Valet of the Moon Wine Tours
Valet of the Moon Wine Tours
私人游览 • 葡萄酒游览与品尝
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伊利诺伊州Woodridge2 条分享
2022年11月 • 好友
We absolutely love Sharon and Colleen from Valet of the Moon! We have booked with them multiple times and will continue to do so! Whenever we are planning a trip to Sonoma/Napa we reach out to Sharon and let her know what kind of experience we are looking for, what kind of wines we like and what area we want to visit and she always has great and unique recommendations. Some of her recommendations have become our favorite wineries to visit and we come back every year to visit them! Colleen has been our driver each time we have booked with Sharon and she is fun, friendly and very informative! She is also really good at keeping us on track bc it’s easy to lose track of time! We look forward to seeing her every year we visit!
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Ann C
弗吉尼亚阿灵顿97 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Sharon is a genius and guided us for an exceptional trip! Her approach from having us complete a survey and then doing a couple of phone calls to reserve the ideal wineries for two days of tours was the best way to navigate the overwhelming number of wineries in Sonoma County. Her knowledge and experience make her the ideal wine tour guide because she individualises the experience. We had Colleen on the second day and while we enjoyed our driver for day one, Colleen was just spectacular, perfect in every way. The wineries were all wonderful and the way Sharon had us book them worked exactly right. Sharon also gave us a few suggestions for our other days in the area and we did every single one and she was spot on for those as well.
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Jeff B
密西西比州比洛克西3 条分享
This was the second time we have used Sharon and her company and it's the easiest and best decision we made on our trip to Sonoma. Sharon quite literally knows everything about the Napa/Sonoma area and everyone knows her wherever you go and she is highly respected. We had Sharon drive our rental car for 2 days and Greg with her company drove it another. Both are whole vaults of knowledge you would not otherwise get.

Sharon led us to the small boutique wineries with intimate tastings that we would never have known about nor could we have gotten into without Sharon's relationships. She knows every road and every winery there and the history of everything you pass without having to use a GPS. Every single one of her recommendations were absolutely on point. In fact, the only wineries we did not like were the ones we picked ourselves that Sharon did not recommend. We quickly learned to "just trust Sharon!" Greg was also such a great resource. He booked us a tasting without us even knowing it saying just to trust him and that we would like it. That one ended up being our favorite wine of the entire trip.

Both Sharon and Greg are an absolute pleasure to be around. Fun, informative, easy going. Not only do they know their wineries, they know the places to eat, the things to do, the best times to do them, etc so their help extends far after they drop you off each day. You get to spend hours each day with the most knowledgeable people of the whole area and they love sharing that knowledge with you, but they are never intrusive or pushy. They are just there when you need them, but let you enjoy the experiences on your own. They were on time showing up at our door at the exact time they said each day.

Look, wine country can be an intimidating place. There are a lot of amazing wineries to choose from and a lot of not so great ones are in that mix. It's very difficult to find the right ones without help. You can waste a lot of money and time if you choose the wrong ones or go in blind. That's where Sharon and her company come in. "Driver" doesn't describe what they do at all. Yes, they drive you safely, but you get intimate knowledge, relationships, and insider info that no book or web site can possibly give you.

Trust me. You are booking a vacation and it's supposed to be relaxing and fun and not stressful to prepare for. Do yourself a favor and book with Sharon and her team. It's the only way you can guarantee you will get that relaxation and fun. Put your GPS phone down and just enjoy the knowledge filled ride. And for goodness' sake, "Just trust Sharon."
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4 条分享
2021年12月 • 夫妻情侣
I booked 3 days of tours for my 40th birthday trip…2 with my husband and one with my girlfriends. Sharon provided recommendations leading up to the trip, all of which proved to be amazing. We visited several places that we never would have known about without her advice and they turned out to be our favorites! The first two days with my husband, we were escorted by Sharon herself. On the last day, we were with Colleen, who was amazing as well. I cannot recommend this team more highly! They really know the area well and have great stories to tell. Don’t hesitate, just book it now!
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田纳西孟菲斯44 条分享
We learned about Sharon and her company through a fellow wine enthusiast and the recommendation was on point. Sharon is a gem, she knows everything about Sonoma/Napa and beyond and helped us tremendously staying on schedule, squeezing in lunch in ways we couldn't have managed ourselves (because we wanted to see 8 vineyards and still have lunch ha), and was very pleasant in showing us the region. She wasn't just a driver, she was completely part of our experience for the two days we were able to call upon her services and made our experience in Sonoma/Napa all the better.

It was also great for us to get a rental SUV from the airport to our Sonoma airbnb and then, in our case, Sharon drive our rental once we got to Sonoma. So much more convenient than using other services that would have our rental only get us to Sonoma and then have another vehicle be used by a tour to get us around.

Sharon was wonderful and we would totally book her again!
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伊利诺伊州La Grange Park5 条分享
Sharon and Colleen helped make our trip to Sonoma easy and enjoyable! Sharon helped us choose the types of wineries we wanted to visit. She offered helpful suggestions and then timed out the days perfectly. It was so helpful to have a driver waiting for us whenever we were done at a winery. No waiting for buses and the comfort of our own rental car to ride in from place to place. Most of all, Sharon and Colleen were so easy going and pleasant to talk to and ride with! Highly recommend.
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Ryan S
伊利诺伊州芝加哥30 条分享
2021年10月 • 好友
Sharon. Leslie, and Colleen were amazing drivers. They were easy to plan with and kept us on schedule. We will be using them every time we come back!
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Robert L
3 条分享
We used them for 3 days of tasting in Napa and Sonoma. The two drivers, George and Colleen were great! Safe and very knowledgeable about the wineries, history and restaurants too.

They made our vacation very enjoyable and one to always remember.

Highly recommend this company for your DD needs.
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Lindsay K
俄亥俄哥伦布6 条分享
This is the second time we have used Valet of the Moon and we will most definitely use them again. Sharon is incredibly knowledgeable about how long it takes to get from place to place and had great tips for where to have lunch, when to order, etc. On this trip, Greg drove us and we had a lovely day. He was so pleasant to chat with while we were driving and was easy going about our timeline. It really added to how much we enjoyed the day.
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Janet B
new orleans,la357 条分享
Sharon was not only our driver but helped plan which wineries to visit based on our tastes. It was just perfect! Can't wait to visit again and book with Sharon.
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