Heublein Tower

Heublein Tower(锡姆斯伯里)

Heublein Tower

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EB 62
康涅狄格Avon5 条分享
A must visit...Amazing views, beautiful Tower/home atop of the mountain!!
2021年3月 • 独自旅游
First hike up to Heublein Tower and no regrets! It was a beautiful sunny day(March 18th, 2021) and the views from the top of mountain were amazing. It may be a little difficult first 20 mins or so for those who aren't in best shape but I urge you to try it. There are benches every so often so you can rest. I kept it moving thinking it'd be easier once I got momentum. The climb gets much easier as you get near the first look out area. Avoid going if it rained a day or 2 prior as it will be very muddy and slippery. A beautiful place to go for a day excursion, next time I'm bringing a pack filled with lunch and staying to see sunset. Have fun!!
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2 条分享
Looks nice but...
2021年3月 • 独自旅游
Why do state parks allow you to hike up to the top anytime during the day, but lock the gate to drive up? I was just there to try and drive up. Don’t say Covid or social distancing, because for one, it’s outdoors and two, there probably are several hikes up top. I know it’s the tail end of winter but the road is paved and not a dirt road.
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康涅狄格诺威奇2 条分享
A unique mountaintop history of Connecticut!
Been hiking to the Tower for many many (40) years. The ridge trail is shorter and a little more challenging. Hiked to the tower when it was closed (before State restoration). During the 1970's & 1980's hang gliders were present on the weekends, summer through autumn. I believe the State put a stop to that because of liability issues and a few accidents. The Friends of the Tower group, working with the State have done a remarkable job restoring the rooms and telling the unique history of the Tower. Except this year 2020 (due to the pandemic and Tower closure). I have hiked almost every year in the past decade. Last went in October 2019. Question below on when did you go? only let me go back to November 2019, so I used that.
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Steve O
新泽西杰克逊368 条分享
Great reward for a hike
2020年10月 • 独自旅游
The tower was closed due to COVID but it’s still a great spot to visit regardless. The hike up is nice and the views at the top are great. Lots of room and area to explore and picnic areas outside.
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纽约州Floral Park629 条分享
From the Outside Only!
We enjoyed the views from this mountain setting and hope to return when one is allowed inside. We had a picnic lunch on one of the benches since use of picnic tables is not allowed now.
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Marcela M
康涅狄格西哈特福德195 条分享
Cute little place to take a walk. Wear comfy sneakers for sure. There is a little incline. Path is shaded with lots of views on the way up. Some of them were a little dizzying for me. (Im super afraid of heights, go figure I love hiking)

The top is beautiful! I was sad it was closed. Thanks Covid.

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andy c
康涅狄格哈特福德38 条分享
Always a breeze on top always shade on the trail
2020年7月 • 好友
Great quick cardio workout 6%-12% grade some roots mostly loose stone enjoy!! This hike will clear the younger minds of the months gaming on the sofa....
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康涅狄格New Milford251 条分享
Great views
2020年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Even though the tower wasn't open, this is a great hike. Great views along the way. The area around the tower is nicely landscaped.
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佛罗里达奥兰多1,120 条分享
The tower itself is incredible. The views as you climb higher get more and more scenic. You can see for miles up in the tower on top of the mountain. When you enter you get a ticket, make sure to hang onto the ticket as you have to return it at the end. You climb the stairs on one side up, then one side down. Please if you go up do not turn around and go down. Wait till you get to a level and then go through the room and go to the downstairs stairs. Each level there are different rooms. As you climb to the top you will see all four directions of the North, South, East and West. Then you have to cli9mb down. On the window there are signs to show you what you are looking at. Wear good hiking boots or sneakers. There are a lot of stairs. The bathrooms are located out back around the side of the tower underneath.
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Andres P
康涅狄格Weatogue23 条分享
Beautiful hike
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
I recently moved to CT and was recommended t to this hike. We just loved it as the scenery is quite beautiful specially autumn and spring. There is two ways to get to the tower and both are worth the hike; the view of Simsbury valley on one side and Hartford’s skyline on the other are quite nice.
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