Bridal Veil hike

Bridal Veil hike(特柳赖德)

Bridal Veil hike
徒步路径 • 瀑布
超过 3 小时


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Jan K
捷克共和国姆拉达博雷斯拉夫70 条分享
Pure nature that takes your heart. Prepare to get wet because melting snow can do its job plus prepare to get shower from waterfall despite you keep yourself on the road. I was lucky enough to catch rain as well. However that meal that was supposed to be brunch or lunch was rather picnic snack with very cool view or maybe even early dinner. But it was all worth it.
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Warsaw, Poland228 条分享
Great views. Good exercise. Two great spots at lower falls for lovely pics and then the big show at at Bridal Veil falls. Hike the road on up to the Via Ferrata and the Power Station for the full view of the valley. If you have kids or balance issues, take the road hike.
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阿肯色州Judsonia66 条分享
2021年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Amazing views of 3 waterfalls up close on one hike!! Make sure you take the time to branch off and see the 2 lower ones in addition to Bridal Veil. They are big and beautiful as well and only slightly off main path! Trail is strenuous, but we took it slow, rested, and brought drinks and snacks and did fine even though we don't live in that elevation.
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康涅狄格锡姆斯伯里112 条分享
Parking was very limited. The trail up to the falls was well marked and 1.2 mi in length. We could see the falls at a distance from the parking lot. In our mid 70s we thought we’d try the climb. Well, between the altitude and rocky steep incline, we didn’t get very far. Sooo I only recommend this climb for younger athletic individuals.
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Taylor B
伊利诺伊州芝加哥7,646 条分享
Bridal Veil Falls is a 365-foot waterfall at the end of the box canyon overlooking Telluride, Colorado. It is the tallest free-falling waterfall in Colorado, as beautiful as it is overwhelming, a picture postcard that highlights one of the world's most popular ski resort towns. In 1979, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Hiking and off-road trails pass by the falls and it has a hydroelectric power plant at its top which generates 25 percent of Telluride's demand for electricity. Built in 1907, originally used to power the Smuggler-Union Mine, the plant still contains its original 2,300-volt Westinghouse Electric AC generator, one of the oldest AC generators still in operation. In winter, the frozen shape of the falls forms an imposing challenge that can be a precarious adventure for intrepid ice climbers, even for the experienced family that lives there. A hiking trail continues on past the falls to mountain meadows and mountain lakes above 10,000 feet. For a hike with breathtaking views, this is the place. You can explore the falls on foot, by bicycle or in your car. The trail is 1.8 miles each way. Elevation is 1,650 feet. Allow for an hour each way. Head east on Colorado Avenue from Telluride, following the road past Pandora Mill until it becomes a dirt road. Park at the Valley View parking lot to hike to the top of the falls, first summited in 1978 for ABC's Wide World of Sports. Or drive the dirt road to the top. All-wheel drive is recommended.
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Aspen30 条分享
Although there was very little water falling from Bridal Veil Falls to follow up, it was the perfect starting hike to our weekend in Telluride. Loved getting my heart rate up and to get above the town for perspective. Well marked.
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乔治亚萨凡纳52 条分享
This is new "trail" that was completed in 2019. The old way to the Bridal Veil falls was an unpaved road, so easier. It had snowed 2 days previously and this really tight, uphill climb was quite challenging due to the slick mud. Still worth it, but keep an eye on the trail conditions.
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科罗拉多博尔德81 条分享
Get there early so you can grab a parking spot & then head up the brand-new trail to slowly ascend through the trees, boulders, smaller falls/grottos, etc., to reach Bridal Falls. If you can, head all the way up to the old mining house. A beautiful hike!
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佛罗里达盖恩斯维尔361 条分享
The new trail is phenomenal! So glad we heard about it and had the opportunity to experience it. Lots of photos. Curious about the names of the other 2 waterfalls. The first was our favorite, we hit it just as the sun was breaking over the mountains and lighting the top.
Going beyond the base and up the road switchbacks wasn't really worth it to me, unless we could have gone all the way to Silver Lake apparently. The house at the top is the power plant referred to by others and the view really isn't much different.
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J Travel
田纳西274 条分享
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侣
With the steepness of the surrounding mountains this is the most scenic and easily accessible trail. At the parking lot you have two options: take the wooded trail to bridal veil falls or walk the road. If you want shade or it’s raining take the wooded trail. There is also a second small waterfall on the wooded trail you will miss if you hike the road. The road may be a little longer in distance but it is much easier. If hiking with kids take the road. The wooded trail has a lot of twist and turns and steep spots. Either way both will get you to the bottom of the falls and from there if you want to keep going up you must hike the road to the power station at the top of the falls.
Good luck!
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