Saville Dam

Saville Dam(Barkhamsted)

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Joe t
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Just another way the state of CT doesn’t care about people, and takes away freedoms from the public under fake excuses.
2021年7月 • 好友
One of my most favorite spots for decades, and due to the pandemic, the people in charge shut it down. Now that everything has opened back up, keeping the parking areas closed just shows how absolutely lazy and inconsiderate these people are to the public, and how unsafe their thought process actually is. Instead of being able to park, people are slamming on their brakes and going way under the speed limit to take in the sights. This was a nice place that was highly recommended, but now is a dangerous traffic spot.
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Cromwell, CT7 条分享
Damn Covid
Unfortunately when we went last month, everything is blocked off due to crowds and pandemic. Not happy. How hard is it to park, walk and stay 6 ft. away from others and wear a mask if you can't? Not too hard....
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康涅狄格Barkhamsted4 条分享
Scenes from a Fairy Tale
Absolutely breathtaking any time of year...even more so in the fall when the mountainous backdrop provides it's beautiful palate of brilliant colors. Walk down into the peaceful wooded area or over to the sandy beach.
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C. M. B
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We cross this dam very often and every time it offers a visual, and even philosophical, mini-meditation
On a beautiful sunny day it is simply a stunning scene, whether you stay in your car
or get out and walk around. A northwestern CT treasure.
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伊利诺伊州Highland1,203 条分享
Beautiful spot for a picnic!
This is one of our first impressions of Connecticut after driving a bit from the airport. It was beautiful and was a window of what we were to experience the rest of our trip. We chose to stop by later in our trip for a picnic lunch to fully enjoy the beauty of this place. Don't miss this!
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康涅狄格New Hartford60 条分享
There are not many words that can describe how beautiful this dam is. It overlooks the reservoir surrounded by forests. There is also a place to walk and amazing manicured grounds. A must see especially in the fall when the trees are changing.
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C. M. B
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2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Perfect for a dramatic photographic visit and short walks. Parking at each end and on the historic dam itself. Nearby recreational areas for longer visits - picnicing, Its what the government program - the WPA - built when men were out of work during the depression. Government programs like this could be an answer during this time
of environmental problems/climate change. Pass it on. Esp. to your reps and senators.
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Parker Sturbridge
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Parker says "Absolutely beautiful>
2019年5月 • 独自旅游
So, you're driving through the Connecticut countryside on a nice afternoon. Lo and behold, you come around the bend and a vast reservoir stretches to your right on the horizon. And close to the road, on an aqueduct-like bridge, is a little section of Hogwarts. Yes, Harry Potter in Connecticut. A large, dark gray stone turret with large wooden doors. I believe it is the pump house for the reservoir and adjacent dam (you're actually on top of the dam when you drive by this). Stop in the lot and take a walk around. Obviously, visitors are not allowed inside, but the outside views are amazing. Bring your camera and spend a few minutes in the peace and quiet of northern Connecticut.
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Ruth M
康涅狄格Avon1,020 条分享
Beautiful spot for a picnic and a walk
2019年4月 • 家庭
This is must when in the area. Beautiful place for pictures, a picnic and fresh air. Don’t miss it. Go mid week for less crowds.
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马萨诸塞Ludlow142 条分享
Scenic stop
2018年12月 • 独自旅游
I planned on visiting Enders Falls but for some reason the parking area is all fenced in so I continued on and stopped at Saville Dam. It was a pretty cold day so I didn't stay long but now that I know where it is I will be back! It was nice to see the wreaths on the door and theres a Christmas tree inside. Must look nice at night.
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