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Webster Bank Arena


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康涅狄格94 条分享
2021年9月 • 好友
Love it amazing place , nice sit and environment. Good sound , fast entry. Security was very nice and funny……………………………..
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Rich N
纽约州长岛25 条分享
attending a AHL hockey game for the Bridgeport Islanders (formerly Sound Tigers ). A very nice arena,that also hosted a few children's parties, polite staff, town police also there within the building. However, the person in charge of panning the crowd to show on the jumbo screen, needs a lesson on not to focus in on young girls who were clearly minors so much,that the crowd had more than just kids there having a nice time. Also a shame they closed the gift shop down prior to the game ending on 3/19/22
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康涅狄格94 条分享
2021年9月 • 好友
Very nice staff and comfortable seats!! Too much fun. Food is delicious and very organize places. Near train station and hotel.
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Greenwich, Connecticut3,878 条分享
2021年11月 • 夫妻情侣
We bought last minute tickets to Monster Jam for the Sunday 1 PM show. We arrived an hour early and the $10 covered garage parking took about 10 minutes from the lines to actual parking. Easy. Exiting after the event was very fast as we left the show 5 minutes early. We purchased obstructed view seats in “Row W” as they were the only seats left 2 hours before the event. Unfortunately there was no actual row W. The last row in the arena was V. We were seated on folding chairs on the walkway above row V. Our view was minimally obstructed by the ceiling. The seats were not the most comfy armless seats but we were happy that we could stand to see the action when we wanted. And the seats were only $25 each. But be warned, on Ticketmaster our total for 2 tickets was $89. $49 in additional taxes and fees! I guess that is the nickel and dime trend these days. The arena was chilly in November, so remember to dress accordingly. The Monster Jam was great! Loud and crazy 😜. We felt safe throughout the whole experience. There was a large security presence at the Arena.
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康涅狄格曼彻斯特1,460 条分享
We recently came here for a minor league hockey game, and all of us had a wonderful time. The seats were pretty comfortable for an arena, and all of the seats had a good view of the game. Getting in and out of the arena was also pretty easy, which I say because some event venues can be confusing. Have patience getting out of the parking garage, although that's true of any venue. All of the employees were friendly. Not a humongous arena, but still well-sized for most events.
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康涅狄格沃特伯里44 条分享
2020年2月 • 商务型
I took my indvidual to see the Sound Tigers and he was so excited. We went thru AARP so we had free tickets to the event.

The actual problem was he uses a walker so, the usher who happened to be disabled as well, call the stadium manager and she hooked us up with amazing seats that were handi-accessible and he was in his heaven and I was happy for him.

It was a good time thanks to the attentive staff and management. We can't wait to go back.
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纽约州纽约市16 条分享
We have been here at least 10X for concerts and musicals. Always a treat! Prices are reasonable and the Christmas shows are as good as New York shows!
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马萨诸塞戴德姆1,083 条分享
Here for hockey game....comfy...good sightlines...easy in/out...touch pricey IMO given smaller arena and "minor league" but definitely enjoyed and will be back for other events!
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康涅狄格Oxford346 条分享
2020年1月 • 家庭
My son in law and I took his 2 teenage boys to a Sound Tigers hockey game. Having been to many different arenas before I was not expecting very much. Usually the places are very noisy, crowded and expensive for the quality of what you get. I was pleasantly surprised here. Other than the parking being way overpriced it was really good. The food was tasty, perhaps a bit overpriced, but lines short and service very friendly. Seating area was near to the ice and seats comfortable for the setting. Highway access to venue and parking are good but parking lot is a little dark. Overall a good experience.
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New York6 条分享
2019年12月 • 夫妻情侣
My husband and I have gone to many Cirque du Soleil shows and usually opt for the VIP package. We arrived earlier than we planned and purchased the VIP EXPERIENCE at the box office. They charged $50/per person. Complete utter FAILURE and SHAM. The arena’s website said said “...Meet and take pictures with the cast, enjoy holiday refreshments, and view a private performance!! Only $50 for adults”. For the $100 they took, we were treated to the following: the cast were two people from the show (not the performers who did the acrobatics), which they offered to take pics with our own camera phones. The holiday refreshments were a stale tray of Christmas cookies, half were broken, a dirty Keurig machine that was missing the cover over the water reservoir, a box of Swiss Miss pods to make “hot chocolate”. The cups provided, half were dirty. The private performance was juggling some balls while balancing. We were given a “tour” of the back half of the empty hockey rink. We were given a tag that said VIP, and a child’s tambourine that had nothing to do with the show. We had to PURCHASE our own pretzels, water, slice of pizza, a soda and candy, for an extra $35!! They were selling shirts, but we weren’t going to hand over more money. If we had avoided spending the extra $100, we would’ve been ahead and had a souvenir t-shirt too. When I called the arena back the next day, I was told they had no clue that the VIP experience was set up that way...WTF?? How could you not know, it was on the ARENA’s own website!!! I’m still waiting for a callback from the GM Matt.
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