Qudos Bank Arena
Qudos Bank Arena
音乐会 • 综合运动场 • 竞技场与体育馆
上午9:00 - 下午5:00
上午9:00 - 下午5:00
上午9:00 - 下午5:00
上午9:00 - 下午5:00
上午9:00 - 下午5:00
上午9:00 - 下午5:00
上午12:00 - 下午11:59
上午12:00 - 下午11:59
2-3 小时


  • Olympic Park • 步行 10 分钟

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Brooke s
1 条分享
2023年6月 • 商务型
We received absolutely brilliant assistance from Keiran last night from the second we arrived. He quickly sorted out our seating arrangements, explained where the accessible bathrooms were, and met all of our needs. He is a genuine lovely person and made our night special. Thankyou
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Maria Markson
1 条分享
Absolutely disgusted with staff. I was kicked out of the Tame impala concert for "supplying minors with alcohol". Minors??? Two girls i had seen earlier in the night with alcohol and who had approached me asking if i could buy them drinks as the venue doesn't take cash. Responsibly, I asked both for ID and both presented IDs. Both girls also looked easily 20-22. Staff did not listen, felt the need to have 9 police officers involved! As well as about 10 venue staff, making me feel like a criminal when i had in-fact done nothing wrong. The two girls had left the venue, weren't followed, so i copped the brunt of the issue. Even though staff hadn't checked their id and were not aware of their ages. I explained the staff my PTSD with police and asked various times for male officers to step back from me. This request was not listened to, until a paramedic was required to warn the police back. The staff after about 45 minutes of following me around and collecting more police, RSA marshals and staff, asked if i wanted to return to the event, which was nearly over. I missed. over 70% of a show I have been waiting for, for multiple years. Staff and police also would not return my ID even though they had already taken a photo and noted my details. Even the St Johns office called the experience "ridiculous and unfair"; with her struggling to get my ID off police, The experience was traumatising and made me feel like a criminal when i was just offering to do something nice. Staff are very poorly trained, extremely rude and pushy. Police told me i would be followed up with a case number and mental health support. Its 2 days later and nothing has happened. Absolutely disgusted with my treatment and complete discrimination as an individual with mental health. Not to mention, the RSA staff at the entry of the venue claiming my ID was fake (a very much valid NSW Provisional licence). Due to this, we were late to the show.
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148 条分享
2022年8月 • 夫妻情侣
My hubby and I attended the KISS concert. Unfortunately the venue makes it impossible to bring your own food or snacks in and of course your expected to purchase from the venue directly.
Well, all the food was ridiculously priced. Just mm’s were $8.50 ?
We purchased a beef burger each and when I took a couple bites I noticed the meat wasn’t cooked throughout the entire patty. When I took it back the chef advised me that it is cooked and it’s expected for the patty fo look slightly pink in the centre???? He offered me a refund and to purchase the chicken burger?? No chance I’d eat that if it too was uncooked well. I took my chance and kept my beef burger and just drunk plenty of water as I was starving.
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Fady M
澳大利亚悉尼24 条分享
2022年7月 • 家庭
Very average compared to previous ones, they definitely need more skaters in the stories, better dances and stories design
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Kellie S
1 条分享
2022年7月 • 家庭
We missed first quarter of the Harlem globetrotters because qudos needs Better parking solutions, queued for 40 mins only for the P1 car park to be full. Street parking has been closed off. Catering on-site ran out of hotdogs and chips and other things and queued for so long that we missed 3rd quarter queuing - I felt they weren’t set up for big crowds when this should be their specialty!
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澳大利亚Greater Sydney2 条分享
2022年4月 • 夫妻情侣
The arena used to offer a great variety of food, now it is appalling. Same food at every outlet & all bad. Couldn’t even get a sparkling mineral water or diet soft drink. It’s about time they lifted their game & served decent healthier food & variety of choice. Great venue being let down by food, drink and ease of service.
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2021年5月 • 好友
Overall the the venue is good but I feel that they could have way more food choices (as someone with autism, I eat a lot of different foods but some days I’m more fussy than others and limited fast food isn’t it for me to be honest). The 3 hotdogs I ate (I know that’s a lot but I was hungry 😂) were good but quite average. The venue is wheelchair accessible which is so important. The Amy Shark concert was so amazing and I’m so glad that I was there to experience it with my mum and my best friend. Yes I would recommend this place but I would eat before going 💕
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澳大利亚谢尔哈伯3 条分享
My friend an I had a great night out at the Queen concert, despite this supposing to be a sit down concert you could not stop two Warilla girls from having a great night. We danced all through the concert.
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Linda S
20 条分享
2019年11月 • 家庭
Sporting venue atmosphere tv screens and speaker systems excellent.
Love watching music shows and spot there in the past.
The staff and seating is great . I like the atmosphere and view can get a little cool jacket is a good idea.
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Helmut K
澳大利亚沃加沃加103 条分享
My impression was that I got the best seating position which was on the long side of the arena but it was not easy to find the respective entrance. Also to find the toilets was difficult.
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