圣马特奥8 条分享
Just to clear up some things up this location is a sports Bar Named Routed 92. I hand out hear a few times a week and would describe this place a neighborhood bar. They have a nice selection of tap beers, mostly craft brews, including several IPA's, a sour, a super tasty porter, as well as Sierra Nevada, Angry Orchard and Blue Moon. They have shuffle board, a pool table and darts. For entertainment they have Trivia Wednesdays from 8:30pm to 10:30pm and Karaoke on Sundays from 9:00pm-1:00am.
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佛罗里达奥兰多114 条分享
Very scenic drive. Go during the day on a weekday if you go west it end in beautiful Half moon Bay. Lots to see and do.
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Sy K
印度孟买7 条分享
Was chaotic and disorganized which stopped from being able to get the best of the projects in the faire
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加利福尼亚费利蒙167,158 条分享
This is a road that goes from highway 280 to highway 1 (Half Moon Bay) and vice versa. It is a scenic route to drive. The Half Moon Bay side leads to the Pacific Ocean coastal side.

It can be a slow crawl however at times due to traffic. When the pumpkin festival in the fall is going on in October, it can take a while to drive east to west to get to the festival and as long to get back. On a summer week-end day it can also be slow.

As such, timing of one's driving should be taken into consideration.

Also, it can be sunny and warm on the San Mateo side of the highway and once one drives through the hills it can be cold and foggy on the coast. San Francisco can have 40 degree variations in temperature from place to place on the same day. As such, one often hears the words "dress in layers" when it comes to planning for one's travels to San Francisco Bay Area.

We have driven this route many times.....and generally have timed it right and have enjoyed the drive. We last drove it in August 2014 on a Saturday night as we drove back from Half Moon Bay to our home.

We did a circle route of driving first to Santa Cruz over highway 17, up the coats on highway 1, and then to San Mateo side using highway 92.

The road itself is well maintained.

Along the route closer to the Half Moon Bay side one will find several flower type shops, as well as a winery.
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英国萨默塞特郡392 条分享
92 connects the Peninsula with the Coast of San Mateo County. Scenic, twisty road with flower farms, Christmas tree and pumpkin farms, flower shops and a winery. East access to the beautiful town of Half Moon Bay and gorgeous coastline and beaches.
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加利福尼亚莫雷诺谷378 条分享
Although there's no particular property named "Route 92", this California state highway could be considered an attraction but its more of a functional short cut from East Bay locales to Pacific shores near Half Moon Bay. Route 92 is a 28 mile trip connecting Hayward to Half Moon Bay along a variety of highway types. See the website for more technical details:

It crosses through busy Hayward before heading out onto the Salt Flats along San Francisco Bay going towards San Mateo. You should stock up on food and drink and gas up in Hayward as there are few opportunities on the route ahead. This toll bridge gives you an 8-mile crossing of one of the world's great harbors. Look north from the high span to see the lengthy San Francisco-Oakland bridge and the scenic skyline of The City in the distance. Soon you are back on shore in freeway mode, zipping through Foster City, a community built on shaky, earthquake-prone compacted fill upon former muddy badlands. The highway passes some trendy shopping areas and a community college.

Soon you cross the San Andreas Lakes - yes, it is named after that nefarious old devil, the San Andreas Fault and you quickly cross over from the North American Plate to the Pacific Plate, familiar to all you armchair geologists.

Passing thru dense eucalyptus woods, you climb to the Skylawn Cemetery entrance near the Coast Range summit. The Monk's (That's me!) Mom's grave is there, waiting for her visitors in the Veterans section. Route 92 descends a 6-mile narrow but scenic canyon lined with specialty organic vegetable farms and nurseries. The two lane, twisty glades are heavily patrolled by local smokies, so obey the speed limit. It is rumored that marijuana plots abound in the nearby hills.

At last you emerge onto the coastal plain and the picturesque, Maine-like community of Half Moon Bay. Several side roads off nearby Highway 1 will lead you to the beach and to iconic surfer sites such as Mavericks Beach, the eponymous source of the Mac operating system responsible for this review being placed on the internet! Isn't Route 92 interesting?
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