Seaside Park

Seaside Park(布里奇波特)

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Love it
2019年8月 • 家庭
Love the low tide hours. Calming. We use to live by there and love the foggy days as well. Winter time we would even go to enjoy the snowy beach. Want see more pictures : Instagram account : jubeijaxx
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Miguel M
1 条分享
exelente esas vacaciones
una exelente playa tiene muy buen lugar para relajarce,muy buenas vacaciones
se puede hacer musica ,se puede vanar hacer asado
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康涅狄格布里奇波特2,660 条分享
Beach day
2020年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Best beach in Fairfield county CT. I have lived in Bridgeport all my life and can definitely say it is the best beach in the area. The beachfront is very long with plenty of sandy areas to layout. If you like they have plenty of grills where families can enjoy the park. Tons of parking areas but do come early during the summer because it gets packed.
In addition to the beach they also have plenty of ball fields where young kids and adults can play baseball. Also plenty of space for our soccer leagues to play as well. I have even seen folks play críquet (sp?) as well. During the summer they install volleyball nets for groups to enjoy. Last but definitely not least is the bandshell which plays host to plenty of music shows and programs. You do need a Parking sticker to park in the park so be aware if you are a non-resident; you will be ticketed if you don’t have a perk permit.
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Hamden, Connecticut3 条分享
Best CT beach
2019年8月 • 家庭
Seaside beach is the best in CT. I’ve been going there since I was a child (40 yrs ago), and I have visited many of CT beaches. I have never found a beach that compares. Seaside has soft beautiful sand free of rocks and shells, which is very exceptional for Long Island sound. The water is clear with almost no seaweed in certain areas. And low tide is awesome for the kids. Large clean sandbars are perfect for running, playing, and building sandcastles. They also have a hot dog/snack stand which serves the most amazing fries. There’s an Italian ice cart on wheels and 2 ice cream trucks with different style ice cream (the kiddie stuff and the good stuff) They also have a splash pad and 2 playgrounds. I moved away from Bridgeport about 20 years ago, but I still take the 45min drive to seaside instead of going to the beach that’s 15 min away The only negative for me is price. Non-residents of Bridgeport have to pay $20 to enter. But if you have it, it’s worth it.
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康涅狄格布里奇波特4 条分享
Read before you go
This season seaside park is strictly open the residents of Bridgeport only.
Due to the Pandemic
No out of town or out of state day passes are being sold this year
Man Capacity at the beach is 50%
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康涅狄格曼彻斯特1,353 条分享
Beautiful place for a stroll
This beautiful, clean park is an excellent place for a walk, to relax and enjoy the weather, or to merely enjoy the views of the Long Island Sound. Half of this park is sandy beach and the other half is a stone breakwater, but both halves are equally pretty. There are a few statues throughout the park of famous local people. There are also sports fields and places to picnic. Every summer they used to have a festival with live music and various artworks, although this ended a few years ago. Still, sometimes there's live music.
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康涅狄格布里奇波特14 条分享
Great walking experience
Relatively long (about 4 miles long) waterside paved walk. About half of it borders a beach and teh other half a stone breakwater. There are about 6 or 8 very interesting statues that are worth a look. One is of P.T. Barnum who was the mayor when the park was established.
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Xdsecfv C
康涅狄格Stratford12 条分享
best beach
beutiful beach aprox 2 miles long people jogg , walk and sun bath. Water in the summer is kind of cool but by the end of August is around 80
In weekends all kinds of people grill and having good time, for residents is $15 for a year, seniors have free access , out of town pay much more
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康涅狄格诺沃克29 条分享
The best
This park is beautifully maintained. It’s a Long Beach and has plenty of room. The views are unparalleled. Whatever Bridgeport charges during the season, it’s worth it.
The beach is clean. I’m reluctant to be too enthusiastic because it would be sad if too many people came and it became overcrowded.
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Kirby 32
康涅狄格斯坦福31 条分享
A gem in bridgeport, mostly undiscovered.
I love seaside park it's 2 miles of beautiful beach. Lots of statues and art to see, and the best beach at low tide to walk out on to the sand bars. It's safe and huuuuuge. Lots of room to roam and places for privacy.
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