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Safari West(圣罗莎)

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蒙大拿Glendive780 条分享
Almost as good as going to Africa
My wife and I traveled to San Francisco just to visit Safari West. We were not disappointed. We LOVE giraffes, and having giraffes stick their heads into our tour jeep was exciting and amazing. But I am getting ahead of myself. We opted for the safari tour and the lunch that followed. The safari tour was excellent. We traveled around acres and acres of land in a tour jeep and saw so many animals up close and personal. Two types of giraffes that were curious enough about us to stick their heads in our jeeps to get a closer look at us! Many types of animals (mostly a huge variety of antelope). We also saw two huge rhinos. The tour lasted about 2 hours. There was also a walking component to the tour that included birds, reptiles, land animals, etc. but the jeep tour was amazing. I would recommend skipping the lunch. It is over-priced for what you get.
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Summer Safari
Had a day tour in Safari West last July 2021 with family. All ages will enjoy the tour (total of 3 hours, which includes a walking tour). Ours was led by Richard who was very engaging with each guest in the group - very knowledgeable, spontaneous, and a great tour driver! We were comfortably seated with twelve guests in the jeep - this was pre-Delta covid surge. Everyone had a turn on top of the jeep and we were offered the use of an umbrella while we were on the jeep rooftop (didn't feel the need to use it; we took the 10AM tour). It was great to have fun and at the same time learn about the animals that we saw. Might be considered pricey by some, but worth it in my opinion.
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Debbi H
加利福尼亚斯托克顿140 条分享
Family Getaway at Safari West
2021年8月 • 家庭
Jeff was our guide. After a great lunch, we went on a walking tour first, then our tour. Jeff answered all of our questions and provided us with interesting information about the animals and their behaviors. It was a great trip. He was so patient with our little ones. Thank you, Jeff, for a wonderful afternoon.
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Memories Made
2021年7月 • 家庭
This was by far an experience that I am so pleased we decided to do.
We surprised our three girls (one who recently celebrated turning 12, the other 8 and our youngest is 6) They had a blast. Brought grandma along too; and she was thrilled to be a part of our Safari trip.
We stayed the night and Glamped it up.

Chose their Dinner BBQ. It was filling. Dining area was the perfect ambiance. Food was good…continental breakfast was a nice layout and a nice surprise, as I didn’t realize that breakfast was included in our overnight stay.

Sleeping quarters were relaxing and clean.
However, be prepared for a noisy nights sleep. Animals don’t sleep at night. But it really was part of the whole experience. I didn’t mind it. Husband couldn’t sleep. Kids did stay up a bit later than usual due to animal calls, but again part of the experience.

I think if they had a pool I would stay here for a week!
Animals look happy. Can’t get enough of those lemurs. Land and views were pretty.
It’s obvious the people who work with the animals (2legged included) really enjoy what they do. They are committed to the animals and educating people about them.

I’m looking forward to going back again.
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Southern CA25 条分享
Safari adventures without leaving California
2021年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Fun filled place to stay… enjoyed all the animals particularly Lemur Island ( ongoing entertainment) and the “ safari “ with out outstanding witty and informative guide Richard. Stayed 2 nights.
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Shonda S
2 条分享
Everyone must experience this…family fun all ages
2021年7月 • 家庭
We all had an outstanding time. The tour was awesome, dinner divine and our stay incredible. The staff service was impeccable! My entire family ages 24-83 had a fabulous time! It was great way to start the week!

I have several friends now booking their trips!
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Bowman, Georgia12 条分享
VERY happy with our visit!!! This is a great way to spend the day
2021年7月 • 家庭
My wife booked this side trip, and I thought it was going to be a hokey kids thing. It was far from that! Jackson, our tour guide, was fantastic. The animals were plentiful and amazing. We were inches away from rhino’s, zebra, cheetah, gazelle, giraffes, ostrich, and many many more. This place takes great care in the care of the zoo and it’s animals. We had lunch as well which was also very nice. Would definitely recommend for the whole family!!
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俄亥俄哥伦布199 条分享
Baby Boom!
It is definitely worth the drive to Santa Rosa to see all of the new born by animals and their parents. Our very informative guide Chris kept pointing them out where they were blending in with their surroundings as we were touring.
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30 条分享
A fabulous Father's Day at Safari West
2021年6月 • 夫妻情侣
I have lived in Santa Rosa for 45 years and never visited Safari West until Father's Day 3 days ago. I was absolutely amazed how great the experience is. From start to finish the animals were incredibly fascinating and beautiful. Cheetah, cape buffalo, African antelope, flamingo, ostrich, rhino, zebra, and yes, the fabulous giraffes coming right up to our vehicle! The staff were very helpful and friendly. Our guide, Erin, was highly educated on every specie and went out of her way to please.
After the motor tour and walking tour we had a visit to the really good gift shop and then a great bbq dinner. We had a great time and I want to thank Safari West for giving me the best Father's Day in years.
Do not miss this adventure!
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Elizabeth K
加利福尼亚圣何塞164 条分享
Great family trip with a few caveats
We had so much fun with our kids ages 6 and 8, and highly recommend this place for families or even adults on their own. We stayed 3 nights in a tent cabin, which was maybe 1 night too long (would recommend 2 nights for your first visit so you don't have to rush, but even 1 night would be plenty of time), but found things to occupy ourselves. My kids loved walking through the zoo habitats and we spent a lot of time observing the animals.

The overnight: Tent was clean and had all the amenities we needed. Room got COLD at night but lots of blankets helped. Space heater turned on randomly through the night--even when the dial was set to "off"--didn't see an automatic setting... (Do I not know how to operate a space heater??) Electric blankets also turned off randomly in the night--even when they were set to 10 hours... Maybe we just got some glitchy equipment. But it wasn't a huge deal. Front door to tent doesn't lock, which wasn't a big deal either, but maybe don't bring valuables if you will worry about them.

The safari tour: Was awesome! Our guide, Kyra, was personable and really informative. She got excited about some of the animals--apparently they don't run much, but we saw quite a few on the move--which was exciting for us, and she was great at talking to kids. First tour of the day, 9am, was just right, as it wasn't too hot and most of the animals were pretty active.

The restaurant: Delicious food at very reasonable prices. I liked the fixed menu--you pick which items you want, or you can have them all. Food was good quality and nicely prepared. Overnight stays come with continental breakfast which was just fine.

Some caveats: This isn't Safari West's fault at all, but we witnessed some bad behavior from the guests that was pretty appalling. Our first night, the people in the tent next to us stayed up on their balcony talking loudly and laughing until one o'clock in the morning. Kept my kids awake and I could hear them even with earplugs. Have some courtesy, people! Also witnessed children chasing geese, trying to hit them with hats (while the parents were standing right there), and children climbing over a fence to stick their hands through the lemur cages (while the parents were standing right there)!! Maybe it bothered me more than it bothers the employees, but it was still distressing to see such flagrant violations of the rules.

Suggestions for the management: Apparently there was supposed to be some kind of welcome guide in our tent, with guidelines (and maybe instructions for the space heater?), but we did not have one. Maybe it was removed due to Covid? Would have been really helpful. Enforced quiet hours among the tent cabins would be great. Also, more signage throughout the property about not touching animals etc. may eliminate some of the afore-mentioned behavioral problems of clueless guests. (Or maybe not.)

Overall: Come visit!!
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