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Really crowded with absolutely no COVID safety precautions being taken. It took over an hour to rent skis and boots, and the last 15 minutes we were crowded inside where it was impossible to maintain a 6-foot distance between people. Mask wearing was hit or miss. The food was terrible. The skiing was not bad, but it took us 45 minutes to get out of the parking lot. Will not return.
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Rafael G
加利福尼亚Apple Valley13 条分享
2020年1月 • 家庭
Nice place for families but just be careful using their restrooms 🤢🤮very dirty and disgusting! Also great places to shop there, going back to checkout the mountain 🏔 resort and snowboarding.
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Eat Sleep Poop App
加利福尼亚洛杉矶2 条分享
We took our 3 year olds tubing on a Sunday and had a blast. Some things to consider: 1) they have to be 36" tall 2) they will connect the parent and child tubes together if you prefer it that way 3) it all feels very safe but scary in a fun way too 4) having the belt to carry you and your tubes up the hill is awesome ...

Regarding waiting in line: for the 10:15am session, the line was long and slow for the 1st hour, then empty for the 2nd hour. There were 3 open lanes, and we got about 8 rides which was plenty for the toddlers.

As the day warms up, the snow gets softer and slower. So if you want speed, go early.
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Steven P
阿拉巴马奥本211 条分享
This was my 20 yo son's first ski trip! Great memory! Good group lessons for all levels--adults and children. Great variety of slopes (green to black). I wish there were lessons always at the East Resort since that's where we'd plan to ski mostly. It has less snowboarding and the green slope is higher up, providing prettier mountain views. Overall, well organized. Lines are long to get rentals but it moves fast (and we went on a holiday weekend of sorts). Beautiful views of Mojave Desert! We didn't try any of the food...too busy enjoying the slopes. This was my first chance to ski at night and that was a neat experience as well. The traffic leaving that evening (around 6 pm) was horrendous. It took us over an hour to get back to I-15 S.
The lines to lifts moved rapidly and the staff throughout the resort were quite helpful. Good instruction from Ed!
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Panic RE
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We went here with some friends late January and my tip is to be prepared for anything!

1) Pack enough winter wear. I'm from the tropics so triple-layered clothing wasnt enough!
2) Bring chains. You'll never know when you'll need it :)

Otherwise a nice experience :)
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Jan B
加利福尼亚印第安维尔斯168 条分享
Something for everyone,. plus a great ski school for learning or improving your techniques. Buildings are A bit dated, has a good old school feeling. All staff super nice. Lift lines move quickly, plenty of open terrain.
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2019年2月 • 家庭
Why do you need to line up 7:30 am at group check in that opens at 8:30am? Because this place is utter chaos! and cannot handle the crowds. There should be a clear cut 1 paper guide for groups or regulars, but everyone is left trying to find where to go next as " go next door" is not always correct, and the buildings are very poorly marked. Our group of 6 kids and 3 adults was the second to get processed and finally made it to lesson area by 9:30 am. You do get to park in premium when you arrive early. Your party can get breakfast in chalet while someone waits in line for groups. Do not listen to the lady and DO get zip ties for the lift card. That is your only proof on the slopes. My kid dropped hers on the magic carpet ride and it took us another 30 min to get another one at group reservations. Why do you have to get the gear rental and then go to another spot marked rental returns to get tagged for class? Utter chaos. Free hot chocolate for kids during lessor breaks. Finally 10 am 1st lesson of the day starts. Snowboarding lessons; my one kid got a break, but the other one did not. Start ordering food at your choice of restaurant. We stayed at the one closer to the lessons and it was way over capacity. Very affordable. We ordered food at 11:30 am and got food after lesson was over at 12pm. It was pouring sleet/ snow mix, 28 F degrees and record snow this week, and with severe wind gusts the magic carpet shut down by 11 and the lifts by 2 pm. We left before the lifts got shut down and got stuck in a 4 hour nightmare to just get to highway 15. Someone said that it was a 5 car pile up with a pole down but others said that this is regular exit traffic on most snow days. We were at the west side but all sides seemed totally packed. The crowds are severe. And please bring everything you may need as this place does not have a great shop. Also will need a full tank of gas, and jumper cables. Its amazing to see this much snow so close to home, but the crowds, the chaos and the car ride home are not worth it.
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加利福尼亚园林86 条分享
2019年1月 • 家庭
It was raining in Southern California on and off for about a week last week. We saw the snow built up on top of Mountain High. The elevation up the mountain is hardly noticeable when we drove up highway 2. Most of the time when we got up to the top, there wasn’t enough snow for the kids to play with the sledge or a little snow fight. Last week on Saturday was different, it was snowing when we were up there. So there was a lot of fresh powder & few visitors were there. It would be a five stars for the snow & the fun if the public restroom was opened. Because of the government shutdowns, public restroom was closed & we left early. Other people & other kids needed to use the restroom at that time, so many other people got back in their cars and headed down the mountain at the same time, which created a little traffic jam. Other than that, it was a fun day.
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2019年1月 • 家庭
Waste of a trip. We went in 2015 and were able to park on the side of the highway and play in the snow with the dogs and it was great. Not anymore thanks to regulators. We just went again and you can no longer park on the side of the highway or they will tow you. Great job regulators!!! You will not see me back.

We parked in the Mountain High lot, paid $10.00 to park only to find out AFTER PAYING TO PARK they do not allow dogs in the snow. We asked for a refund on the parking fee and were told "we are not ALLOWED" to give refunds. I do not recommend anyone send any money there to subsidize such a place. What a shame. It was a complete waste of time for us!
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巴西巴西利亚22 条分享
2018年3月 • 家庭
Eventhough this is the perfect day to go, they are far of being prepared to receive many people. I think they should visit Universal Studios and learn a little bit with their processes. I left almost US$ 300 there for a first time lesson package. We arrived in the place at 10:00 am and could only start our lesson at 2 pm. Line to take the bus, line to buy the ticket, line to get the rented equipments. Everything could be done electronically! For God! Your are in California! Another thing: prices are abusive: 3 small doritos, 2 apple juices, 3 small chocolates: US$ 23! I will probably never get back.
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