Paradise Falls

Paradise Falls(Alpine National Park)


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澳大利亚大墨尔本地区26,111 条分享
The rock formation at the falls was picturesque and worth the walk although the amount of water was small. Signage indicated that the walk was relaxed 200 Metres but most was steps down and at the end difficult unmade section to get to the falls. For some it could be difficult and the walk back up was difficult.
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2022年1月 • 家庭
I'm looking at going to the waterfall please help
Is the waterfall have running water this time of uear please
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澳大利亚悉尼21 条分享
Just letting everyone know that there is currently no water in the falls. Also for those older folk, the steps can be a challenge in some sections but the views and the rock walls and even the dry waterfall area are good.
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泰国帕岸岛122 条分享
2020年11月 • 好友
Most people would not even know this is there. If you are near whitfield, vic. Make sure you visit this place. A 200m walk , with rock steps up and down. Take it slow and most will be able to do the walk. incredible rock formation.
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Gary Rowan Higgins
澳大利亚里士满144 条分享
2019年8月 • 独自旅游
My last visit to Paradise Falls was in August 2014, after good rain. This time, despite pretty good recent winter rains, only one of the falls was making a splash, so to speak, and the experience was improved amusingly by a vagrant breeze shifting the fall left, right and straight onto me!

The second fall was nowt but a trickle, and not really visible, it's presence given away by the effects of the breeze described above!

A brillant blue sky and warming sun with occasional distant views offset the somewhat challenging walk down and especially, back up over many, many steps, with two steep pinches. You will need a breather in a few places!

My GPS recorded the walk down as 850m, - - a little at odds with the sign at the start stating a rather hopeful 500m. The return walk was the same distance.

The 18km long and winding road to Paradise Falls wanders through emerald green farmland sparkling in the morning dew against a backdrop of rolling, hazy blue-green hills that are so characteristic of the north-east. After Dip Lane, the dusty white gravel road narrows and climbs for most of the way, crossing several low (one way) bridges. The last section to the falls carpark has two blind corners and a final climb where there is little room for two cars passing (give way to cars coming UP - - leaving the falls - - this section).

Four wheels or two...?
Mountain biking to Paradise Falls from Whitfield is certainly doable, but it will be fairly physical and slow on the forward trip because of the amount of climbing, but much faster coming back. Take plenty of water as none is available along the way.◾
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Rebecca K
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2017年12月 • 家庭
Although, being summer and the Falls were barely a trickle this place is definitely worth visit.
The rock wall is impressive in its sheer size and the place has a very special feeling to it.
Access is good, although very small children and the elderly might need some help.
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澳大利亚大墨尔本地区35,314 条分享
2017年2月 • 好友
not mentioned in same breath as other famous falls in victoria. but well worth a look. easy to get too down paradise falls rd which is a gravel rd. nice easy walk from car park. they try to discourage you from walking at back of falls but that's the highlight of falls so do it anyway. the falls can either be a feast or famine delending on rain
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澳大利亚奥尔伯里91 条分享
To reach such a mesmerising and secret twins falls need 10 minutes walk.

Enjoy being at Beautiful cliff and refreshing water ✨
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澳大利亚墨尔本99 条分享
2015年6月 • 好友
Follow the signs to Paradise Falls, although there are not many! Take Paradise Falls Rd and keep going along a gravel road, even when you start to doubt you are on the right road!!! You arrive at a carpark with a few steps down to the signboard telling you about the walks and the area.
There is a small picnic area there with tables and benches and two interesting barbecue spots obviously for wood burning fires one would think, but the signs all say to bring gas BBQ's with you. Not sure why they have gone to all the bother of putting these two fireplaces there if they don't want you to use them.
The walk down to the falls is down quite steep and uneven steps and quite challenging for some, even though everything we read said that it was a very easy walk. On arriving at a viewing platform the falls cascade down a huge rock face and appears to fall like rain onto the ground. It is a beautiful spot, but apparently it can often have absolutely no water. Some of our party loved it and some would not bother again.
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澳大利亚墨尔本195 条分享
2015年1月 • 家庭
Beautiful spot, good road, easy to find, nice walk on formed steps to lookout and detour off path to get to the bottom of the huge rock overhang.

Looks like wave rock and in spring or after rains would have a great gushing waterfall, In summer it was a pretty shower that looked like liquid silver coming through the sunlight.
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