Relax Bali Wreck Dive Center
Relax Bali Wreck Dive Center
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上午7:00 - 下午7:00
上午7:00 - 下午7:00
上午7:00 - 下午7:00
上午7:00 - 下午7:00
上午7:00 - 下午7:00
上午7:00 - 下午7:00
上午7:00 - 下午7:00

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德国黑尔滕131 条分享
2023年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Wir wohnten im dazugehörigen Hotel (separate Bewertung), welches wir auch sehr empfehlen können.

Kurz nach der Ankunft hat Luba, der tschechische Leiter der Basis, meine Tauchgänge mit mir geplant. Ich äußerte lediglich ein, zwei Wünsche. Luba stellte dann die Tauchgänge - 8 an 4 Tagen - sehr abwechslungsreich zusammen. Bei der konkreten Tagesplanung schafften wir es immer ganz oder fast allein an den Tauchplätzen zu sein - selbst am Liberty Wrack. Danke nochmal dafür an Luba und Gede, meinen Guide unter Wasser.
Ich bin mit eigener Ausrüstung getaucht. Die vorhandene Leihausrüstung machte einen perfekten Eindruck. Auch die Organisation, sowohl vom Ablauf, als auch von der rein räumlichen Logistik des Centers war vorbildlich. Selten - gerade auf Bali - ein so aufgeräumtes, blitzblankes Center gesehen wie dort.
Unter Wasser habe ich dann auch vieles gesehen, was ich noch nicht kannte und die oben beschriebene Abwechslung und Vielfalt war enorm.
Am letzten Tauchtag hatte ich dann auch meinen 100. Tauchgang und Luba und seine Frau organisierten eine kleine Überraschung - abends an der Bar. So werde ich den Tag und den 100 Tauchgang nie vergessen, ebenso wie die herzliche und proffessionelle Begleitung durch das Team des Relax Bali Dive & Spa Resorts. Vielen Dank, terima Kasih und und hoffentlich bis bald mal...
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Zdeněk B
1 条分享
úžasné lokality:
ponory přímo z resortu, vraky, makro, manty.
Pestrý podmořský život.
Vynikající personál - instruktor Lubo a guidi Gede a Septi jsou opravdoví profesionálové.
Nádherný resort s přiléhavým názvem Relax.
Opravdu vynikající pro relax.
Veškerý personál zaslouží to nejlepší ohodnocení - milí, usměvaví a vysoce profesionální.
Vysoce hodnotíme nabídku a kvalitu jídla.
Jestli to půjde, rádi se budeme vracet.
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7 条分享
We were completely new to scuba diving and decided from home already, to take PADI certified OWD course in this dive center.
The place is run by Luba and his super friendly team these days. He will gladly teach you in English or Czech.
In a short first conversation Luba left a very good impression, listening carefully to our goals, and fears as first-timers. Seeing the dive center, how well organized, neatly stored and cleaned the equipment was, took the very last concerns off our shoulders.
The next day we were off to the hotel pool. Luba displayed great patience and skill in his teaching. Even when we had trouble with specific exercises, he immediately conceived of a teaching strategy to overcome the problem. Throughout the entire course he insisted on what he feels is really important in practice. and repeated exercises in the pool and the open sea. This procedure gave us great confidence and we felt very safe and well taken care of throughout all of our dives.
Great advantage of the place is a beautiful reef and an interesting wreck right in front of the hotel, that even we as beginners were able to explore.
All in all a wonderful experience, that two new, very happy divers can highly recommend.
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Jaromír Vocu
2 条分享
Velice profesionální přístup zaměstnanců Relax Bali a Dive centra, byla to úžasná dovolená plná potápění. Pro potápěče doporučuji.
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Sandra d
2 条分享
2023年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Luba is a kind and patient instructor. He took time to refresh us, first in the pool and then in the sea. We did two diving and it was amazing. Especially the dive around the liberty boat. Thank you so much.
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Lenka M
2 条分享
Tento resort vřele doporučuji, bylo to úžasné, příroda, ubytování, jídlo, parádní potápění s Lubou, který měl naši plnou důvěru svým přistupem, klidem a profesionalitou.
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加利福尼亚尔湾5 条分享
Highly recommend taking the dive/lessons with Mr. Lubos Paul, when visiting Kubu/Tulamben area and I highly recommend staying at the Relax Bali resort.
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Hendry S
4 条分享
Our children completed a diving course there with instructor Michael. They enjoyed it and were satisfied. My wife and I went diving with guide Ged. Everything is fine. They have their own 40m long wreck right in front of the resort. Coral life at ease. It can be seen that it is owned by a European owner. The equipment of the dive center was OK.
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Michal F
捷克共和国布拉格20 条分享
The best wreck in this area. Amazing live and environment around wreck. I can recommend Czech instructor Michal Tesik, he is based on near the location.
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London108 条分享
2022年6月 • 夫妻情侣
My wife and I are from the UK and stayed in one of the villas for 5 nights. The resort was very quiet (which was no problem), Tulamben & Kubu are still waiting for tourists to return in good numbers.

The villas are big with beautiful, well maintained gardens and great outdoor bathrooms. The pool was a good size and had sunbeds appointed for both sun and shade throughout the day. We didn't see the pool cleaned once during our stay and you could tell it hadn't been, around the sides it couldve done with a clean too, the cabanas outside too weren't touched by the cleaners, they need some TLC. The rooms we're clean but to us it seemed they focus on just making the bed and cleaning the bathroom. We had a some beers and peanuts a couple of nights and the empty bottles/packets were left for 4 days on the side.

The restaurant has an awesome setting right on the front and there are some rattan sofas outside the restaurant for drinks. The food at the restaurant was OK, drinks offering was good. For our tastes, the warung across the road was much better for Indonesian food, restaurant has plenty of western options though.

One thing particularly from a divers perspective, why advertise swimming with dolphins in a pool in the activities booklet? These places are not where dolphins should be kept.

We did a few dives whilst there, the house reef is a really nice dive out the front of the resort, we are both experienced so went without a guide. Interesting underwater topography, macro, fish life and even the odd hawksbill turtle. Also dived Batu Belah with the main instructor. Great macro site; to be honest we're used to diving with local guides and you cannot beat their eyes for finding critters, but Mike did a great job and when the resort is at full capacity they do have local guides for fun divers, with the instructor's time likely taken up by courses etc.

Overall the resort I think is probably a top dive resort when it's running fully, but covid has impacted it from a maintenance and maybe staff perspective - it needs some work, just my opinion.

Last thing... we had to check out a day early and Veronic (sorry if spelt incorrectly) was very generous in reducing the total cost in line with the number of nights we'd stayed.
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